Book Musings: Old Turtle and the Broken Truth

July 13 2019:

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth

The “Old Turtle” books are my absolute favorite!

“You are loved …. And so are they”

A timeless story about love, acceptance, and the nature of truth.

“To all who seek truths and who listen to the language of breezes. (And turtles.)” ~ Douglas Wood

A book in tune with my heart … LOVE! Thomas and Lillian loved it too!

Here We Come Colorado Springs

July 13 2019:

Step 1 of Operation Colorado Springs or bust! Clean and vacuum Rosey, the car! The huge cracked windshield adds to the beauty!!

Made all the more fun as water suddenly dumped through Lillian’s door!! Um, girl! You must fully close the door before entering the car wash. ♥️😂♥️😜

Rainbow on a Cloud’s Edge with a Tree Inspired Heart as Beauty is Hot

June 30 2019:

Took a neighbors dog for a quick walk before our movie night. Cool rainbow on the edge of a cloud that reflected into the water! Beautiful!

July 1 2019:

Had a lil buddy with me for the walk yesterday. Isn’t Oliver cute? More beautiful sunshine and trees!!

July 10 2019:

Missed the Golden hour last night. Beautiful walk with Thomas. The breeze was perfect! And, the trees made a heart shape for me! Thank you Mother Nature.

July 12 2019:

After dinner walk with my lil buddy Oliver, neighbors doggie. Hot, hot, hot!!! Whew! Beautiful and peaceful too … Oliver and I were the only two out for a walk. Did I say it was hot?!

Unicorn Magic by Lillian Darnell

July 7 2019:

My daughter is fundraising to help pay for she, her brother, and myself to attend a family conference related to her chromosome deletion …. 18p-. It’s the Chromosome 18 Family Conference and this year it’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.

She will create a custom poem especially for you and the donation amount is entirely up to you. This one was a request for a unicorn themed poem from my friend Karen in Mississippi.

Pease share with others you know who may wish to support Lillian. Thank you!!

Unicorn Magic

Unicorns dance like clouds
Leaving little rainbows everywhere.
Unicorns prance happily
as a wave of rainbows everywhere.

Unicorns chase their tails like
dogs shedding pretty
sunsets everywhere.

Unicorns watch over us
Like guardian angels.
The unicorn flies into my dream
As I sleep.

To learn more, to support Lillian, or read why it’s so important to her, go here ….


Movie Night: Ella Enchanted

Team TLC Movie Night – Lillian’s choice: “Ella Enchanted”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, and my favorite character is Ella.”

I say, “Very good music. And may I never have to watch this movie again. Ha!! Just no.” 🙄

Thomas sat this one out. Smart move Thomas. 😂😜

I had a friend comment that this is the most negative thing she’s seen me post. HA!  In my peeling of the onion layers of the one known as Camilla, in this 49th year, I’m going through a grumpy layer. I’ve taken to swearing like I’ve never sworn before and my new motto is FBS … I’ll let you figure out what that stands for! HAHAHA!! Nothing like a swearing, magical, love spreading gypsy mermaid …. HA!

If you enjoy the movie night posts I share, and you are inspired to do so, I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d like to treat me to a coffee. Deeply grateful! –Camilla

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Good Times at The Romano Duos

July 5 2019:

From yesterday … Just had to share all of them. The expressions. 😜😂💛💛💛

Such a good time. Just hanging out, playing UNO, and taking silly photos …. and eating some amazing food!! And seeing Samantha, my niece (the one standing beside Thomas), one more time before she heads back to Louisiana on Wednesday.

Check out my dinner plate! I was in food heaven! Grilled asparagus, yellow squash, and pineapple along with colorful potatoes, sweet corn on the cob, and a vegan pasta salad. Nom, nom!!! With s’mores for dessert!!! 😋😋😋

All About Lillian – Guest Post

July 4 2019:

Guest post by Lillian Darnell hosted by Tracey Scott-Townsend Writer who lives in Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. Thanks tons Tracey for asking Lillian to write a guest post! We are deeply grateful!!

“Hey! My name is Lillian Darnell. I am 17 years old and live in Reno, Nevada USA. I just graduated from high school, have received a one year scholarship to and am ready to put forth more writings, photography and art …. ” Visit the link to read the entire post and we’d sure appreciate if you “like” the post, comment and/or share it. Thank you!!!

All about Lillian

Words of Alchemy – Sneak Peek at the Cover

A lil peek at the cover … Wahoooo!! 🎉🎉🎉

Coming Soon! Words of Alchemy by Camilla Downs

These poems follow a heartfelt path through love, joy, and pain; walking into the rawness of life with a lovingly gentle focus alongside the beauty of nature. Through daily walks Camilla is deeply present with nature and shares her heart’s observations with an authenticity that gives the reader permission to feel their emotions and spark genuine healing.

Who wants to pre-order?