Movie Musings: Come Live With Me

May 27 2017:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “Come Live With Me”

Lillian says, “Good, romantic, my favorite character is Johnny, awesome, emotional, and cool.”

I say, “Wonderful feel good movie. Just adore James Stewart. This was 80-year-old Adeline de Walt Reynolds acting debut as Stewart’s grandmother. She was awesome in this part! And then she acted for 19 more years! Great, great movie!!”

Thomas says, “It was good, liked it, and it was funny!”

Come Live With Me Movie 5.2017

Coming Soon! Lillian Darnell’s Debut Book – Where Would You Fly

May 27 2017:

This is finally happening! Coming Soon! “Where Would You Fly and Other Magickal Stories” by Lillian Darnell ….

Where Would You Fly Cover #1 6.11.17

This book is a collection of tales, stories, and poems I have written over the years about fairies, princesses, food, and much more. YAY!! xoxoxo

Pre-order yours now by going here!


Book Musings: The Awakened Family – A Revolution in Parenting

May 27 2017:

I highly recommend this book to anyone considering becoming a parent, who is already a parent, and anyone who works with children. Another that came into my life in divine and perfect timing. xoxoxo

Our Children, Our Awakeners

“In my illusion, I thought I was going to raise you
To be whole, complete, and worthy,
To be educated, kind, and wise,
To be a leader, empowered and free.

I was deluded to think I knew it all,
fooled by my age and might.
I thought I had it all together,
Ready to teach, inspire, and change you.

Only now, after so many moments
With you
Do I realize how foolish these ideas were,
How baseless and grandiose.

I now understand ….
That it is you who is here to teach me,
To guide, lead, shift, and elevate,
To transform, awaken, and inspire

I now realize how I had it wrong,
Upside down and outside in,
It is you who are this perfectly designed clarion
To wake me up to my true self.”

A New Commitment to Shedding Expectations

“I shed my expectations and agendas,
Knowing they stem from my small mind-space.
Instead, I will enter my expansive heart-space
And release you from meeting my needs,
Expecting only that I do this for myself.

When I see you, I will no longer reflect
My fears, insecurities, longings, and drama.
Instead, I will clear the mental cobwebs
That cloud the shine of your brilliance
So that I can be a mirror of the diamond you are.

As my agendas melt away, so does the hollowness I feel,
Leaving only wholeness in its place.”

Awakened Family Book 2017

Come, Be With Me by Camilla Downs

(I wrote this in December 2016. Just now read it again and it BLOWS my mind …. as I wrote a blog post about a week ago that will post soon where I sort of mention this but didn’t know I was mentioning this. And this poem sort of talks about what I wrote in the blog post about a week ago … WOW!) xoxo

Swirl Shell Washoe Lake 2017 #1

Come, Be with me.

You are drawn
to me for a reason.

There is a time
and a season
for all that you
will remember.

You will experience
a pivotal life shift,
That opens the portal
to divine knowing.

The place you
finally allow
your self to rest.

To prepare for
the sharing of
divine love
in a way
only you can share.

The mind is quieted,
Let what must fall away.
Removing your self
from the many
directions you
have strayed.

All to come forth
as you came here
to come forth,
Sharing divine love.

Come. Be with me. ~2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

The Pool is Open and Dancing Freedom

May 25 2017:

The pool is open!!! Yay!!! Happy Thomas and Lillian! xoxo

Pool is Open 5.25.17 #4 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #3 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #2 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #1

May 26 2017:

Today is day 12 of the 21 Day Dancing Freedom Challenge. This is a wonderful, inspiring, awakening, and alchemizing experience.

First four days were Earth, next four Water, and today we finished Fire … which included alchemy. Next up is Air and then Ether.

I know this way isn’t the way for everyone. Yet, I feel each person has their own unique style of releasing, connecting, surrendering, accepting, and allowing.

One lesson I continue to learn throughout this journey is to listen to internal nudges, hunches, and inspirations. I have ignored the dancing nudge for years …. Listen and KNOW there is a reason. xoxo

Here’s the Dancing Freedom facebook page. They close the challenge group two days after the challenge begins, yet, I’m sure you can sign up for the next one! xoxoxo

Imlay Elementary School and Thunder Mountain Monument

May 24 2017:

Adventure time! We’re headed to Imlay, Nevada today to visit a great group of students!!

Looking forward to spreading loving kindness and laughs with these beautiful humans!

Imlay Students with Biggest Little Book 4.13.17

Twelve students total from K-5. Cute little school!

Stopped at Thunder Mountain Monument before heading home. Incredibly interesting and funky, low, and creepy energy.

No one lives inside the building, yet there are a few camper trailers. Most likely those who just watch over the place. Here’s a link to read more about it ……. Interesting. After reading about, I now know why it felt low energy … xoxo

We didn’t stay long. I felt rushed, anxious, nervous …. and we were the only people there!!! Thomas‘ stomach starting hurting and felt the same way I did.

Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #2Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #13 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #12 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #11 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #10 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #9 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #8 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #7 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #6 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #5 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #4 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #3 Imlay and Thunder Mountain Adventure with Thomas 5.24.17 #1

It was a wild n crazy day! Drove to Imlay to visit the twelve students at Imlay Elementary School. Their teacher ordered Thomas’ book and they enjoyed it so much we decided to pay them a visit.

Imlay is a two hour drive east of Reno so we had fun joking and laughing on the way there. Once there we talked about Thomas’ book, my book, creating a book, Lillian’s upcoming book, a bit about 18p-, and I ended with a great treehouse meditation! Then Thomas got a tour of the cute little school by the one and only fifth grade student.

Next, we made the short five minute drive to Thunder Mountain Monument; which was pretty wild!

The drive home = not so fun. Rosey (our car) began to overheat so I had to keep turning the air conditioner off. Thankfully it was just in the 80’s and not scorching yet!

And, we nearly ran out of gas before reaching Fernley. We coasted to the gas station on fumes! Thankfully, Thomas has read Rosey’s manual like 500 times and he knew how many miles we could go past empty. (He reads the manual every time he’s in the car!)

So …… another wild n crazy (and some not so fun) adventure for most of Team TLC. I missed Team Member L, yet, I’m thankful she chose to stay behind as she would not have handled it well. xoxo

Wild Child Nature Program

May 19 2017:

I am facilitating a “Wild Child Nature” program once a week (or every other week) beginning June 8th to continue through Fall 2017 as there is interest. These sessions focus on connecting with nature, creativity, and imagination. Nature connection is about connecting people with nature through mind and body.

Sessions to last from an hour to about an hour and 15 minutes. The sessions will be stand alone. Meaning you can come to all or simply as it fits your schedule. Cost will be a suggested offering of $15 for first child, $15 for siblings, and no charge for parents. Yet, no one will be turned away, so please join us if this speaks to you.

We will begin at 10:30 a.m. at Virginia Foothills Park (near Geiger Grade and Brown Elementary School in South Reno).

Age is completely open. If you think your child will enjoy this and benefit, then great!

The session will begin with a very short guided meditation and a short nature dance. From there we will move on to our topic of the day. The entire program has mindfulness as its core. These will be as fluid and organic as possible and intuitively driven so I might cover a different topic then I had originally planned.

First Program: Start Noticing Nature – Using All of Our Senses
Nature Dance
Core of Class:
Start noticing nature
Feel and smell the air
Check out the clouds and the trees
Close eyes and name every sound they hear.
Walkabout (Mindful Walking)
End with Circle Share

Each session will cover one topic such as a sit spot, nature journaling, using all of our senses, observing, writing, drawing, story telling, and sharing. These sessions are not solely for the kids. Parents are asked to participate and observe so that concepts can be transformed to your liking and weaved into your family life.

What this class will NOT be about: We will not be focused on proper writing and grammar, correct drawing styles, naming plants, animals, or cloud formations. However, if a child is extremely interested in a bird song, plant, or cloud; we will note that so they have the opportunity to research further at home.

Learn more by going here …

Wild Child Nature Sessions – Start Noticing Nature