Book Musings: Black Whiteness

October 6 2018:

Black Whiteness – Admiral Byrd Alone in the Antarctic

We so very much enjoyed learning about Admiral Richard Byrd’s Antarctica adventure. He spent six months alone on the continent of Antarctica in 1934. We liked it so much I reserved from the library his autobiography and another juvenile book about his journey. Awesome book!!

Book Musings: whatever arises, LOVE that

September 23 2018:

whatever arises, LOVE that – A Love Revolution That Begins with You by Matt Kahn

About once a year a book comes along for me that is an absolute game changer. This book is one of those.

No one suggested this book, I didn’t hear about it or see someone mention it online. I was at the library for our weekly volunteer work of pulling holds and shelving returns. I was shelving a return book when the word “LOVE” on the spine of this book caught my attention.

I pulled it from the shelf. Opened it to a “random” page and what I read was so meaningful I checked out the book.

Nearly all spiritual books I read contain the same message presented in different formats and from different perspectives. Which I LOVE. As sometimes it doesn’t resonate when presented at a particular time or in a particular way.

This is not one of those books (for me). It is a deeply energetically powerful book. It took me to the next level by guiding me in integrating what I have been experiencing and the path I have traveled the past three years.

In my own words, “Love the hurt, love the pain, love the unknown, love all of it until it is released, transmuted and the heart opens even further.”

Over the past 17 or so years I have been a heavy and frequent user of the phrase and similar phrases like, “Love is the Answer” and “All You Need is Love.” For me, this practice of loving whatever arises gives a new and different meaning to this. It’s the next level. It’s the game changer. I’m in.

“Love is the impulse to embrace the innocence of life that brings spiritual harmony to the forefront of your experiences. Whenever love is poured into your heart or sent out as blessings to others, the light within all things awakens.” – Matt Kahn


Book Musings: Writing as a Path to Awakening

September 8 2018:

Writing as a Path to Awakening

I deeply enjoyed this book. I’ll check it out again at some point to re-visit and inspire.

“To tap into your deepest talent, you need to seek out a calm, restful state of mind where your head isn’t defending your delicate ego and your heart can bloom open a little.” -Mary Karr

“Allow failure to be your handmaiden. Love is showing up fully with presence – open-hearted, raw, and vulnerable to the world; it’s the only thing that matters. All writing and creativity originate here and now.” – Albert Flynn DeSilver

Book Musings: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

September 1 2018:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The story of William Kamkwamba. The people in the village called him crazy, but he knew he could succeed at bringing electricity and running water to his desperately poor village in Malawi Africa. Incredible story of determination and following one’s heart!

Book Musings: Beyond Magenta

August 25 2018:

Beyond Magenta

About 3 months ago I discovered that I was deeply ignorant concerning a segment of the human population, the ones with whom I walk this Earth. This is but one of the many books I have been reading.

Somewhere along the way as a child I learned to fear and judge that which I did not understand or that which is different than I or those close to me.

As a middle aged adult I have finally unlearned that lesson and now seek to understand and learn about that which I do not understand. Understand and learn from the Heart and not the brain.

Not to say that knowledge of the brain is not useful. This knowledge has served me well so that I may serve others. Yet, there is also “knowledge” gained by way of lessons and observations in childhood that have served to my True Self’s detriment.

I am not always able to take the time to “educate” myself about people or situations that I do not understand or that I fear. Yet, there are times that the urge is so incredibly compelling that I must “educate” myself from the Heart. This was one of those times.

Book Musings: Crossing Niagara

August 18 2018:

Crossing Niagara – The Death-Defying Tightrope Adventures of the Great Blondin

Exciting story of Jean Francois Gravelet, the one known as the Great Blondin. Mostly about his claim to fame of crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

He not only crossed on a tightrope, he crossed on a tightrope blindfolded, reading the paper, with a wheelbarrow, on stilts, with his feet and hands chained, with his feet in buckets, and with a man on his back. Great person to learn about.

Book Musings: talkin’ guitar – A Story of Young Doc Watson

August 11 2018:

talkin’ guitar – A Story of Young Doc Watson

All sounds were music to a blind young man by the name of Arthel Watson. He made music out of whatever he could get his hands on and became one of the most celebrated and beloved figures of folk, bluegrass, and old-time music – Doc Watson.

Another winner!!