How Camilla Feels About It


February 28 2013:

One of our sweet Chromosome 18 friends is doing a research project on Chromosome 18 affected individuals and their family for school and asked us to participate. Here’s my contribution … being interviewed regarding how it feels to be a parent to Lillian (who has 18p-)! Go Courtney MacMasters Go! Courtney is sibling to one of our C18 affected friends!

What Does Unconditional Love Have To Do With Earth Day

April 19 2017:

Every Lesson Learned is Another Flower Planted** Thank you Great Spirit for this beautiful Mother Earth. Thank you for enlightening and awakening lessons disguised as discomfort and failure. Thank you for the timing and opportunity to learn the depths of true love …. unconditional love. Unconditional love for self so that I may unconditionally love my children. That these children who are our greatest teachers and awakeners of our true selves know unconditional love and their worth. [ 1,077 more word ]

The Global Wound and Mother Earth


A Sense of Wonder by Camilla Downs

Hot Pink Flower Rose 2016

“A sense of wonder
Within is awakened
As I admire your beauty.

Imparting your beauty
To you, and mine to me.

To live with wonder
To live with beauty
To live with knowing

This is our divine gift
To one another. -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

Nature Invites You by Camilla Downs


February 24 2016:

Nature’s Invitation –

Your grace beckons

The invisible touch of your embrace soothes the soul

The quiet of your peace welcomes all

You are the healer that encourages one to shed what no longer serves

Your beauty encourages renewal with every step in your glory

2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Bench at Vintage Lake February 2016

Show Me With Pure Eyes by Camilla Downs


“Great Spirit,
With Your
Grace and guidance
Show me with pure eyes
Let me hear with clarity.

Guide me in the knowing
Of the Way I am
To share Divine Love.

Gently open my heart
To reveal the fire of
Passion that burns within.

For every day is a chance
To begin again,
A chance to live and love.”
– 2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

D iz for Different on Special Needs Book Review


February 24 2013:

Hope and Guidance to Parents of Children with Special Needs: Interview with Camilla Downs Thank you so much for introducing your book, D iz for Different: One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance in a guest post for our Special Needs Book Review site! Friends read about this mom-author and about her book >>



Eye to Eye by Camilla Downs

Eye of Tree Alamo with Poem March 2017

Eye to Eye
by Camilla Downs

“Your limbs higher than
Can be conceived.
Evokes within,
A primal urge
to raise my limbs
as yours,
while feelings of knowing
brew and bubble deep
within the very depths of my soul.

With limbs raised,
Eyes gently closed,
The lips are parted
and out flows the sound
and feeling of the all knowing
all one, divine love.

Standing next to you,
Eye to eye,
Standing next to you,
We feel our oneness.” ~2017, Lessons from Nature
(Picture of an amazing tree at The Alamo – July 2016)

A Lost Art to We by Camilla Downs

March 11 2017:

Pink Fuzzy Tree Bloom 2017

“The one supporting the many,
The many supporting the one,
This interdependent relationship you share
A lost art to we.

It’s clear to see,
The disconnect coming forth,
When the wild is taken from you,
Mirrored in the forests
Of the society of we.

Oh Mother, what a sweet
And beautiful teacher you Be.”

~2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

You Know Me So Well by Camilla Downs


“You know me so well,
Mirroring life as it is lived.

Sometimes up,
Sometimes down.

And sometimes the journey
is smooth and level.

Oh, beautiful Mother Earth
We make a great team.

Mirroring for one another
Verily, verily, me make a great ONE.” ~2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

Happy Birthday to Camilla

February 26, 2017 … Happy Birthday Camilla!!

Happy Birthday to me! Team TLC enjoyed a late breakfast.

Courageous Cappuccino and Vegan Hash for me. Breakfast sandwich for Thomas and Liege Waffle for Lillian. And for desert for all of us …… Raw and Vegan Triple Chocolate cake …. So incredibly delicious!

Thank you Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno for the birthday discount, the amazing, loving environment, and delicious food! Love does indeed live here!

Courageous Cappuccino Grateful Gardens 2.26.17 #1 Love Lives Here Grateful Gardens 2.26.17 #2 Vegan Triple Chocolate Grateful Gardens 2.26.17 #3

“How do you freeze a bubble?” –Thomas … He still continues to ask some amazing questions. I have no idea the answer to this one!!

He sang “Happy Birthday” to me first thing this morning. He also created a huge hidden happy face and happy-birthday-playing-notes on mine craft!

Birthday Gift from Thomas 2.26.17 #1 Birthday Gift from Thomas 2.26.17 #2

Birthday dinner! Baked potato medallions, sautéed portobello mushrooms with sweet onion, and arugula, beet, and cucumber salad. And for dessert … fresh mango! Yum!! xoxo

Birthday Dinner 2.26.17

Beautiful animated birthday message Lillian made for me using Scratch programming. Look at that beautiful blue and green cake!!! Aqua is my favorite color. Followed by any variations of blue and green. xoxo

Birthday Present from Lillian 2.26.17

Happy Birthday to Baby Camilla! WoW! I’ve lived so many lives since these pictures!! I began my love affair with chocolate at a very early age!

All the adventures, experiences, joy, love, laughter, sadness, hurt, and uncomfortable moments ….. Lifetimes of LEARNING!! ….. Learning and heading back Home …

Here’s to the beginning of the 47th year of learning. I’m all in. I’m not turning back. This is the year of The Shift … xoxo

Momma and Me Camilla Collage as Baby