Reminders of Love on the Side of the Road


October 13 2015:

And reminders of love can be found on the side of the road at a freeway entrance. This one has a blog post coming soon. One day a few months ago I pulled over, got out of the car, closed my eyes, and asked to see a situation differently. Opened my eyes to this …. Love was (and is) the answer. xoxo

Red Jewel Heart Side of Road 2015

The Three Ghosts by Camilla Downs

A Short Story (Inspired by the alchemy from Wednesday nights Alchemist Theatre) Perhaps have your favorite, spooky music playing in the background … And look at the large version of the photo … Pretty COOL!

The Three Ghosts

She opened her eyes and saw three ghost like figures covered in nearly translucent and tattered bed sheets.

Slowly and with thinly veiled fear she approached the first figure. She asked what it had to impart to her.

She intuitively knew she had to lift the sheet to learn the answer. The fear had welled to a point where she knew if something didn’t happen to halt it, the anxiety would overtake her mind.

With trembling hands she delicately and slowly lifted the sheet. With utter surprise and sheer awe she saw that the figure held the message of strength and was only patiently waiting for her to retrieve the gift of Strength.

The figure handed her a black cube which she instinctively knew was to be absorbed by her entire body. “For I will be your strength. It is I who move you to do the things you know not why you are moved to do them. This cube represents the Strength that has always been within your heart.”

Years of “me too” led her to believe she was not strong and should not stand up for what she believed in her heart. By absorbing the gifted cube, she would release all that she had boxed within.

She claimed this gift of Strength and knew it would never leave her.

With an air of conviction she approached the next figure. With much less timid hands she lifted the sheet. This figure revealed to her how ….. Go here to read more …

Short Story: The Three Ghosts


How to Rejuvenate Oneself by Camilla Downs


October 11 2012:

A little something FUN and hopefully useful to YOU that I put together …

17 Easy and Free Ideas on How to Rejuvenate Yourself

I know I’m not alone in having those times (far too many) when my shoulders and neck have made themselves at home nestled right under my ears. Now, although my shoulders may be happy there, the tension this creates is not happy news for me and my brain!!

I also know I’m not alone in having zero to very low funds to invest in rejuvenating activities so I’ve put together this easy and free list in the hopes that you find a thing or two that works for you.

1. Laugh!
2. SMILE … even when you don’t feel like it … smile especially at those you love.
3. Feeling overwhelmed, angry or sad? Take deep breaths and drink a big glass of water.
4. Step outside for a few minutes of fresh air.
5. Turn on your favorite music and DANCE for a few minutes … or more!
6. Go outside and gaze at the moon and stars.
7. Clean for a few minutes … this ONLY works if you clear your mind and solely think about your task at hand.
8. Keep a Happiness and/or Gratitude Log … Whenever you have a few minutes write in it …
9. If you have a flower garden, step outside and …. Go here to read more …

17 Easy and Free Ideas on How to Rejuvenate Yourself



Rose Gardens and Clarity


October 8 2015:

Rose gardens aren’t just beautiful. They look good, smell good, feel good, and …. They can help you get clarity! Know anyone who needs clarity about something? Maybe they’d like to read this one … How a Rose Garden Gave Me Clarity … With oceans of love … xoxo

How a Rose Garden Gave Me Clarity


Where Did Mindfulness Originate


October 8 2014:

I had fun researching for this blog post! What is the meaning of mindfulness? Does it make your eyes roll even thinking about it? Or, does it bring feelings of peace just thinking about it?

I was curious just where the word originated, where the practice of “mindfulness” originated and what does it mean in the current Western civilization. I researched what it means to be mindful, the skills of mindfulness, and a few mindfulness exercises. I also found a great mindfulness quiz and share my results with you! Have fun!

“Mindfulness has its origin in ancient meditation practices. According to the term mindful originated in in late Middle English around 1375 and is defined as being attentive or aware. Before that, in 1200, was a now obsolete term of mindiness. It’s not clear from researching … ” Go here to read more …

Inspired Living: What Does Mindfulness Mean


Unearthing the Hurt by Camilla Downs

Unearthing the Hurt

She had a dream.
Walking through a
tunnel of books, she saw herself.
Look! Light at the end of the tunnel.

No wait, then … she had a vision.
Walking through a tunnel
of darkness, she saw herself.

She had chosen to
go deep this time.
Chosen to unearth
a hurt buried so
deep, she tricked
herself into believing
it never happened
and was gone forever.

A hurt that caused
her to ….

Go here to read more …

Poetry and Photography: Unearthing the Hurt


D iz for Different Review: Live in the Moment


October 8 2013:

Thank you Laura Petry Boyer for the inspiring review on Amazon … Big warm hug to YOU …

“As a mother to a four year old with special needs, it’ made me really think about my own life and relationship with my daughter. The one thing I have to say I took away from this book was the prevailing message throughout the book about “living in the moment’. Not letting …. “