You are Amazing and I Believe in You by Camilla Downs

September 18 2018:

I’m currently “house cleaning” on my blog. I have drafts dating back to 2012 that got lost in the rush and hustle, in the ups and downs of this spiritual journey I have chosen to travel, down into the depths of my own darkness, up to the peaks of the light and love within us all.

Most of the drafts I come across, I’m deleting as, so far, they’ve just been one sentence or phrase and no longer speak to me. This one called to be posted and expanded upon ……

You are Amazing and I Believe in You

Facing Fear – I Welcome You by Camilla Downs

August 19 2018:

Frantisek Kupka – The Lotus Soul, 1898

I Welcome You

I expect and know I will see the possibilities and opportunities in this situation. I will Know when to take action. And, I will be the best version of me that I can possibly be.

I welcome this fear and I take it’s hand as I walk through the foggy illusion fear creates. As I reach the other side I gently release the hand of fear and lovingly whisper, “Thank you.”

Thank you for helping me to see and know the walls as an illusion. The walls I have felt trapped within, no matter which path I chose.

Thank you for allowing me to see that even though I may outwardly seem to conform; within I know the Truth. I hold that Truth close to my Heart, so that I may freely and openly share the Gift of my Heart as only I can do in the Way I came forth to share.

I thank you for helping me to see the opportunities and possibilities in seemingly difficult situations. I thank you for teaching me ….

Facing Fear – I Welcome You

Water Dance by Camilla Downs

August 12 2018:

Water Dance

As the suns reflection
Becomes a dancer
Of the water,
She takes by the hand
the one who walks.

She whispers sweet reminders,
To the walkers heart.

She dances elegantly.
She dances of love and grace.
She dances unknown ….

Poetry and Photography: Water Dance

What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You by Camilla Downs

June 23 2018:

I Love You

What do we truly mean when we say we love and accept another?

Do we love and accept the idea of them?

Do we love and accept them for how they make us feel?


Do we love and accept them for who they know themselves to be?

What do we truly mean when we say we we love and accept another?

Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, my love will ever be there.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, I accept you.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, you are worthy.


What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You


The Alchemy of Writing by Camilla Downs

July 14 2018:

Why do you write? And what happens when you write? xoxo

The Alchemy of Writing

“I learn by going where I have to go.” -Theodore Roethke


I Know that I am supposed to share that which I experience, that which I live. I know that I am supposed to share it by way of writing, so I do. I release it to fly free …

I feel it is my purpose to openly share my own life experiences with others. I freely explain and share lessons I’ve learned and practices I use that work for me and my family. If needed, I listen with love and compassion and intuitively share thoughts and ….

The Alchemy of Writing

A Haunting Memory by Camilla Downs

June 10 2018:

A Haunting Memory

Why does this memory haunt her? Why does it keep returning? She does not remember the exact age of when this happened. She would have been 5, 6 or 7 years old. The past couple of years when this memory surfaced she has taken the time to feel emotions she buried from that time …. sadness and anger. Even though she remembers not who was involved, she has forgiven whoever it was.

She used to ignore it. Telling herself either she imagined it or if it happened …

Alchemy: A Haunting Memory Reveals the Truth

Knowing of the Heart by Camilla Downs

Knowing of the Heart

We have come together upon this Earth
to travel our own separate paths
Yet, traveling them together.

It has not escaped my attention
that there were and are places
and experiences we talked and
dreamed of experiencing.

Our lives together seem to
have become mundane and boring.

Seeming to have the same days
over and over again.
With little new experiences
by way of sights, sounds,
and experiences.

Poetry and Photography: Knowing of the Heart


Refuel and Nourish Your Body by Camilla Downs

May 18 2018:

Just as I refuel and nourish your physical body,
You must take action to refuel and nourish your emotional and creative body.

You cannot serve others if you are deeply depleted.

Creativity and improvising become clouded and stagnant when you are depleted.

You tell yourself you must continue, yet unless you give yourself time away from those who unknowingly drain you; your circumstances will not improve.

There are those in your life you …….

Love and Hearts: Refuel and Nourish Your Body

The Silence by Camilla Downs

May 25 2018:

The Silence ….. xoxo …..

Goose Feather with Water Droplets Poem 5.23.18

The squark of the seagull overhead.
The beep and roar of the construction equipment.
The call and honk of the geese.

The thunder of the leaf blower.
The slow ripples in the lake.
The ever so gentle harmony of the song birds.

The blare of ….

Poetry and Photography: The Silence

End it With a Period by Camilla Downs

May 22 2018:

End it With the Period ……. Sent with Howls of Love!!! xoxo

Water Droplets Goose Feather Vintage Lake 5.21.18 #2

Life is Not the Stories We Tell Ourselves

“Do not expect others to follow your way. When things always go your way, it is easy to become arrogant.” -The Treatise on the King of Treasures Samadhi

Sunday, May 13, 2018 was Mother’s Day in the United States. It was the worst Mother’s Day I can remember experiencing.

I’m writing this, I’m sharing this, for those amongst us whose hearts were covered and weighted with sadness. As I know not everyone had a great and blessed day being showered and pampered with love by themselves or loved ones.

Thomas had just returned to Reno from his visit with The Romano Duo (grandparents) in Arizona. He had much blunt and forthright thoughts to share about how unhappy he is with our situation and with Lillian’s inflexibilities and anxieties. I grabbed that hook and sank into a deep sadness of telling myself how much of a failure I am at providing for my kids, how much of a failure I am at being their parent.

(Let me add here that I do not blame Thomas. I have raised him to be …..

End it With the Period