Why Trees Sparkle with Water by Lillian Darnell

February 27 2018:

Ever wonder why the trees sparkle with water? Lillian wondered this and was inspired to write a story about it … She’s on a roll … Go Lillian Go! xoxo

Once long ago, there lived a family of trees in a faraway land of Tree Land. The trees names were Pine, Cherry, Apple, and Fire (also known as Delphine). They all lived happily in their home which was called the Palace of Fruit. One day, an invitation arrived at the Palace of Fruit.

The invitation had said that the Ice King was having a tree ball to find the perfect tree for him to decorate. After the family of trees read the invitation, they knew that they had to have the most beautiful dress ever.

So Cherry and Apple went to Fashionable Blooms Store to look for a gorgeous dress. Meanwhile, Pine and Fire went to Fairytale Blossoms Store for a pretty dress. Cherry and Apple realized that they were in the wrong store so they went to Fairytale Blossoms Store instead.

While Cherry and Apple were at Fairytale Blossoms Store, Pine and Fire also had realized that they had been in the wrong store. So Pine and Fire went to Fashionable Blooms Store instead.

Cherry and Apple found a ….. Go below to read more …

Why Trees Sparkle with Water

Can Butterflies Jump by Lillian Darnell


December 5 2008:

Sharing Lillian’s latest entry on the Pink Elephant Books Blog!


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How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter by Lillian Darnell

February 2 2018:

She’s writing again! Look what I just received in my inbox … I LOVE this one!! I predict there will be future books for Lillian. xoxo

“How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter”

Once long ago, there lived Raine and her friend Storm who lived happily in their home. One day, Raine and Storm saw an advertisement that read, “Mother Nature is looking for weather assistants. Please visit Mother Nature at 8989 Snowy Sun Lane about the job. ”

“Should we visit Mother Nature about the job?”, said Raine to Storm. “Yes, we should. I just hope that Mother Nature is paying a good price”, said Storm.

So, Raine and Storm walked over to Mother Nature’s home. When Raine and Storm got there, here’s the people they saw Hailey, Thunder, Lightning, and Sunny all waiting for Mother Nature to open the door.

Just as Raine and Storm arrived, Mother Nature opened her door and her eyes widened in surprise. “My goodness, I didn’t expect so many people to show up. Well, I guess I better get started,” exclaimed Mother Nature.

Fortunately, Raine and Storm were first to head inside Mother Nature’s home. Mother Nature had white marble pillars arching high over their head, a large winding staircase leading to the meeting room, and a gorgeous chandelier overhead.

As soon as Raine and Storm reached ….

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How Rain Came To Be Nature’s Glitter

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Contacting Authors of Books


November 30 2014:

Y’all remember a few times that I’ve posted about how Lillian likes to email/contact the authors of books she reads and the books we read before bed too. Tonight we read “Frightful’s Daughter” by the same author who wrote “My Side of the Mountain”. Lillian emailed Jean George right afterwards to tell her how much we liked it.

She just got an email from Jean’s son, Craig, that Jean had passed in 2012 and that they leave the website up for her fans. He says that was his favorite book, too, of the 118 that his mom wrote. Lillian got an email back the other day from an author that she had made her day. I’m so happy Lillian does this. It warms my heart!

Tight Heel Cords and Heel Toe Movement

January 4 2018:

Still following through with the once per week solo hanging out at the lodge for Lillian. I walk her over and she spends 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Still working on that darn heel toe movement when walking and standing up straight. The goal is to keep increasing the minutes. We started at 3 minutes!

Lillian on Treadmill 1.4.18 #1 Lillian on Treadmill 1.4.18 #2 Lillian on Treadmill 1.4.18 #3

Amelia’s Angel Visit by Lillian Darnell


November 22 2013:

Lillian’s class participated in NaNoWriMo and she chose to write a collection of short stories. Reading her notebook brought “sweat” to my eyes … xoxo … Here’s one of them:

Amelia’s Angel Visit
Written: Lillian

Once upon a time, Amelia’s prince had died and Amelia was a poor queen but one night, Amelia had been visited by Amelia’s prince angel. He had said,

“Respect all other angels like you do with me.”

And so her father, stepmother, stepsisters, and their princes’ angels came along with Amelia’s prince angel and they had said,

“Keep your confidence and hopefully you will strengthen your courage.”

Then one night they stopped visiting and left Amelia alone because she had enough courage to be super-duper happy. To this day, she’ll tell you to keep confidence and you will soon build up courage to be super-duper happy.

**Update – December 19 2017: This is an example of the stories included in Lillian’s debut book, Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories. You can learn more and pre-order the book by going here … http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author …. 

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017