A Gift: The Sand Between My Toes and A Vintage Summer Picnic

August 3 2019:

Check out the lovely gift that was waiting here when we returned from conference. All the way from Australia! Thank you Ailsa Johnson!! I cannot wait to dig in!!! ♥️♥️♥️

I also interview Ailsa on Meeting the Authors. Check it out below …

Meet the Author: The Sand Between My Toes by Ailsa Craig

August 3 2019:

Summer picnic at The Vintage today. ❤️❤️❤️


Good Times at The Romano Duos

July 5 2019:

From yesterday … Just had to share all of them. The expressions. 😜😂💛💛💛

Such a good time. Just hanging out, playing UNO, and taking silly photos …. and eating some amazing food!! And seeing Samantha, my niece (the one standing beside Thomas), one more time before she heads back to Louisiana on Wednesday.

Check out my dinner plate! I was in food heaven! Grilled asparagus, yellow squash, and pineapple along with colorful potatoes, sweet corn on the cob, and a vegan pasta salad. Nom, nom!!! With s’mores for dessert!!! 😋😋😋

Throwback Post: Thanks to My Kids


May 11 2015

For the last few years I’ve given a note and a small gift to Thomas and Lillian on Mothers Day. Doing this just speaks to me. I do love receiving the beautiful hand made gifts they make too. And do enjoy the day of specific gratitude for moms. They have been looking at these soaps for months now so I got them each a bar. xoxo

Good Food at The Romano Duo’s Place and Aunt Camilla

June 17 2019:

It was a BBQ at The Romano Duo’s place yesterday. I got to see my niece, Samantha, who I haven’t seen since she was 1 year old. And Thomas and Lillian got to meet her for the first time. Thomas and Samantha are about 9 months apart. She’s up from Louisiana visiting her dad, my brother, Robert.

Look at the amazing veggie and pineapple kabobs Frank made just for me. Yum! Yum!! 💗😋

We were graced with a beautiful and bright rainbow too!!! 💞💜

June 23 2019:

I got a text today that began, Hey Aunt Camilla …. what? I had to go back and reread that. I’ve never been called that. And. For some reason, my throat seized, my nose got runny, my eyes began to burn, and liquid dripped from my eyes.

The last time I saw Samantha, my brothers daughter, she was 1 year old. She’s up from Louisiana visiting him for a few weeks. And. She just called me Aunt Camilla. ♥️💜♥️

Don’t Worry About a Thing – Peace and Pool Noodles

June 18 2019:

Scene at the hair stylist today. Thanks Roger for cutting Thomas’ hair! He feels much better. Thank you Kathy Montoya Duncan for the bag of goodies! You both bless all three of us!

June 21 2019:

Pool and BBQ day at the lodge = Team TLC + The Romano Duo + Robert and Samantha 💦💦💦💙💙💙

It was so good to see this one let loose and just play – the one with the green pool noodle. Caused my heart to jump for joy. And good to see Samantha getting to have fun too!!

I needed this day. A day to not worry about things …. money, health and well being of myself and my two kiddos, food, shelter, peace. A day to say, just for today everything is okay. Right now, in this moment, I shall not worry. Thank you for this day. 🙏🏼♥️♥️♥️🙏🏼