Library Day and Last Day of Unschool and Injustice and Shanghai Summer

June 1 2017:

Today was library day … It was the Sparks Library this time. Books, books, books!

Sparks Library 6.1.17

June 2 2017:

Last day of 10th grade for Lillian and last day of 5th grade for Thomas. Plus, national donut day!! Celebrating with gluten free powdered doughnuts and salted caramel gelato. xoxo

Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #4 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #3 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #2 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #1

June 3 2017:

A few weeks ago Thomas declared I was being unfair. So …. he built a Tower of Injustice directly in front of the front door! He finally decided to dismantle it last night. Ha!! xoxo

Tower of Injustice 6.3.17

June 3 2017:

Thomas and I are incredibly grateful for this amazing dinner, the wonderfully kind volunteers, Reno Buddhist Center, and Moon Rabbit Cafe!

We so very much enjoyed Shanghai Summer Moon Rabbit Cafe Dinner June 3rd 5 to 8 pm … A love infused Pay-What-You-Can Cafe.

For me, vegetable wontons, veggie and tofu kabob, roasted corn, sesame/ginger Asian slaw, enjoyed with a refreshing watermelon spritzer and finished with an amazing scoop of pistachio ice cream. Yum!!

For Thomas, all of the same except he had crab artichoke rangoon, teriyaki chicken kabob and mango sorbet to finish.

Grateful, grateful. Thank you! xoxo

Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #5 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #4 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #3 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #2 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #1

The Pool is Open and Dancing Freedom

May 25 2017:

The pool is open!!! Yay!!! Happy Thomas and Lillian! xoxo

Pool is Open 5.25.17 #4 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #3 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #2 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #1

May 26 2017:

Today is day 12 of the 21 Day Dancing Freedom Challenge. This is a wonderful, inspiring, awakening, and alchemizing experience.

First four days were Earth, next four Water, and today we finished Fire … which included alchemy. Next up is Air and then Ether.

I know this way isn’t the way for everyone. Yet, I feel each person has their own unique style of releasing, connecting, surrendering, accepting, and allowing.

One lesson I continue to learn throughout this journey is to listen to internal nudges, hunches, and inspirations. I have ignored the dancing nudge for years …. Listen and KNOW there is a reason. xoxo

Here’s the Dancing Freedom facebook page. They close the challenge group two days after the challenge begins, yet, I’m sure you can sign up for the next one! xoxoxo

One Way to Share Loving Kindness


February 28 2014:

Thomas and I were in the post office a couple of days before Valentine’s Day. The lady in front of me asked a question about Thomas and we began to chat about Valentine’s Day.

She shared that her four legged friends are her valentine’s. I shared with her that we try to show love every day and don’t wait for a designated holiday to do this. We shared smiles, giggles and little pieces of ourselves.

She enjoyed Thomas and I and insisted we go in front of her. Sharing kindness and love … every day, every where we go … Here’s wishing this inspires you to do the same!! xoxo


What Is Beyond the Universe

April 21 2017:

At dinner tonight Thomas and I were talking about time, space, and the universe. He asked me, “What’s beyond the universe?” ….

Lillian answered, “Hot dogs and chicken.” She thought he asked a completely different question!

Thomas and I looked at each other and laughed so hard, I was crying …. and coughing due to the mouthful of spicy vegetarian chili I had just put in my mouth. Laughter is good stuff and now you know what’s beyond the universe … !!! xoxo

To Thine Own Self Be True and Skeleton Keys

March 30 2017:

Just finished reading a book with Lillian and Thomas about Ira Aldridge ….

One of the greatest Shakespearean actors of the nineteenth century.

Wow! Deeply inspired by this man. “This above all, -To thine own self be true …. ”

Ira Aldridge Book March 2017

March 31 2017:

When I posted a few days ago asking for keys, I had no idea we’d be gifted these beauties! WOW!!! Thank you Matthew McDowell!!

If you have no longer used keys, we’ll take them. They don’t have to be fancy like these. Plain ole keys will work too!!

We are in creation mode and will be combining these with other recycled items and a bit of natures gifts. I think we’re finally ready to start making! Earth Art!! xoxo

Keys March 2017