We Are Surrounded By Good


May 2 2014:

I awoke this morning with a heart open to all the good that surrounds me. After our love and hug conversation at breakfast we left to take Thomas and Lillian to school. I decided I was gonna listen to some music on the way. Turned on the radio and “Best Day of My Life” was playing … Blow my mind!! Then happy, fun songs one right after another! Dropped Lillian off and told her to have fun having the best day of her life. Dropped Thomas off and told him to have the time of his life sharing love.

At the grocery store a lovely grandfatherly gentlemen stopped me on the aisle and said “That’s a very special dress you have on.” I told him “Thank you …… And so are YOU!” Beautiful sweet man was speechless.

Last stop was the bank to get a cashier’s check. The teller asked me if I wanted to withdraw any money from my account. I told her no, unless it was coming from somewhere else … with a smile and a giggle. After a few seconds checked my phone for texts and I had a text that I’d received money deposited into another account … that I did not know was coming … Without knowing it I said something out loud and she asked if I had a question. I said “No, I really did just receive money. Ask and you shall receive!” My eyes almost sweated right there in the bank!

Then, after Thomas’ vaulting lessons tonight Team TLC stopped at little Washoe Lake for some rock throwing and skipping! I love LOVE! Best Day Of My Life Indeed! Plan on having another tomorrow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

This is Mittens

February 28 2019:

This is Mittens. When his human is out of town visiting her older sister in California, I go visit he and his brother, Jack twice a day.

After I feed them, give Jack his shot (he has diabetes), and take care of the litter box; I read aloud to them.

Mittens is intrigued by this human condition of being lost in thought. Before I began reading, he put his paw in the open book several times as if prompting me to get to reading! Ha!

Mittens is diggin Eckhart Tolle! I take this book every time I cat sit them. They have heard the entire book several times. I think he likes it. Me too! This is one of my favorite books.

Show and Tell Adventures


May 2 2012

Show & Tell Adventures today at school for Team Member T. Letter for the week is “W” so he talked about a combo Why/Water …. Why does the Earth look blue from outer space?

Teacher said he did NOT need to use the microphone!! Yep, that’s Thomas. What’s a quiet voice anyway? And, YES, he likes to make faces of all sorts when I’m taking all these boring pictures!!

Thomas with You Asked Book 5.2.12

You Can Share Absolutely Anything

February 23 2019:

Friends who you can share absolutely anything with ….. Parting company still feeling and knowing their love and support.

This I treasure with you, Barbara Richmond Chastain, and Bill. I enjoyed our afternoon tea and sharing yesterday afternoon. A true gift paired with this amazing and magical view.

PS … A poem inspired by Bill’s words came forth in my morning pages. Will share when polished.


Curried Potatoes and Dark Chocolate and a Frog

January 29 2019:

Lunch today …. YUM!!! Curried potatoes topped with Daiya cheese, grape tomatoes, English cucumber, and white radish. Drizzled with creamy vegan ranch. Wrapped inside a soft and fluffy flat bread. Ahhhhh … 😋💫💫💫😋

January 31 2019:

We had a great night having dinner with The Romano Duo tonight! Other than a few silly pictures of Thomas and Lillian, this is the only picture I took. What’d ya think is the story for this glowing, luscious, red lipped, Pine green beauty? 🐸❤️💚🤣😂

She’s been with mom and Frank for a good long time. Thomas stepped outside and came back in with her and I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

She’s holding painted rocks we made for them when they moved in 2015. The Arizona heat sort of melted the paint! HA! Which is why she got a new paint job!! Thomas even took a photo of her that’s included in his Biggest Little Photographer book!

February 3 2019:

Oh my gosh! So yum! Dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups. Wish Trader Joe’s had these year round. Or, maybe it’s a good thing they don’t! 🌻😋😂🤣😋🌻