How Did You Make That


October 4 2014:

A mom with a cute lil blinky hat, a fairy princess, and a fortune teller had a great time at the HDMS chili festival and craft fair! So many creative people with great creations for sale! Loved it!

Thomas was in heaven seeing all the things people make. He was going from table to table asking how they made it. He said he kept getting asked why he was so interested.

HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #1 HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #2

Comfortable Clothes

September 22 2017:

As we were leaving the store yesterday afternoon I thanked Thomas for being so easy to buy clothes for and not caring about brands. (Had to buy him two new pairs of pants yesterday as NONE of his from last spring fit anymore!)

He says, “I don’t stinking care what kind of clothes I wear or what I look like in them!” My thoughts exactly! Although, we all three have sensory issues! The only thing we care about is if the clothes are comfortable and don’t irritate our sensitivities.

Reiki Room and Outdoor Reiki


September 27 2013:

The thoughtfulness of Thomas just warms me from head to toe, inside and out …

He’s building houses using the Lego Creator on the computer and he built me a cool Reiki Room in our house and even an outdoor area for Reiki!

How cool would that be to have a Reiki session outdoors in nature!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Last Craniosacral Session for Lillian and Library Volunteering

September 11 2017:

Lillian’s last craniosacral session since Anthem Blue Cross has decided these sessions are not helping her so they will no longer pay. We so much appreciate Christine! Lillian has been seeing her for 3 years now.

Aren’t we blessed that people who know nothing about chromosome deletions and nothing about the intricacies of pain levels that are sometimes better and sometimes worse are so knowledgable about what’s best for us?

We have not given up. We’ll try starting sessions again in 2018 after she’s had three months without them. Beautiful hibiscus to send us off ….xoxoxo

Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #1 Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #2 Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #3

September 13 2017:

Second time volunteering at the library …. and Lillian’s last day as a fifteen year old! This time we pulled holds for two hours. Found all but three of them. Good job us!!

Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #1  Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #3

Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #2

This is to Have Succeeded


September 25 2013:

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson …….

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all y’all for your support, love, encouragement and kindness! I am completely booked next week with Reiki sessions! I am grateful to each and every one of you …. for your trust and for hangin’ with this crazy gal while I decided exactly what I wanna be when I grow up! HA!

For now I have found my outlet for doing what I have longed … simply to help others and to share the love and kindness within my own heart and soul. xoxo – Camilla

A Friendly Gargoyle and a Friendly Polka Dot Monster and a Reiki Fairy


September 24 2013:

Team TLC dinner conversation tonight …

Thomas has a friendly gargoyle that visits him every morning at 4:59. They talk for an hour or shoot paper hoops. He tells me this after he asked what a gargoyle is and if they can be friendly. Told him they can be friendly if he wants them to be!

Lillian has a friendly polka dot monster that visits her. Her nickname is Lila. Her real name is Apprehension and they go to fairy land together. She taught Lillian how to make animal noises and is teaching Lillian to fly too!

Oh, and Lillian says she saw me last night in Fairy Land turning in my paperwork to be a Reiki Fairy! HA! I’m so thankful these two beautiful souls add to our interesting and fun life!! xoxo

Catch and Release House and Hurricane Harvey

September 2 2017:

I think word is getting out that this is a catch and release house. Moths, flies, and itty bitty spiders in the house, bees on the patio (we head back inside and let them hang out) and for two days in a row, a frog. I think it’s some type of tree frog or something similar.

Yesterday morning there was one in the bathtub and tonight there was one happily jumping across the living room floor after our movie. I just can’t figure out how the frogs are getting inside.

I’ve looked up the acronym for frog and frog animal wisdom. Okay. I get the message. You can stop sending frogs …. HA! xoxoxo


September 8 2017:

Post-Hurricane Harvey I connected my ex-Reno-ite-friend-now-living-in-Houston, Kimberly Phipps Nichol, with my Houston area friend Dawn Mitchell to help out one of Dawn’s friends in Houston.

Dawn and Kimberly Hurricane Harvey 9.8.17

September 9 2017:

More fun reading for Thomas. He reads the more typical books too. Yet, he has a wide net of interests for which he wants learn more about.

He has pretty much read every “young people’s” fiction book at the South Valleys Library (that he has an interest in reading). xoxo

Immigration Book Thomas Reading 9.2017


My friend Kimberly also got to meet my Chromosome 18 friend, Monica Tello McDivitt. From Kimberly, “Thanks for connecting us. Monica is beautiful inside and out. Keep up your prayers and support for her family and the thousands others here who are mucking out and starting over. They need all the uplifting vibes they can get.”

Monica and Kimberly Post-Harvey Hurricane 9.9.17

Thank you Kimberly Phipps-Nichol …. Oceans of love to you both and big huge hug to you Monica Tello McDivitt. So happy and blessed you got to meet this beautiful woman with such a loving heart … xoxo

Volunteering at the Library and Humane Society

September 7 2017:

First day volunteering at our home away from home! Thomas took a picture as we were leaving and we had Mary take a picture of us with our official badges!

Our library tour was easy since we already know everyone there and we already know the library layout having been going two or three times per month for the past ten years.

Lillian enjoyed getting to see behind the counter where the books are returned and where all the behind the scenes action takes place. We will be there every Wednesday from 2-4.

I may be a tad more excited than Lillian! Ha!!! I am truly inspired by the written word. xoxoxo

Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #1 Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #2

Thomas’ turn now! He wants to volunteer at the Nevada Humane Society working with cats and small animals. Orientation set for October 1st! He’s very excited!

Here’s a picture of Cinamon who was with me for 18 years (from the time she was a wee tiny one). Thomas got to have about five years with her before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010. xoxoxo

Nevada Humane Society Confirmation for Orientation 2017 Cinamon