Volunteering with Treats

October 7 2019:

Thomas and I volunteered at The Humane Society this morning. Helped decorate for Halloween and visited the cats a bit. Thomas took the photo of the sleeping cat.

October 12 2019:

Afternoon treat courtesy of my mom. She brought treats when she picked up Lillian for respite on Wednesday! Vegan Neapolitan cupcake! Yum!

Throwback Post – Pet Store and Book Store Adventures


May 21 2012:

Pet store adventures for Thomas. Special adventure for earning his green card today in school!!

Thomas May 21 2012

Special adventure for Lillian for braving the pet store adventure!!

Lillian at Bookstore May 21 2012

Praise plate time!! Tooth fairy is coming to visit Lillian tonight for the next to LAST time!!!! And Thomas has had 2 full weeks of good days at school ! YAY!

Thomas and Lillian May 21 2012


Memories of Perfect Music While Reading and Receiving Closure

August 30 2019:

Sometimes all it takes to bring back the mojo is hearing the perfect music while running errands. Billy Idol, Queen, The Cars, Aerosmith, Men Without Hats, and I’m sure a few I’m forgetting.

Brings back memories of the 80’s and those teenage years, full of energy, smart a** attitude, knowing all the answers, not giving a crap about the rest, and all the time in the world (I may still have one or two or a few of these attitudes … Hmmmm) ….. Ahhhhh … I LOVE Music!! 💜💜💜

Photo by Vova Krasilnikov from Pexels

September 3 2019:

Am reading …. One is a reread, one I had to check out from the library again as I didn’t get finished, and the other two are first time reads.

September 5 2019:

One more task fully checked off the list yesterday! Closure on this one! Yes!!

The Best Ever Pizza with These Wonderful Things Called Teeth While Packing the Dishwasher

August 18 2019:

Yummy homemade pizza for dinner last night (except for the crust). Drizzled olive oil on the crust, then smeared a bit of creamy fiesta cashew dip, followed by a sauce of marina mixed with a spicy green herbal sauce. Topped with crimini mushrooms, green and kalamata olives, sweet onion, artichoke hearts, and sugar plum tomatoes. With a yummy side salad and washed down with a bottle of Virgil’s Rootbeer. Incredibly delicious and satisfying!

August 26 2019:

Have you ever been flossing your teeth, your fingernail snags what you think may be a side filling on one of your lower molars, and it falls off in your mouth? And it does this on the eve of paying off the huge dental bill and work you had done 6 months ago? (This is a different tooth, different side. Not the one just worked on.)

That may have happened to me last night. I thought I’d be in tremendous pain when I brushed my teeth or tried to eat. Not yet … Hmmm … I may find out just how tough I am … These things called teeth are interesting creatures … Still smiling …. Oddly weird, yet, it did not hurt and still doesn’t hurt … pray that the pain gods continue to keep the pain away!


August 28 2019:

Packing the contents of the dishwasher …. What one uses the dishwasher for when not used for washing dishes. Perfect storage cabinet for lightbulbs, LEGO boxes, and an iron. Got to improvise when 3 people live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and those who shall remain unnamed wish to keep the empty LEGO boxes! And for some unknown reason one has a surplus of 100 watt light bulbs.


A Gift: The Sand Between My Toes and A Vintage Summer Picnic

August 3 2019:

Check out the lovely gift that was waiting here when we returned from conference. All the way from Australia! Thank you Ailsa Johnson!! I cannot wait to dig in!!! ♥️♥️♥️

I also interview Ailsa on Meeting the Authors. Check it out below …

Meet the Author: The Sand Between My Toes by Ailsa Craig

August 3 2019:

Summer picnic at The Vintage today. ❤️❤️❤️