Library Day Brings Knowledge of Many Subjects


December 30 2015:

Was taking Thomas’ library books out of the bag for him. Among the Andrew Lost, Boxcar Kids, guinea pig books, and tons of books with world records and interesting facts; there are these books. You go Thomas, you go! Seriously, I am so curious to see what he will do with all this knowledge as he progresses on his journey! xoxo

Library Trip 12.30.15 #1 Library Trip 12.30.15 #2

Stuffed and Roasted Pepper and Big Mess and Puzzle Time

May 6 2018:

Yum …. Stuffed and roasted pepper for dinner. So satisfying …. 😋 xoxo

Stuffed Pepper 5.6.18

May 9 2018:

Went to get Yonce for her walk and saw this! She swears she had nothing to do with creating this mess. Yonce’s human says, “She must want a firmer mattress!”

Yonce 5.9.18 #1 Yonce 5.9.18 #2

May 10 2018:

It was puzzle time with peppermint tea and a chocolate chip cookie alongside a just right sized candle. xoxo

Puzzle Time with Lillian 5.10.18 #1 Puzzle Time with Lillian 5.10.18 #2

Ten Minutes and Good Friends and Yummy Lunch

May 3 2018:

She’s up to 10 minutes!!! Now we’re ready to add at least one more day to make it twice per week. (Working on heel toe walking and balance.) xoxo

Lillian on Treadmill 5.3.18 #1 Lillian on Treadmill 5.3.18 #2

May 4 2018:

I love you Carolyn R Smith!!! Thanks for a great and meaningful afternoon in the jungle!!!

Carolyn and Camilla 5.4.18

May 5 2018:

Oh my gosh! What a yummy and satisfying lunch!! Sautéed asparagus, sweet onions, crimini mushrooms, green beans, green peas over a bed of fresh kale alongside a yellow corn taco shell with Daiya cheddar cheese, pinto beans, salsa, and topped with a jalapeño! Now for one of these mouthwatering vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Lunch 5.5.18

Swimming and High Dive Board and Chocolate Chip Cookies and Haircut and Elephant Love and Humane Society

April 23 2018:

Swimming Day!!! Thomas had fun using the diving boards this time. He even tried something new! The high dive board! Wheeee!!

Swimming 4.23.18 #1 Swimming 4.23.18 #2 Swimming 4.23.18 #3

April 23 2018:

I could eat the entire bag in one sitting …😋 … xoxo …. (Trader Joe’s)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Trader Joe's 4.23.18

April 26 2018:

Took Thomas for a haircut today. Spotted some love on a shelf! Isn’t this the cutest???

This was the first time Thomas knew exactly what he wanted for a cut. And, Roger nailed it!!! We are truly blessed!

Elephant Love 4.25.18

April 28 2018:

Humane Society volunteering for Thomas and I yesterday! We visited the small animal room. Full to the brim with rabbits and Guinea pigs. So many cats and dogs too.

It’s your lucky day if you were thinking of adopting. It’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Day and it’s free to adopt today. Be sure and research though, as rabbits and guinea pigs are delicate and are very much different than a cat or dog.

Humane Society 4.28.18 #1 Humane Society 4.28.18 #2 Humane Society 4.28.18 #3

Vegan Open Faced Sloppy Joe and Mango Shadow and Open Faced Veggie Burger and Tomato Salad

April 16 2018:

Oh yum!!! Vegan open faced sloppy joe. This was incredibly good!

Crumbled falafel “meatballs” with sautéed sweet onions, cauliflower, green beans, sweet corn, petite green peas, tomato sauce, and veggie broth spooned in heaps on a piece of toast and sprinkled with arugula.

I didn’t set out to make this. It wasn’t until I was finished cooking and sat down to the eat that I realized what I had created! Yum!!!

Vegan Sloppy Joe 4.16.18

April 17 2018:

Well. That made for an interesting shadow!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #1

A halfway eaten mango!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #2

April 19 2018:

Open faced veggie burger piled high with sweet onion, tomato, and arugula with a side of baked potato medallions! That was good!!

Open faced veggie burger 4.19.18

April 21 2018:

I mean. Look at this cute wee cherry tomato salad with sweet onions, Holland Enjoya peppers, and piled high with arugula. Topped with sea salt and black pepper. Yum!! xoxo

Tomato Salad 4.21.18

Working on 2018 Theme Board and Vegan Hot Dog and Bubbles with Cats

April 9 2018:

These days it doesn’t seem I get anything done in a timely manner ….

Worked on my 2018 theme board a great deal of yesterday. Got everything gathered. Now to create! Perhaps this weekend.

2018 Theme (which I’ve known since December – just now getting to the creative part) ….. LEAP/JUMP with two supporting themes of LISTEN and TRUST supported with a solid base of LOVE and put forth through the action of WRITING. YAY!!!

Working on Theme Board 4.9.18

April 12 2018:

Oh so yummy!!! Vegan hot dog … with ketchup, mustard, kosher dill pickle, habanero hot sauce, and piled high with arugula … That was incredibly good!!!

Vegan Hot Dog 4.12.18

April 13 2018:

It was volunteer day at the Humane Society. This beautiful black cat was great fun! He had a ball playing with the bubbles. And look at the gorgeous eyes of the black and white cat!!! One brown and one green. What a handsome cat!! xoxo

Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #1 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #2 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #3 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #4 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #5

There’s Nothing Wrong Here and Salsa and Twigs and Branches

March 27 2018:

Uh-oh! What?

This is how I found Ms. Yonce this afternoon when getting her for a walk. She was like, “YAY!! You’re here! Let’s go walk. There’s nothing wrong here.”

Then she grabbed that gigantic blue ball and held it in her mouth for the entire walk! She is so darn cute!!

Yonce 3.27.18

March 28 2018:

This was incredibly delicious!! Cucumber and tomato salsa. Tomato, English cucumber, sweet onion, orange pepper, jalapeño, garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. Heaping spoonfuls on top of a vegan burger with sautéed sweet onions and crimini mushrooms. Yum, yum, yum!!!

Salsa 3.29.18

March 31 2018:

Miss Yonce has a thing for twigs and branches. She’s kinda crazy and different. And, well. I kinda love that!!! So blessed I get to walk her for her humans!!

Yonce with Stick 3.31.18 #1 Yonce with Stick 3.31.18 #2

Dean Martin Got His Foot Stuck in the Cement


December 28 2012:

What does Dean Martin have to do with this yummy dinner?

We’re at The Romano Casa for dinner and learned from the curator, Frank Romano, that as a young man he worked at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Frank was working the night Dean Martin came to make his footprint. Mr. Martin had been drinking a bit and his foot got stuck in the cement. Frank had to help him get his foot and shoe out of the cement. There ya go!


I Never Imagined It Would Be So Fun


December 19 2013:

“I never imagined it would be so much fun. It was the best night of my life!” -Thomas …

HDMS Multicultural night was a blast! I got to help serve the awesome array of South American dishes brought in by the families of Candelaria students. Thomas was super excited to perform the Happy Dance with his classmates. He said he was so happy he almost cried. All performances were amazing! We got to travel to South America, Asia, ancient Egypt, The Renaissance, The Galapagos Islands, and Meso-America .. Mayan, Inca and Aztecs …

Such wonderful people!

HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #1 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #2 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #3 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #4 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #5 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #6 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #7 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #8