Delicious and Yummy and Physical Healing and Gratitude and Independence and Micro Greens and Eye Sweatin

December 31 2019:

Finally had one of these yesterday. After brewing a cup of Peruvian extra dark roast coffee; I placed one of these beautiful wafers atop the cup for a few minutes as Jessica and Marten had explained.

And then … As I bit into this piece of pure heaven, I was saturated with the ooey gooey good feelings one has when savoring a delicious food!! Oh my yum!! Thank you again Jessica and Marten!! 💖💝💖💝💖💝

January 1 2019:

The tree makes for fabulous background for picture taking …. Heehee!

Had to take a picture of this glorious yummy frozen dessert that I treated Thomas and I too yesterday. Vegan Double Chocolate Delight made with cashew milk. Good grief! That’s good stuff! And I just noticed it’s between the snowman and the snowflake … Perfect!!

January 3 2019:

As I wait for the feeling to come back on the left side of my face … Another shout out to those that helped make this procedure possible. Oceans and oceans of gratitude …. 🙏

Hard to believe that little hole was causing so much discomfort. Turns out there was a deep cavity there. New crown being made that fully covers the area so this doesn’t happen again.

Whenever it’s doable, next up is a few gum line cavities and the only other crown I’ve got needs to be replaced as it’s got a pretty big hole. That one doesn’t hurt as I have no roots in that tooth.

2019 seems to be beginning with the theme of physical healing. I’ll take that!!! 🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖

January 5 2019:

Still at it. Almost once per week, 10 minute walk on the treadmill followed by independent time at the lodge. 💞💞💞

January 5 2019:

I feel it’s no coincidence that micro greens are heart shaped. They’re incredibly good for us. Yum, yum!

Yet, thought it so cute how this one propped itself perfectly for me to see. Love, the micro greens. 💚

January 5 2019:

I made fresh pico de gallo tonight to go with our tradition of every other Saturday nacho dinner.

Thomas had finished eating, Lillian was in the bathtub. And, I was alone chewing my nachos. A wave of emotions hit me like I imagine a tsunami wave hits land.

My eyes began to sweat with liquid gratitude for the miracle occurring in my mouth. I was chewing the nachos on BOTH sides of my mouth. I have not been able to do that in about 2 years. I’ve had to chew crunchy foods on the right side only.

I’m aware this sounds silly to some. Yet, this post is not for you. It’s for me and others who are stricken with gratitude, bliss, and joy over seemingly small things.

I alternated between laughter and eyes sweating the entire meal. I realized I had been given back something more than being able to chew certain foods using ALL of my teeth.

This had nothing to do with sadness. This was pure joy, gratitude, bliss, peace, reassurance, and LOVE. And that pico de gallo was damn good! ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

Mind Mapping and Paper Heart and Wrapping and Five Poems

December 16 2018:

Treasures found during the big clean out of Lillian’s desk. Lillian’s brainstorming 5 years ago for the C18 conference in Savannah, Georgia. So sweet. ✏️💛

Lillian was so excited when I taught her this years ago. She used to use it for everything! She and I both need to get back to it!

December 16 2018:

Yesterday she was looking through paper snow flakes she had made last year. “Look what I found that I made last year. Want to take a picture?” ❄️❄️❄️🖤🖤🖤

December 22 2018:

Wrapping gifts and this wee lil heart snuck onto this package for Thomas. I don’t even have these out for using. I’m gonna just leave it there …. back of the package, and all. ❤️❤️❤️

December 22 2018:

Five poems created as Christmas gifts. Now … to jazz em up and make ready to hang. 💝✏️💝

New Snow Boots and Veggie Chili

December 11 2018:

Thank you to one of my guardian angels for new snow boots that are waterproof and with awesome tread!!! No more 9 year old snow boots with a hole in the bottom!! So incredibly grateful!!! ❄️🖤❄️🖤❄️🖤

December 12 2018:

Veggie chili tonight …. My taste buds were in chili heaven. 🌶💚❤️

Twinkly and Sparkling and TLC and Twinkle and Ornaments and Pencil Tree

November 25 2018:

We had fun playing with twinkly, sparkling beauties today. 🎄

November 26 2018:

Thank you to The Romano Duo for these cute “Team” TLC ornaments!! Most of our ornaments are homemade, or are from about 15 years ago, or hand me downs. Which is the way I prefer it. Yet, I’m blessed by these new ornaments. They have beautiful meaning. ⛄️ 💚❤️

November 27 2018:

My favorite thing to do when we pull out the twinkle lights. I could literally take dozens and dozens and dozens of pictures with different lighting and angles. 📷 🎄 🖤

November 28 2018:

More from the ornament and twinkle light models … 😂😂😂

My favorite thing to do when we pull out the ornaments and twinkle lights. I could literally take dozens and dozens and dozens of pictures with different lighting and angles. 📷 🎄 🖤

For Thomas and Lillian’s advent calendars this year, I printed quotes from each of their books and quotes from those they admire. I ended up with one extra and found the perfect spot for it to perch. 🎄💚

November 29 2018:

I give you the new Team TLC tree! For the past three years we’ve had a wee 2 foot table top tree; which has been perfect for this wee 800 square foot place.

The Romano Duo came across this pencil tree and couldn’t resist getting it for us. Perfect size to fit snug in a wee space. It’s skinnier than it looks in this photo. Deep gratitude! 🙏

Oh, and a few have asked, just who are The Romano Duo?? My mom, Patty Romano, and step-dad, Frank Romano! I love giving “team” names to families. I coined The Romano Duo about 8 years ago and it just stuck. 😜🧡😜

All of these are mostly handmade, hand me downs, or ornaments I’ve had for nearly 20 years. This is the 1st time in 4 years we’ve been able to get them all on the tree. I usually hang them around the house with some hanging in the window.

Flying to Montana and Smoke Alarm and Cranberry Sauce

November 20 2018:

It was a great day for “Where Would You Fly” to fly to Montana! Be wild and free!!! 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️

November 21 2018:

How on Earth did I cause the smoke alarm to go off while Thomas helped make the cranberry sauce?

You take one part Lillian wanting me to help her decide what to wear.

One part helping Thomas gather items and follow the directions.

One part me adding Orecchiette pasta to boiling water while the bag opening is unknowingly facing the opposite direction. Pasta spreads across the counter and stove top and onto the hot burner. The two landing in the burner burst into flames.

Then we have a smoke alarm going off which leads to Lillian going off because the alarm is going off. Lillian has a new rule now. Smoke alarms MUST be turned off before cooking!! 😂😜

Wheeee … Cranberry sauce finished and delicious!!! 💞💞💞

Creating and More Creating and Pumpkin Soup and Respite and Lions and Sheep

November 11 2018:

Working on one of Thomas’ birthday gifts for this coming Tuesday! The big 13 is just days away! 💚💚💚🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙

November 12 2018:

Haven’t decided what to do with this. I’ve got 5 of them. I’ll be sanding the test paint as was just testing the texture after I sanded the original paint. Hmmmm … we shall see. 🤩🤩🤩

November 14 2018:

Mmmmmmm …. Pumpkin soup. This. Is. So. Yum!!! 😋🧡

November 15 2018:

There she goes!! Spending two nights with The Romano Duo!!! Hope you have a great time Lillian!!!

And, YAY, hallelujah, and wahooo!!!! Respite for Thomas and me!!! I get 2 days of no arguing over the bathroom and no arguing over Thomas and Lillian sharing a bedroom!! And Lillian gets respite from us too!! Win Win! Love you Lillian! 🎉🎉🎉💞💞💞

November 17 2018:

Very short story I read last night; which is within a book I’m re-reading. A friend posted something very similar this morning and so it seemed I should share. Perhaps a sync for someone … xoxo … “The Lion Who Thought He Was a Sheep”

Fun with Shadows

October 29 2018:

Lillian and I had a blast last night playing with shadows! This one is pretty cool. 🔦😂🤣 … What do you see?

First, we had all the lights out as we were enjoying our newly carved pumpkins! So, here’s what Lillian did. She put her iPhone onto the floor with the flashlight on. Then, she was kneeling over it in different directions, plus, hanging her head upside down!

Her shadow was cast onto the ceiling and upper wall. I took several more photos of her and then both of us playing around; but this was the coolest! So fun! xoxo


First Dinner with The Romano Duo and Dark Chocolate

October 23 2018:

First dinner with The Romano Duo in their new place in Dayton. What a treat!!! They made me my own pot of vegetarian pasta sauce!

For fun, we drove through Virginia City on the way here. We’ll leave earlier next time so we can stop for pictures.

Next time we’re gonna have the ingredients so I can have a virgin Bloody Mary!!! It’ll be just like old times, but different! We all had a great time!!! 🎉🎉🎉

October 27 2018:

I walked in Trader Joe’s to get a few items and walked out with Dark chocolate heaven. Wow!! 🖤🍫🖤

Wild Blueberry and Pumpkin and Boogie Shoes and Latin Harvest

October 14 2018:

So yummy breakfast this morning! Wild blueberry pumpkin pancakes with a side of skillet fried red potatoes and sweet onions, topped with Daiya cheese and a ribbon of ketchup! Incredibly good! 🎃

October 18 2018:

Just got done wearing my Boogie Shoes, Letting it Whip, giving the Best of My Love, and almost Upside Down … That was a FUN dance party!!

Brought back memories of dancing all throughout my life. I love me some dancing! I can totally bust a move! xoxo

Cloud Dancing with the Full Moon – Photo Credit: Me

October 20 2018:

Thank you Reno Buddhist Center’s Moon Rabbit Cafe and all of the volunteers for tonight’s “Pay What You Can” dinner! Latin Harvest Moon Rabbit Cafe Dinner was delicious!

We began with fresh salsa, tortilla chips, and cornbread with Mexican hot chocolate. I absolutely loved the salsa. So good!

Main course of black bean tacos for me and chicken tacos for Thomas, with a side salad and Spanish rice. That was The Best taco I’ve ever had! Yum! Followed by dessert of vegan apple crisp. 🧡🧡🧡