Not the Usual Mesmerized With Much Needed Magnificent Love While the Moon Serenades

December 8 2019:

Finally got to go for a walk today! Not the usual lovely scenery, yet, it will work for a quick walk. Bonus! Thomas joined me too. (I don’t like buildings in my nature photos. Hence, the funny angles. Ha!)

December 10 2019:

This afternoon’s walk. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve walked here. Love found me along the way. Needed that. Thank you Mother Nature.

December 10 2019:

Beautiful moon tonight. Gorgeous!!!

December 13 2019:

Amazing moon last night …. Mesmerizing! And, one accidental photo that looks pretty cool. Ha!

December 13 2019:

This morning. Moments before the dark clouds rolled in. Magnificent … ♥️♥️♥️

December 14 2019:

The moon last night. She’s been putting on quite the show lately! 🖤 🌚


Unfulfilled Longing by Camilla Downs

December 14 2019:

This was written over 2 months ago, on September 28 2019. If you follow me and my writings, you’ll know I have been incredibly busy these past few months with this nightmarish move, finishing my book, Words of Alchemy, maintaining, and parenting.

It has taken a while to come back around to this and publish it. The above being one reason. Another reason is that I needed to allow space. The event that brought forth this one, brought with it strong and deep emotions. I am well past it at this point, having allowed myself to sit with it and feel it. May it be meaningful to you or someone you know.

Unfulfilled Longing

As a young child,
as a young teenager,
she daydreamed of
having, of being surrounded
by loving, supportive parents.

She spent as ….

Poetry: Unfulfilled Longing

Lillian and Camilla December 2019 Date Day

December 12 2019:

Lillian and Camilla December 2019 Date Day

First stop: A walk around the lake. Pretty cool clouds.

Second stop: Lots of window shopping.

Third stop: French fries and chocolate covered peppermint topped Cooke for Lillian. Fries and a vegan soft sandwich cookie for me.

Last stop: More window shopping. Lillian says that i need this pillow … or at least the word on the pillow. Yes, yes. I’m tired, grumpy, and overwhelmed.

Proofing the Digital Version and Proof Ordered – Words of Alchemy

December 4 2019:

Just finished proofing the digital version of the printed book. Just need to get the cover in the system and can then order an actual proof book. So close! …. The poetry of nature, the poetry of healing, the poetry of appreciation, the poetry of love ..

December 7 2019:

Proof ordered yesterday! Fingers crossed all looks as beautiful as it does digitally … then …. we are ready to publish! Now is a GREAT time to pre-order. You get a personalized signed book, 10% off the Amazon price, PLUS free shipping! Oceans of thanks to those lovely souls who have already pre-ordered!

Creative Gift Giving on Just the Positive

December 5 2019:

I recently offered a suggestion to a wonderful and uplifting gift giving blog post on Just the Positive. Warmed my heart to see my suggestion of writing a special poem and using upcycled materials to make into a wall hanger (along with many other suggestions from others), including two photos of last year’s gifts. I needed my heart warmed. (Thanks Jackie!) Check it out. You may see something that inspires you!

Click the photo below to read the article …

I Love Our Weirdness and How We Celebrate

November 28 2019:

My loves …. I love our weirdness …

… and The Romano Duo … and Robert and Samantha.

November 29, 2019:

We had a wee celebration Wednesday night in honor of Lillian conquering her fear of open spaces/stairs. Each of us chose a piece of candy, toasted our candies, and said a few words in honor of the occasion.

The temporary place has cathedral ceilings and those have always been an issue for Lillian. Especially when paired with stairs. Another fear bites the dust!!

Lillian and Camilla November 2019 Date Day

November 26 2019:

Yesterday was the Lillian and Camilla November 2019 Date Day

First stop: Shopping for a new sofa. Our sofa and love seat were falling apart so got rid of them when moving last Monday. Found one!

Second stop: Fries and snickerdoodle cookie for Lillian. Brussel sprouts with toasted almonds and tamari for me.

Last stops: Window shopping.

Words of Alchemy – Animated

November 20 2019:

Just a fun animated version to share!

Interested to have your own copy? Go here …