Walk With Me Journey to the Center of My Soul by Camilla Downs

October 13 2018:

Recently, during a 40 minute meditation session, it felt like 5 minutes. I am always in awe when that happens. I find it incredibly magical … xoxo

Afterwards I wrote this; which will be the opening for my next book. Sharing this sneak peak with all of you … It’s still in rough draft status; yet, I was moved to share. Perhaps someone needs to see a word or two from this …

Walk with Me
Journey to the Center of My Soul

I had a choice to make.

I could choose not to even go near or open the door that would lead to the awakening of my true self. I could continue living life as I had been, seemingly happy and seemingly enjoying life.

Or I could choose to open that golden, larger than life door. The magical door that would lead the way to truly living life. A life of feeling all there is to feel – every single bit of it. A life of strapping into the gigantic see-saw of this path and riding my way through pain, despair, sadness, unhappiness, joy, peace, love, and bliss.

Walk With Me – Journey to the Center of My Soul


The Romano Duo Return to the Reno Area

September 8 2018:

Exciting News: After THREE YEARS The Romano Duo are finally moving back to Reno (well, sort of, as they are moving to Dayton). We just knew they would make their way back here eventually! September 15th is moving day!! What a GREAT Birthday present for Lillian as that’s one day after her 17th birthday!

Photo from June 11 2018: Team TLC sunset walk tonight with The Romano Duo and Robert. Beautiful night. And fun being silly with pictures. They head back to Surprise, Arizona tomorrow morning. xoxo

Thomas and Camilla September 2018 Date Day

September 7 2018:

Thomas and Camilla September 2018 Date Day – First stop: The Work! Fight! Give! -American Relief Posters of World War II exhibit at the Wilbur D. May Museum.

Thomas finds this time period very interesting and enjoys to get philosophical about wars and other major events in history. So, Thomas was pretty excited when I shared about this exhibit that Lillian had actually told me about just yesterday!!

Bonus!!! It was Open House today due to the Hot Air Balloon races so free admission. I was so happy and relieved to hear this that I nearly reached over the counter and hugged the gal who told me.

After looking through the exhibit we walked through the Wilbur May collection. Haven’t done that for years! My favorite is the collection from India!

Next was a walk through the Arboretum. Incredibly beautiful right now with tons of flowers and squirrels and rabbits and song birds!!

Last stop was dessert for Thomas of salted caramel and Oreo cookie frozen yogurt.

Tennis and Grateful and Blessed and Wisdom and Vibrant and Peaceful

August 19 2018:

Thomas and I had a sunset session of hitting tennis balls at one of our favorite parks. Just gorgeous. We had fun!!!

Grateful to and for Nature!! Blessed, blessed, blessed. I love Thomas and Thomas is awesome!!

August 20 2018:

Great White Egret on this mornings walk. Thank you for your wisdom and beauty.

August 21 2018:

Just passed sunset walk with Lillian last night. Beautiful, vibrant, and peaceful.

August 22 2018:

Drive by visit with The Romano Duo. Had to have a walk with them as it is such a beautiful night. They head for Medford, Oregon in the morning. Then back through Reno next week.

Thomas and Camilla August 2018 Date Day

August 24 2018:

Gorgeous afternoon spent at Nevada Beach.

First, a picnic, then a swim for me and playing in the sand for Thomas. I Love Lake Tahoe deeply and am so at peace when I get the chance to immerse in her! Just WOW!!!

Then for some floating fun in the tubes we borrowed yesterday. Too windy for kayaking as this would have been our first time. Need not quite so much wind. Floating and paddling in the tubes was perfect!!

Plus!!! Chipmunk wisdom!!! This sweet lil critter stayed with us the entire time we were deflating the tubes and loading the car. Thank you chipmunk!!!

Last stop on the date – SouthCreek Pizza for an appetizer for me of fire roasted green beans ….. Oh my gosh, YUM!!! … and dessert for Thomas of 3 scoops of rocky road gelato. Accompanied by a taste of the oh so yummy Ceci.

Facing Fear – I Welcome You by Camilla Downs

August 19 2018:

Frantisek Kupka – The Lotus Soul, 1898

I Welcome You

I expect and know I will see the possibilities and opportunities in this situation. I will Know when to take action. And, I will be the best version of me that I can possibly be.

I welcome this fear and I take it’s hand as I walk through the foggy illusion fear creates. As I reach the other side I gently release the hand of fear and lovingly whisper, “Thank you.”

Thank you for helping me to see and know the walls as an illusion. The walls I have felt trapped within, no matter which path I chose.

Thank you for allowing me to see that even though I may outwardly seem to conform; within I know the Truth. I hold that Truth close to my Heart, so that I may freely and openly share the Gift of my Heart as only I can do in the Way I came forth to share.

I thank you for helping me to see the opportunities and possibilities in seemingly difficult situations. I thank you for teaching me ….

Facing Fear – I Welcome You

Grateful and Love and Beautiful and Blessed and Clearing

Just after sunset walk sometime in August 2018 …

August 12 2018:

Sunset walk with Thomas tonight. Incredibly grateful we can see the sky again!! Love walks with Thomas!

August 14 2018:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night. I’m deeply grateful for the beautiful respite nature provides during times of uncertainty. Incredibly blessed.

August 16 2018:

Solo sunset walk tonight. Gotta get out there earlier. Thank you Nature for the beautiful breeze as I walked, the orange glow of the sunset, and the amazing clouds and trees.

As much as I want Nature to provide the solution and answers, she can only help clear the sludge from the heart …. where the solutions and answers rest. May I relinquish fear, May I respond from Love, May I have Faith and Trust. These are my intentions. And, so it is.

Water Dance by Camilla Downs

August 12 2018:

Water Dance

As the suns reflection
Becomes a dancer
Of the water,
She takes by the hand
the one who walks.

She whispers sweet reminders,
To the walkers heart.

She dances elegantly.
She dances of love and grace.
She dances unknown ….

Poetry and Photography: Water Dance

What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You by Camilla Downs

June 23 2018:

I Love You

What do we truly mean when we say we love and accept another?

Do we love and accept the idea of them?

Do we love and accept them for how they make us feel?


Do we love and accept them for who they know themselves to be?

What do we truly mean when we say we we love and accept another?

Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, my love will ever be there.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, I accept you.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, you are worthy.


What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You