Delicious and Yummy and Physical Healing and Gratitude and Independence and Micro Greens and Eye Sweatin

December 31 2019:

Finally had one of these yesterday. After brewing a cup of Peruvian extra dark roast coffee; I placed one of these beautiful wafers atop the cup for a few minutes as Jessica and Marten had explained.

And then … As I bit into this piece of pure heaven, I was saturated with the ooey gooey good feelings one has when savoring a delicious food!! Oh my yum!! Thank you again Jessica and Marten!! 💖💝💖💝💖💝

January 1 2019:

The tree makes for fabulous background for picture taking …. Heehee!

Had to take a picture of this glorious yummy frozen dessert that I treated Thomas and I too yesterday. Vegan Double Chocolate Delight made with cashew milk. Good grief! That’s good stuff! And I just noticed it’s between the snowman and the snowflake … Perfect!!

January 3 2019:

As I wait for the feeling to come back on the left side of my face … Another shout out to those that helped make this procedure possible. Oceans and oceans of gratitude …. 🙏

Hard to believe that little hole was causing so much discomfort. Turns out there was a deep cavity there. New crown being made that fully covers the area so this doesn’t happen again.

Whenever it’s doable, next up is a few gum line cavities and the only other crown I’ve got needs to be replaced as it’s got a pretty big hole. That one doesn’t hurt as I have no roots in that tooth.

2019 seems to be beginning with the theme of physical healing. I’ll take that!!! 🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖

January 5 2019:

Still at it. Almost once per week, 10 minute walk on the treadmill followed by independent time at the lodge. 💞💞💞

January 5 2019:

I feel it’s no coincidence that micro greens are heart shaped. They’re incredibly good for us. Yum, yum!

Yet, thought it so cute how this one propped itself perfectly for me to see. Love, the micro greens. 💚

January 5 2019:

I made fresh pico de gallo tonight to go with our tradition of every other Saturday nacho dinner.

Thomas had finished eating, Lillian was in the bathtub. And, I was alone chewing my nachos. A wave of emotions hit me like I imagine a tsunami wave hits land.

My eyes began to sweat with liquid gratitude for the miracle occurring in my mouth. I was chewing the nachos on BOTH sides of my mouth. I have not been able to do that in about 2 years. I’ve had to chew crunchy foods on the right side only.

I’m aware this sounds silly to some. Yet, this post is not for you. It’s for me and others who are stricken with gratitude, bliss, and joy over seemingly small things.

I alternated between laughter and eyes sweating the entire meal. I realized I had been given back something more than being able to chew certain foods using ALL of my teeth.

This had nothing to do with sadness. This was pure joy, gratitude, bliss, peace, reassurance, and LOVE. And that pico de gallo was damn good! ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

Love Lives Here – Groningen The Netherlands Meets Reno Nevada USA

December 27 2018:

What a wonderful day this shall be! And, how lucky can one gal be? Two writer friends visiting from The Netherlands within 3 months of one another!

My writer friend, Jessica Araus, has arrived in Reno! She and her partner are from The Netherlands and this is her first time to the United States.

They’ve been having a beautiful time exploring California and now for Reno and the magical Lake Tahoe! We get to exchange hugs and face to face smiles this afternoon! xoxo (Beautiful sign displayed at South Meadows Great Full Gardens)

This was such an incredible visit. Even though my hands got frozen during our walk, my heart burned with warmth.

What a blessing to spend the afternoon with Jessica Araus and Marten. Jessica and I met in an online (Facebook) writers group. She and Marten are here from The Netherlands and it is their first time visiting America.

I could have chatted with the two of you all night long. What a gift you two are! My heart is incredibly full. 🙏💙💙💙🙏

Had to have a photo shoot for the amazing goodies Jessica brought to us from The Netherlands.

We learned about Sinterklaas and their tradition of the tree going up on December 6th and coming down on January 6th. And the tradition of gifting a sweet treat in the shape of the recipients first initial of first name, along with a poem.

Cannot wait to try this tea!! I love Yogi brand tea; but this flavor is not sold in the US.

The beautiful maxi dress is from Jessica’s online shop, Dressaraz. Although based in Groningen, The Netherlands, her clothing shop supports local Mexican artisans. Each piece is handcrafted in Mexico.

Thank you so very much Jessica!! So much love to you!! 💝💝💝

A few more from Jessica’s visit. Marten took the one of us walking. Sneaky guy! I’m pretty sneaky too! As I got one of him taking photos! Heehee!

Top 10 Soul Writings for 2018 – Camilla Downs Blog

Top 10 Soul Writings With the Most Views for 2018 from the blog

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Top 10 Soul Writings for 2018


Wild Horses and Beautiful and Wonderful and Gorgeous

December 26 2018:

Finally got to have the extra long walk today … after 2 weeks! I was blessed to see this beautiful family of wild horses hanging at the park. They were there when I began the walk and still there an hour later when I finished. Plus, beautiful wispy clouds. 💙💙💙

December 30 2018:

Wonderful walk yesterday afternoon …. so much love …. 💙💙💙

December 30 2018:

Gorgeous sunset last night …. Thanks to Lillian for calling my attention to it. Simply beautiful! 🧡💗💛

Thomas and Camilla December 2018 Date Day

December 28 2018:

Thomas and Camilla December 2018 Date Day – Completely spaced on taking more photos after this one!

First stop: A sandwich for Thomas at Icecycle Creamery – Peddlars Deli.

Then to Rolled Mountain Creamery for Thai style rolled ice cream for Thomas. He got Death by Chocolate. Wish I had taken a picture. It looked great!! 🍨💛

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Lillian says, “Happy New Year and Hope you Have a GREAT 2019!”

Camilla says, “May we all be loved unconditionally and learn to love one another unconditionally.”

And so it is … xoxo

Lillian and Camilla December 2018 Date Day

December 13, 2018:

Lillian and Camilla December 2018 Date Day …

First, French fries for Lillian! Followed by a vegan dark chocolate cupcake for me and a fancy blue shortbread cookie for her. 💞💞💞

Next, window shopping … Essential oils, beautiful soaps, and gorgeous flowers!

Last, picture fun with a huge Christmas tree along with a huge matching fire pit!!!

My Entire Life Dissolved by Camilla Downs

December 11 2018:

Last Tuesday my entire life dissolved. It simply disappeared like sugar in boiling water. Who I am, who I thought myself to be disintegrated. In my mind’s eye, I could see creations and events literally crumbling. Have you ever had that happen?

Being me, I view this as the only way I know how … As a deeply spiritual experience. And I am grateful to be traveling this path … uncomfortable experiences, and all.

It left this one saturated with confusion and pain. I had been 

My Entire Life Dissolved


Wind and Love and Fun and Turbulent and Beautiful and Gorgeous and Miraculous and Let Go

November 27 2018:

The hour long walk today was a workout!! Wind blowing so hard I couldn’t walk straight. Nature took the opportunity to remind me to love myself through the fun AND turbulent times …. and that love is always with us! One was even wrapped in a bow! Beautiful!!! 💙💙💙💨💨💨

November 30 2018:

Wonderful walk today with a gorgeous sky and clouds. It is truly miraculous when one lets go of an issue that the mind is determined to control and figure out.

The moment it is let go of from the mind, the solutions, opportunities, and signs flow. Almost so fast and so many, one can hardly keep up. 🙏💙