Camilla and Lillian Update for Chromosome 18 Conference in Baltimore and the Fundraiser

June 23 2018:

Lillian and I share that Lillian would like to have a birthday party in Baltimore so that she can actually celebrate in person with her best friends.

And we talk about Lillian selling her artwork as a fundraiser ……/fundraising-for-the-2018-chrom…/

Thanks so much everyone! xoxo


My Heroine and Flying to Baltimore

June 20 2018:

“These pages burst with Lillian’s loving attitude, kind solutions to problems, and a beautifully whimsical experience. Soak up her creative stories and poems. It will open a new window to the world.” – Kasey C., Florida


June 22 2018:

Look what arrived yesterday! These will be flying to Baltimore with us next Friday! And she flew, and she flew, and she flew …. xoxo ….

Order of Where Would You Fly Books 6.22.18

To learn more about Lillian’s debut book, go here … Where Would You Fly

My Adventure to Surprise Arizona by Lillian Darnell

June 16 2018:

Lillian wrote about her Surprise, Arizona adventure. Here’s part 1. You have got to read these. Hilarious!

“After a little while, I got bored so I took a lot of selfies. I also found out that their car had a GPS built into the car and a little cord you could plug up an old GPS with. Anyway, around 4:43 pm PDST we arrived at Beatty, NV. We spent the night at Death Valley Inn & RV Park which was nice … ”

My Adventure To Surprise Part 1

The Daughter Knew She Could by Camilla Downs

June 15 2018:

The mom had nearly given up.
The daughter would not.
The daughter held strong to the
knowing that they were going.
Now. They are going. 
And it’s due to her persistence.
In the next two weeks
There’s still some
distance to cover.
The daughter enlisted her creativity
and crafted magical stories
to compliment each of
her selected drawings.
For her fundraising goals
the drawings would be offered.
Have you seen the stories
or the drawings?
The daughter knew she could.
So she did.
-2018, Camilla Downs

Lillian and Camilla May 2018 Date Day 5.22.18 #10

Lillian and Thomas Talk on the Phone


April 26 2010:

Listening to Lillian talk to Thomas on the phone! What a hoot!

He keeps asking her questions & doesn’t understand her answers. He can’t read yet so she can’t send a text message!

I hear him saying the same things I say to her, “Just say yes or no”!! If he were here he would be telling her “Go get your phone/device and tell me”! This would be sad if I didn’t choose to have a sense of humor about it!!

The Egyptian Eye Looking Good

June 5 2018:

Thank you to Hunter at Pixels & Ink! Just back from picking up mounted prints of Lillian’s artwork. They are beautiful and ready to go to their new homes!!! Much gratitude to the beautiful souls supporting Lillian’s fundraising efforts. xoxo

Egyptian Eye Mounted 6.5.18 #1 Egyptian Eye Mounted 6.5.18 #2 Egyptian Eye Mounted 6.5.18 #3

If interested in reading about Lillian’s fundraiser, go here …

Fundraising for the 2018 Chromosome 18 Family Conference – In Summary

The Egyptian Eye to Da Bayou

May 29 2018:

The Egyptian Eye is on her way to Metairie Louisiana!!! Goin’ down da bayou! Oceans of gratitude to Stephanie for supporting Lillian’s fundraising efforts! xoxo .

Mailing Egyptian Eye 5.29.18

Want an Egyptian Eye for yourself? Go here to learn more …

A Flower’s Curious Emotions by Lillian Darnell

June 2 2018:

A story inspired by the Chromosome 18 Conference. ….. from Lillian …  xoxo

Once many years, a little girl named Rainbow loved traveling to new places. One day, Rainbow decided to write a story. “Hello! My name is Rainbow. My family and I have been going to a conference called Party Dancers for many years”, wrote Rainbow.

One day at the Party Dancers, she faced many fears in just 1 day. Rainbow was very determined to conquer more fears. A couple of years later at the Party Dancers, Rainbow met a friend she connected with through Bookworm the previous year and had so much fun. Rainbow knew many friends and people that year.

Rainbow even tried to get in the cold pool. This year, Rainbow was pumped to go …..

Fundraising for the 2018 Chromosome 18 Family Conference – Rainbow of Emotions