Lillian and Camilla December 2019 Date Day

December 12 2019:

Lillian and Camilla December 2019 Date Day

First stop: A walk around the lake. Pretty cool clouds.

Second stop: Lots of window shopping.

Third stop: French fries and chocolate covered peppermint topped Cooke for Lillian. Fries and a vegan soft sandwich cookie for me.

Last stop: More window shopping. Lillian says that i need this pillow … or at least the word on the pillow. Yes, yes. I’m tired, grumpy, and overwhelmed.

I Love Our Weirdness and How We Celebrate

November 28 2019:

My loves …. I love our weirdness …

… and The Romano Duo … and Robert and Samantha.

November 29, 2019:

We had a wee celebration Wednesday night in honor of Lillian conquering her fear of open spaces/stairs. Each of us chose a piece of candy, toasted our candies, and said a few words in honor of the occasion.

The temporary place has cathedral ceilings and those have always been an issue for Lillian. Especially when paired with stairs. Another fear bites the dust!!

Lillian and Camilla November 2019 Date Day

November 26 2019:

Yesterday was the Lillian and Camilla November 2019 Date Day

First stop: Shopping for a new sofa. Our sofa and love seat were falling apart so got rid of them when moving last Monday. Found one!

Second stop: Fries and snickerdoodle cookie for Lillian. Brussel sprouts with toasted almonds and tamari for me.

Last stops: Window shopping.

Throwback Post: Chess and a Great Day


May 24 2014:

Practicing his strategy this morning …. I’m reading Book I of Once A Pawn A Time so I can be a better opponent. xoxo

Thomas Playing Chess May 24 2014

May you be enjoying this kinda day … If not, press the reset button and start over. It’s your life, you get to do that! Have fun … Laugh and smile! ♡

Lillian May 24 2014

Survival of the Reno Downtown Library – Lillian Darnell

November 2 2019:

Yesterday we survived visiting the downtown library so that Lillian could sign volunteer paperwork and get the fingerprinting form. That’s the one library we cannot visit due to Lillian’s depth perception, balance issues, and an uncooperative proprioceptive system. It’s a 4 level building with huge open spaces and staircases. Makes her head spin and legs shaky. It’s beautiful and I love this location. Just not a good fit for her!

There was a huge amount of anxiety over having ….

Survival of the Reno Downtown Library

Halloween 2019

October 31 2019:

Mine is the invisible one. I did a great job didn’t I?? Lillian’s is a princess and Thomas’s is Kelvin.



October 31 2019:

We had a fun night with the Romano Duo, Robert and Samantha. Lillian, the Rose Fairy Princess. Thomas dressed as Cedric. 👻

The character Thomas dressed as …