Wild Child Nature Program

May 19 2017:

I am facilitating a “Wild Child Nature” program once a week (or every other week) beginning June 8th to continue through Fall 2017 as there is interest. These sessions focus on connecting with nature, creativity, and imagination. Nature connection is about connecting people with nature through mind and body.

Sessions to last from an hour to about an hour and 15 minutes. The sessions will be stand alone. Meaning you can come to all or simply as it fits your schedule. Cost will be a suggested offering of $15 for first child, $15 for siblings, and no charge for parents. Yet, no one will be turned away, so please join us if this speaks to you.

We will begin at 10:30 a.m. at Virginia Foothills Park (near Geiger Grade and Brown Elementary School in South Reno).

Age is completely open. If you think your child will enjoy this and benefit, then great!

The session will begin with a very short guided meditation and a short nature dance. From there we will move on to our topic of the day. The entire program has mindfulness as its core. These will be as fluid and organic as possible and intuitively driven so I might cover a different topic then I had originally planned.

First Program: Start Noticing Nature – Using All of Our Senses
Nature Dance
Core of Class:
Start noticing nature
Feel and smell the air
Check out the clouds and the trees
Close eyes and name every sound they hear.
Walkabout (Mindful Walking)
End with Circle Share

Each session will cover one topic such as a sit spot, nature journaling, using all of our senses, observing, writing, drawing, story telling, and sharing. These sessions are not solely for the kids. Parents are asked to participate and observe so that concepts can be transformed to your liking and weaved into your family life.

What this class will NOT be about: We will not be focused on proper writing and grammar, correct drawing styles, naming plants, animals, or cloud formations. However, if a child is extremely interested in a bird song, plant, or cloud; we will note that so they have the opportunity to research further at home.

Learn more by going here …

Wild Child Nature Sessions – Start Noticing Nature



Biggest Little Photographer on the Radio and Flying to Germany

December 13 2016:

Thank you Terry Torpet Vasenden for buying 10 copies of Biggest Little Photographer to be sold at Sierra Family Pharmacies, including Don’s Pharmacy!! He gets a spot right up front at the counter! Your kindness, friendship, and excitement were refreshing to experience this afternoon! xoxo

So far 5 local shops are selling Biggest Little Photographer … He’s getting around! Tomorrow is post office run day so if you planned on buying a book and want it mailed tomorrow, place your order by end of day today.

biggest-little-book-at-sierra-pharmacy-and-dons-pharmacy-12-13-16-1 biggest-little-book-at-sierra-pharmacy-and-dons-pharmacy-12-13-16-2 biggest-little-book-at-sierra-pharmacy-and-dons-pharmacy-12-13-16-3


December 14 2016:

Biggest Little Photographer gets to travel to Bavaria, Germany tomorrow with Alexa! He will permanently reside there with her Photographer Uncle!!! We are so blessed to have had Alexa in our lives for this past year and a half. xoxo … (Alexa is the wonderful psychotherapist that we’ve been seeing to help Lillian with processing emotions. Today was our last session with her! We graduated!)



December 15 2016:

Thomas and I will be on the LRP Book Hound radio show live this coming Monday, 12.19, between 4-4:30 to talk about Biggest Little Photographer!! OKCKQ 1180 AM in Reno, NV and live streaming at http://amm.streamon.fm/….

We are so grateful to Jan for this opportunity and the entire crew at LRP for all they have done with bringing the book together. Oceans of thanks to everyone who has supported and cheered from the beginning and who continue to support Thomas’ creation! xoxo

biggest-little-photo-cover-only biggest-p68


December 16 2016:

Thank you Dave Asher at Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center!! Biggest Little Photographer looks amazing with all the other locally created souvenirs! It’s already time to re-stock! There’s only one left!

Thanks so much everyone!! Supporting another’s heart creation is indeed a blessing all the way around! xoxo

biggest-little-book-at-buy-nevada-first-shop-december-2016-1 biggest-little-book-at-buy-nevada-first-shop-december-2016-2 biggest-little-book-at-buy-nevada-first-shop-december-2016-3 biggest-little-book-at-buy-nevada-first-shop-december-2016-4