January 22 2012: Pizza and Bowling and Painting

Thomas made a pizza for Lillian using Play-doh Twirl N Top Pizza Shop
(amazon affiliate link). I personally don’t care for the play-doh sold with all the accessories. Have such a hard time getting the play-doh out of all the cracks and crevices. I’d much rather them just use stuff from the kitchen!

Thomas and Lillian both played with their tinker toys. They have such fun creating things with these, taking em apart and doing it all over again. Thomas included soldiers from his Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers (amazon affiliate link) with the tinker toy creations. He wasn’t done yet! Then he brought out the Magna-Tiles (amazon affilate link) magnets to complete the magnificent creations he was had made (aka – the mess in the living room!)

Next, Thomas was in search of the bowling set. Shhhhh! Don’t tell them, I donated it to Goodwill!! So, I had to do some quick thinking. Hallway Water Bottle Bowling was born! He had a blast!!!!

On to painting a masterpiece for Thomas! He was so serious about this – said he was creating an illustration for a book!

Here’s the masterpiece! A tree, clouds, a person, a bird, grass, water and red flowers on the tree! He asked me if I thought someone would want to buy it. I said, “Of Course”!

All three of us went for a walk {Thomas rode his bicycle}. It was cold and windy; but I’m glad we got out of the house! So refreshing!

They both put on their blogging hats when we got home. Thomas wrote a post about Lillian and Lillian wrote a news flash about the weather.

And to end our night we had our traditional Team TLC reading night. Thomas read Wizards Of Mickey Volume 1: Mouse Magic (amazon affiliate link). This book absolutely captivated him. He so enjoys the graphic novels and I enjoy letting him read them when they aren’t full of death and destruction and gross stuff! These are perfect! Lillian read Fern: The Green Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies, No. 4) (amazon affiliate link). This girl is all about the fairies!



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