Top 10 Digital Diary Entries for 2021


Top 10 Digital Diary Entries With the Most Views for 2021

1. Projector With a Spleen Authority – Human Design

2. New Patio Furniture With Comfort and Pretty Privacy and New Abstract Art from Lillian Darnell

3. Movie Night: Total Recall

4. Lillian’s Imaginarium – Now on Etsy

5. Throwback Post: The Feedback Confirms It

6. The Wall of Love by Marco Santini Art – Featuring Artwork by Lillian Darnell and Summer Vacation Memories

7. The Hard Part – Asking for Help and Intense Advocating With Deep Diving

8. Throwback Post: A Day Full of Positive Consequences and The Gondola – 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans

9. Water Balloons and Cornhole

10. Throwback Post: Plum 100 Photo Shoot – Camilla

Happy New Year from Team TLC and Chad Basil the First!!

Throwback Post: Purging With Quinoa and Sparrows While Having a Different Voice


December 23 2015:

One step closer to having the storage unit empty and having everything condensed into this beautiful, comfy, cozy 810 square foot love shack! Everything is out except for a couch that the Salvation Army is scheduled to pick up, and a desk, chair and filing cabinet; which will come here as soon as I get rid of the hide-a-bed couch. Plus, a few boxes in Mom n Frank’s storage unit which I’ll soon go through and purge. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!


December 23 2014:

Quinoa meatloaf tonight!! Chopped some fresh spinach into tiny pieces and snuck in it too! Shhhhh!! Don’t tell Lillian! They both loved it! YAY!!


December 23 2013:

A welcome and cherished reminder from the girls at Urban Sparrow.

Live in the moment and Different iz Good nestled snuggly with a perfect heart. Many months ago I connected with the Urban Sparrow gals with the intention of having them make Different iz Good necklaces as a fundraiser for the DIG 501(c) 3 …. I wasn’t able to pay for the initial proof and the idea didn’t move forward.

Monica McDivitt must have shared with them about my situation …. as I just got this in the mail sent with their love! Y’all all bless me so much I’m overflowing with love! I shall wear this EVERY day until TEAM TLC is in our new home … as a reminder of love, believing in dreams and that doing it different is absolutely, positively OKAY! If you get any spending money for Christmas, please visit the Urban Sparrow gals as a percentage of sales from select jewelry goes to nonprofits.


December 23 2010:

Hey that’s me! If you are out and about today in Reno, could you pick me up an extra copy? Thank You!!

Here’s the Different iz Good Christmas card for anyone who may have missed it yesterday! Feel free to share with your friends, family and connections! Hope y’all enjoy it!


December 23 2008:

Lillian’s latest post!

Throwback Post: Movie Night: Barbie’s A Christmas Carol


December 22 2015:

Extra Team TLC movie night – “Barbie’s A Christmas Carol”

I’m not a fan of the “perfectness” of Barbie or the movies. Yet, I am a fan of Lillian .

And the overall message. “Keep the beauty of Christmas in your heart all year.”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, funny, Christmasy, awesome, good moral, good theme, and beautifully colorful.”

Thomas says, “What Lillian says.”

Vegan Eats: Marmite

January 24 2023

Grocery store find. I’ve never seen this in our grocery stores. It’s a cute, tiny jar so I had to get it.

I remember a UK friend telling me years ago not to taste it straight from the jar. She said to put a thin layer on buttered toast for my first taste. 🎉

I tried it and love it! 💖 My Southern family is going to disown because I’ve been adding it to my grits! I’m ready to start experimenting!! 🤣😂🤣

This post got nearly 100 comments. Ha! Lots of folks passionate about Marmite or Vegemite.

The Loving Kindness of Others – With Gratitude

January 23 2023

I have amazing news to share. On Saturday we were gifted a vehicle! A friend’s neighbor hasn’t been able to drive her car for about a year. My friend explained to her what had happened to our car and asked how much she wanted for it.

My friend messaged me in tears to tell me that her neighbor wanted to gift me the car. 😭 Then I was in tears, too! 😭 I went to see her on Saturday. She would not accept any money from me and I came home in the gifted vehicle.

It’s taken me since Saturday to accept that this happened. You would think I would have been elated! However, I waxed and waned between feeling like I didn’t deserve this, being grateful for it, and thinking people would think I’d taken advantage of this beautiful, kind woman.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared encouraging thoughts, sent love and hugs, shared your stories, and who donated! It means the world!! 🥰😍🥰

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Living Beautifully


Another great book! I always find such meaningful content in Pema Chodron’s books. – “Living Beautifully”

“Let the power of your emotions open you up … Take your seat in the middle of your home ground and rouse your confidence – your innate capacity to open to your experience.”

Path 2 Independence – University of Nevada, Reno

January 19 2023

Lillian and I just finished a 2 hour informational session for Path 2 Independence at UNR. Lots to think about.

Lillian has decided to wait another year. Her health and energy levels need to improve as this program will keep her on her toes!

Asking for Help is Never Easy – With Gratitude

January 16 2023

I’ve had to ask for help so many times throughout these years, I feel like folks have had enough of me! But at the urging of friends and after working through even more embarrassment, guilt and shame, I’m asking for help.

If I could get Thomas’s orthodontist bill paid off, I would be able to afford a car payment.
During a break between storms on the evening of January 2nd, the roads were clear and it had stopped snowing.

I decided it would be okay to take Thomas (my 17-year-old) to a previously scheduled evening appointment.

While Thomas was in his appointment, it began to snow. We were nearly home when I lost control of the car on ice. Miraculously we slid across the 4 lanes of the highway without hitting another car, and without a car hitting us.

The car slammed into the highway barrier. Airbags deployed but we were fine, other than getting punched in the face with the airbags leaving us bruised and a little bloody.

I was knocked silly and couldn’t think straight. Thomas. That amazing person. He was on top of it. He said something like, “Okay. We’re breathing. We’re both conscious. Nothing is broken. But I’m bleeding. Should I call 911?”

Highway patrol stopped traffic so I could get to the other side of the shoulder as I was facing oncoming traffic on the opposite shoulder.

Once they saw the car was somewhat operable, they escorted me to the mall parking lot where Remsa finished checking us. I was so close to our place, the patrol officer said it was okay to drive the car home.

The car looks absolutely fine from behind. But it is totaled. I had a mechanic come look at it, and it’s not worth it to fix. The front end shifted by about a foot!

I’ve had this car since 2008 – fourteen years! It came into our life when we had been without a car for nearly two years. I had planned on passing it to Thomas this summer. I’ve had to grieve over my plans getting messed up, and now I have to buy a new car. I needed to wait until I had finished paying for Thomas’s orthodontic work, and dental work I’ve been having done.

I had to keep …

January 18 2023

The sky this afternoon. I wonder what tonight’s weather has in store?

Thank you for the loving kindness. I’ve written this sentence many times over the past couple of days. Last night I read a passage in a book I’m re-reading that stood out. I thought I’d share it with you.

“Loving-kindness is bringing happiness to other persons; compassion means relieving their suffering. The key that opens the door to loving-kindness and compassion is our capacity to understand our own suffering and difficulties, and the suffering and difficulties of others.”

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has shared love, hugs, kind words, and donated. Your loving kindness and compassion mean so very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo