Top 10 Digital Diary Entries for 2020


(September 28 2020 – Lillian’s Belated 19th Birthday Poolside BBQ)

Top 10 Digital Diary Entries With the Most Views for 2020

  1. Movie Night: The Little Mermaid
  2. Movie Night: Halloweentown
  3. Movie Night: Howl’s Moving Castle
  4. Movie Night: Thor – The Dark World and Water of Summer by Lillian Darnell
  5. From No Bed to Plush Bed – New Bed for Thomas
  6. Songs to Conquer and Encourage you by Lillian Darnell and Congratulations to Lillian and I Love Our Weirdness and How We Celebrate
  7. An Aversion to Doing Anything the Typical Way – Camilla Interviewed by Jess Faraday and Movie Night: Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl and Movie Night – The Princess and the Frog and Massive Sky Art with Beautiful Wild Horses and Unfulfilled Longing by Camilla Downs
  8. Guide to Self-Publishing by Bloomsbury – Camilla Contributed
  9. Wild Herds of Amazing and Survival of the Reno Downtown Library – Lillian Darnell and Movie Night – The Trip
  10. Movie Night – Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides and Movie Night: It Happened on Fifth Avenue and Lillian and Camilla February 2020 Date Day and A Lovely and Magical Book – Curled Up With a Good Book – Where Would You Fly and Movie Night: The Little Mermaid Live!

Rainbow Crushes by Lillian Darnell

February 18 2021

Another story from Lillian …

Once years ago there lived a mermaid named Rainbow who lived in the ocean’s deep blue depth who lived there with her good friends Pearl and Coral. Rainbow dreamed of seeing the deep dark blue sky and seeing unicorns.
While up in the sky soaring high above in the earth’s deep dark blue, lived a unicorn named Skyla who dreamed of seeing …

Rainbow’s Crushes

Movie Night: Soul

January 30 2021

Team TLC Movie Night – Lillian’s choice: “Soul”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, and my favorite character is the cat.”

I say, “Beautiful reminder, in the form of a movie, with an everlasting, inspiring message.” ❤️❤️❤️

Thomas says, “It was interesting.”

The Wall of Love by Marco Santini Art – Featuring Artwork by Lillian Darnell

February 15 2021

This is such an amazing and beautiful endeavor. Just magical. The Wall of Love by Marco Santini Art, surrounded by artwork submitted from people around the world, including Lillian Darnell, from Reno, Nevada!

If you’re near East Harlem in New York go have a look! Lillian’s artwork is hanging on the far right. Rick zooms into hers at 6:46 if you want to see it. Thank YOU to everyone involved. It blesses me so to see Lillian’s abstract art as part of this installation with the message of love and inclusion. We love and miss you Rick Guidotti and Liz Matejka Grossman!! xoxo Keep spreadin’ the love!

Team TLC 2021 Valentine’s Day

February 14 2021

Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever loves. Love you, Thomas and Lillian, forever and ever, always and always …. 💖💖💖 … I made each of them a heart shaped crystal sun catcher (with crystal beads). Sending oceans of love to all of you, too … 💜💜💜

Thank you to The Romano Duo for delivering Valentine’s Day gifts, too! Hyacinths and an adorable red monkey for me. I was today years old when I learned how much I needed a fluffy red monkey. A beautiful plant for Thomas, and a rose plant for Lillian. Thank you Romano Duo!! 💚💚💚

Throwback Post: A Potential New Team TLC Casa


September 20 2013:

How’s this for the view for the potential new Team TLC Casa? Similar view we have now …. tad different angle. About 5 minutes from here and a little closer to the freeway! Just looked at it a few days ago and the beautiful owner’s sister bought one of my books when we met her to look at it, they’ve offered to lower the rent by $60/month without me asking and when I looked at it again today without T & L so I could concentrate, I drove off with a new cool jacket she felt compelled to give me! I’m so HappY with me when I allow myself to receive with the knowing that I deserve it!

March 26 2021 Update: We did not end up getting this place. I can’t remember exactly why. But, I think I waited a tad too long to let them know and they rented it to someone else. It was a very cool experience, though!

New Story from Lillian Darnell – Two Female Unicorns

February 11 2021

Another new story from Lillian Darnell … xoxo

Once there were two female unicorns named Rosa and Beth who lived in a land called RainbowTopia. The two female unicorns lived with their family and the family all thought all was well or so they thought …

Magical Unicorns In Love

A Different Walk With Wonderful Socks and Shoes

February 9 2021

From the walk this afternoon. I’ve been staying home for walks, while I built back to 30 minutes, and tested the new shoes (love them, by the way). I’m hoping to have a different walk by Friday, or some time next week. 💙🤍🤍🤍💙

February 13 2021

Wonderful walk yesterday. I’m loving my new socks and shoes, and deeply grateful my back has almost completely healed. 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

New Story from Lillian Darnell – Once in a Faraway Land

February 9 2021

A beautiful new story from Lillian Darnell … xoxo

Once in a faraway land lived two girls who were best friends. They did everything together including swimming and reading together. Their names were Anna and Hazel. They knew they would be best friends for life but little did Anna and Hazel know …

Anna and Hazel’s Love Story