Top 10 Digital Diary Entries for 2021


Top 10 Digital Diary Entries With the Most Views for 2021

1. Projector With a Spleen Authority – Human Design

2. New Patio Furniture With Comfort and Pretty Privacy and New Abstract Art from Lillian Darnell

3. Movie Night: Total Recall

4. Lillian’s Imaginarium – Now on Etsy

5. Throwback Post: The Feedback Confirms It

6. The Wall of Love by Marco Santini Art – Featuring Artwork by Lillian Darnell and Summer Vacation Memories

7. The Hard Part – Asking for Help and Intense Advocating With Deep Diving

8. Throwback Post: A Day Full of Positive Consequences and The Gondola – 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans

9. Water Balloons and Cornhole

10. Throwback Post: Plum 100 Photo Shoot – Camilla

Happy New Year from Team TLC and Chad Basil the First!!

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla November 2013 Date Day


November 26 2013:

Another beautiful, awesome, magical day! This time I get to go on a date with the fairy princess that I get to call my daughter … Lillian Paige!

First and second stop on the November Date Day for Lillian and Camilla …. Lillian has a french fry obsession, so we tried some we’ve never had before. YUM! Had a car picnic at Audrey Harris Park and then a quick stop down below to Bartley Ranch. Beautiful view for a car picnic!

Last stop on the L & C date day …. Window shopping! One of my least favorite things to do with my time (unless it’s books)! Yet, for Lillian, I will choose to enjoy myself …. and take pictures!

Got Thomas and the Year of Lasts

August 13 2023

Horrible photo, but I got ‘em. Thomas got home last night about 11:00. My mama heart is drenched in joy and happiness that they got to have this experience. Here’s to you, Thomas. A beautiful, talented, creative, sweet, kind human. ❤️❤️❤️

August 18 2023

Thomas was off to Senior Sunrise this morning. First day of last year of high school, first day of second year of college. Last end of summer at home with me. This is the school year of “lasts”, leading to a lifetime of firsts for this beautiful, amazing person.

I’ve tried to enjoy all the moments with you, Thomas. I always see people saying that “it went so fast.” That was not my experience. I can’t explain why, but it doesn’t feel like your life from birth to now went fast. I hope it’s because I slowed down and tried my best to be mindful and be in the present moment during our time together.

I know this for sure. You have been the most amazing blessing to me. You literally changed my life, my world view, my opinions, shifting the lens through which I view others and life events. My love for you cannot be described using mere words. It’s the feeling one has when witnessing the miracles in life. Stunning sunsets, sunrises, the birth of a child, the quiet of the snow, the sound of the ocean, the twinkling of the stars, the loving touch of another.

I had only intended to post Thomas’s photo with a brief message. But there’s no stopping the words when they want to flow. Hope everyone has a lovely day, enjoying all the moments.

Throwback Post: Hot Baths in Vegas With Donuts


December 5 2013:

Tonight = Quiet, candle lit soak in a relaxing, hot bath …. Water is amazing stuff! Candles are amazing stuff! Now off to dreamland with this tune, “Three little birds outside my window ….. every little thing’s gonna be alright” … xoxo


December 5 2011:

A favorite from our Vegas Thanksgiving . . . Lillian, my Mom and Thomas at the park . . .


December 5 2009:

Dough boy donuts for dessert. Yum!!!

Step Eleventy Billion Towards Independence

August 2 2023

Step eleventy billion on helping Lillian be more independent.

A fancy toaster with no knobs as Lillian’s poor motor skills prevent her from effectively using the toaster oven we have.

And most importantly does not make a loud noise, popping the toast up when done. It slowly rises, also having a button for checking the toast. My toast making duties are officially over!!

This is working towards our goal of me getting a vacation, with Lillian staying home alone, with helpers checking in on her. I haven’t had a vacation since about 2008.

Thanks to The Millers for sharing how they went through this process with Macy.

Throwback Post: Movie Night: It’s A Wonderful Life


November 26 2015:

Team TLC movie night … “It’s a Wonderful Life” …

My favorite Frank Capra movie. Life is indeed a precious gift. And richness is indeed within.

Thomas says, “Suspenceful, fast-paced, good-feeling, funny, spiritual, Christmasy.”

Lillian says, “Good, Christmasy, good spirited, good energy, good movie title, nice effects, funny, romantic, musical, amazing, and Christmas tradition.”