Top 10 Digital Diary Entries for 2021


Top 10 Digital Diary Entries With the Most Views for 2021

1. Projector With a Spleen Authority – Human Design

2. New Patio Furniture With Comfort and Pretty Privacy and New Abstract Art from Lillian Darnell

3. Movie Night: Total Recall

4. Lillian’s Imaginarium – Now on Etsy

5. Throwback Post: The Feedback Confirms It

6. The Wall of Love by Marco Santini Art – Featuring Artwork by Lillian Darnell and Summer Vacation Memories

7. The Hard Part – Asking for Help and Intense Advocating With Deep Diving

8. Throwback Post: A Day Full of Positive Consequences and The Gondola – 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans

9. Water Balloons and Cornhole

10. Throwback Post: Plum 100 Photo Shoot – Camilla

Happy New Year from Team TLC and Chad Basil the First!!

Throwback Post: D iz for Different Review: Invaluable Information


October 9 2012:

Thank you Mark Sogard for the GREAT Amazon review … appreciate it tons and tons!!

“While it is a breath of fresh air to see a book written for parents of special needs children,do not think that if you don’t have any special needs children you won’t get anything from this book. Not only does it contain invaluable information for special needs parents, it contains inspiring uplifting tips for the journey at the end of every chapter-and who doesn’t need that type of help in this fast paced society that we live in? Very well written and inspiring.”

Throwback Post: Swimming With Adventures and Stale Marshmallows


October 9 2015:

Yummy, refreshing swim this afternoon. Now we’re off to the Great May Center Pumpkin Walk. xoxo


October 9 2014:

I’m guessing one is not being very mindful when one walks into the screen door instead of opening it first. Glad it was the screen and not the glass! That was interesting.


Bowers Mansion grounds this past Spring. Such a beautiful area. So peaceful and quiet.


October 9 2011:

Did you know you could make Halloween decorations out of stale marshmallows?? Playing with food adventures!!

Off for a little wee adventure!!

We went to Yogurt Beach and then to Audrey Harris Park!! Just a little wee adventure!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! What a treat!!!

Enjoying the amazing and awesome view with a tummy full of Yogurt Beach Yum!!!


Thomas is Accepted: Breda, Digipen and SCAD

January 16 2024

Oh my gosh!!!!! I’m so excited for Thomas Darnell!!!!! ❤️🎉🎉🎉❤️ Digipen has a 46% acceptance rate.

January 23 2024

Exciting times! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m sure Thomas will ace the interview!

Big decisions to be made in the next month or two. I am thrilled for Thomas Darnell!!
Breda University is in the Netherlands. It’s one of the top international colleges for a Game Design Degree.

I need an updated passport! Moving that to the top of my to do list!

January 24 2024

Right on! Thomas Darnell has now been accepted to their top 3 choices! Breda, Digipen, and SCAD!

SCAD is one of the top universities in the US for a Game Design degree, along with Digipen.

I’m so happy for Thomas that they have choices! ❤️🎉❤️ And super proud! Thomas has worked hard for this. The Breda application was the most difficult as Thomas had to create a game and have gamers test it, get feedback, and adjust it accordingly.

Throwback Post: Sunset Picnic by the Lake and Nature Art Show


October 8 2015:

Sunset picnic dinner by the lake.

As I was getting everything ready, I was thinking, “Geez. This is too much work.” Had more of those thoughts as I was pulling the cart to the other side of the lake. And even more of those thoughts as my food was being hovered over by a bee.

But then nature created an amazing, colorful, art show in the sky. The art show along with seeing Thomas sitting on a big rock reading his book, and Lillian’s excitement completely erased those feelings. Yep. It was worth it. xoxo

Throwback Post: Halloween Poem


October 14 2011:

Just got this in my email inbox . . . Hope y’all enjoy it!

Halloween Poem

Black cats cross the street
Black bats fly across the street
White ghost scare the people
Striped candy corn gets eaten
People wear famous costumes
Happy jack-o-lanterns watch as they smile.
Happy Halloween

Lillian Darnell
Fairy Princess

Throwback Post: Substitute With an Adventure in a Family Membership


October 14 2014:

HDMS is keeping me busy this week subbing y’all! Full day Monday, today, tomorrow and half day on Friday. We shall see what happens with Thursday! Whew! Overflowing with gratitude … Thank you, Thank you, Thank you …. xoxo


October 14 2012:

Adventure time ….

Got a call Thursday that Team TLC was being offered a grant for a one year family membership …. We are extremely grateful and blessed …

Throwback Post: Whose on First


October 4 2013:

I’m so grateful for laughter …

Lillian wanted me to figure out “the code” she had just shared with me. I had no idea what she had said. After a few minutes I finally got that she was saying “What is the first word” ..

So, I said “What is the first word”. We went round and round saying that to each other with her frustration mounting. After some release laughter on my part and some scalding by Lillian that I could not hear, we finally got it clear (somewhat). She was saying What is the first word but she also wanted me to guess what the first word of the code was …

I thought she was telling me that “What” was the first word .. And it was … Clear as mud, right? Reminded me of that whole “Who’s on first base?” scene. Hot diggity dog, I’m gosh darn grateful for laughter …

Throwback Post: I Am Glad We Did That


October 14 2015:

As we left the pool yesterday afternoon Lillian said, “I’m so glad we did that. It was so refreshing.”

Thomas had gone ahead of us by a few minutes. When I walked in the door, he exclaimed, “Whew! I’m so glad we did that. It was so refreshing!” …

I felt the same exact way! It was completely quiet and still when we got to the pool. We swam and just enjoyed the quiet and the feel of the water on our bodies. I can think of no words right now to describe the blissful feeling of being in the water.

So extremely blessed with and grateful for this Team TLC.

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla October 2015 Date Day


October 14 2015:

Lillian and Camilla October 2015 Date Day – Lillian’s first time visiting Rock Park. So pretty!! – part 1

Lillian and Camilla October 2015 Date Day- Lillian’s first time visiting Rock Park. So pretty! Then stopping for a gluten free dessert for our picnic later. – part 2

Lillian and Camilla October 2015 Date Day- Picnic on the patio and then dessert in the garden area by the lodge. Pumpkin spice tea with a sea salt caramel cannoli for me and a candy cookie for Lillian! Yum!

Lillian and Camilla October 2015 Date Day- last stop – Window shopping and getting ideas. We haven’t been here in a year or two. She loves looking at the beds and couches. xoxo

Throwback Post: Partying While Getting a Mammogram With Candy and Pumpkins


October 15 2012:

If you’re gonna get a mammogram this is the way to do it!!!! Mammogram Party … Pink robes, champagne, Dorinda’s chocolates, massages my Tele ….. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Spa experience at eWomen Mammogram Party


October 15 2011:

Saturday is candy day in the Team TLC house!!!! Yum!!!!

1st stop of our a Team TLC little Saturday adventure.Favorite place to eat when I was a teenager!! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!

Pumpkin adventures!! Yeeehawwwww!!!

I am so darn lucky!! I’ve got a fire dropping Ninja guy and a sassy fairy princess in the house ….. This is one fairy tale adventure I’m happy to say never ends …