Resin Plank Workshop – Camilla

January 23 2022

I finally treated myself this afternoon to an art workshop. This has been on my radar for a couple of years. Resin plank workshop this afternoon at Copper Cat Studio. Thanks Katie and Donna!

Loved every minute of it! Before and after the resin pour. This particular workshop spoke to me as these are recycled planks, via a fence that blew down in the harsh winds we get. I made Team TLC birch trees. 💙💚💙💚💙💚

This is my kind of art. I love using recycled items, and love improvising.

Throwback Post: Parent to Parent


August 15 2015:

It’s finally here! Today’s the day I get to facilitate the Parent to Parent Support Volunteers training sponsored by Family TIES of Nevada. Participants are parents of children with special healthcare needs or disabilities who want to provide emotional support and information to parents who have a child with the same or similar condition and are in need of support. We have an absolutely beautiful and perfect location for the training and a GREAT group of parents (including one dad!! YAY!!) I’m so excited! Gonna be fun and inspiring!! xoxo

What an amazing, fill me up day!!! Just got home from facilitating the Parent to Parent Support Volunteers training. Doing this was absolutely in line with my inner ding! Glad I answered when Melanie Kauffman rang that bell! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have so much respect for the amazing parents who volunteered their Saturday to learn how to be and sign up to be a support parent. xoxoxo

Did Someone Say Big Hair

November 27 2021

Did someone say BIG hair and black eyeliner?

Found these wild gems while going through the piles of old photos, taken 1992. I’m thankful I finally laid the black eye liner to rest. RIP black eyeliner! 😂🤣😂

After seeing these, Thomas commented that I sure wear my hair boring now. I guess you could say that I’m all around quite boring these days compared to back then. Wild hair = Wild child … I guess??!! 😁😁😁

Dear Anyone Who Feels They Don’t Matter – Camilla Downs

March 25 2021

This post stems from rough night a couple of weeks ago …

Dear Anyone Who Feels Like They Don’t Matter,

I hear you. I acknowledge you feel this way. I see you when you tell me these thoughts create a dull pain you feel throughout your entire body. I hear you when you say that you just want the pain to stop. I know that the intensity of this pain is excruciating at times. I hear you ….

Dear Anyone Who Feels Like They Don’t Matter

Throwback Post: Wrote and Published a Book in Under a Year


September 20 2012:

… and she said to herself, “You wrote a book … you wrote and published a book …. you wrote and published a book in under ONE year … you wrote and published a book in under ONE year and have sold about 300 copies of that book ….” this is what she said to herself …. Note to self …. Smiles and Hugs to any friends who need or want them …

March 2021 Update – I’ve not published FOUR books! This one, the first one, is about to get a new cover. YaY!

Throwback Post: Doing it Differently


August 21 2013:

Lillian just recently asked me why I do things differently than other Moms. Her questions were about how I make coffee … using a French Press and that I hand wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher. Thomas then adds, “I like that you are different. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary.” These two so bless me and can snap me back out of a funk instantly. They have a knack for sharing my own advice with me when I need it most!

(Camilla in 2013 during a hike with Thomas)

(Thomas and Lillian 2013)

I try to remind Thomas, Lillian and myself is that no one is more special or better than we are and we are not better or more special than anyone else. We all just ARE. Every one of us is doing the best we can with where we are in our life. We are all different and we all have a gift that is uniquely ours. I just am crazy enough to have thrown caution out the window, along with anyone else’s reality in my quest to create my own reality, discover and love this person known as Camilla, live a simple, natural, inspired life and be ME!

**March 7 2021 Update** 

When we moved into our new place just over a year ago, I began using the dishwasher again. I had a double sink and a dishwasher that was very old and useless at actually cleaning dishes. I decided to hand wash to conserve energy, and to use as a time for practicing mindfulness.

With our new place, came a brand new dishwasher, that actually cleans the dishes!! We no longer have a double sink and the sink is actually quite small. After about 7 years of hand washing the dishes, it was time! (Although, I still do not use the microwave. I discontinued using it in 2010, I think. I do use the timer on it, quite handy. 

I continue to like my coffee made in a simple way. My french press broke near the end of 2019. I switched to a pour over style, and I’m loving it!