Throwback Post: Amazing Teacher With an IEP and an Adventure


September 24 2013:

Thomas told me this morning that he wants to be a teacher. I asked him why and he said Mrs. Nicole always looks like she’s having so much fun (his teacher). And she’s friends with all of the students. This touched my heart so … almost made my eyes sweat! She IS a fabulous teacher indeed and he is right on … She is having the time of her life spending her days with these kids …. She shines and it’s obvious she is so happy! Both Thomas and Lillian have had the experience of having the opposite kind of person as a teacher and I am so very blessed and grateful for Mrs. Nicole and her beautiful light! xoxo


September 24 2012:

Yippee Skippy … Shakin my groove thang y’all!! Just home from possibly the shortest 1 year IEP meeting EVER!!!! Was also Lillian’s 1st one to participate in …. It was PERFECT!!! Total time: 30 minutes!! Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang, yea, yea …


September 24 2011:

Off for an adventure!!

Here’s where we ended up!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Lake Tahoe – Sand Harbor

Throwback Post: Creating and Letting Go


September 22 2015

At 11:07 a.m. this morning I received a blessing via an email. An email that was all about life loving me. I created Turning Views Inc in 2008 and have done much through it. Last year I was not able to renew TVI due to lack of funds. At the time, it caused me great pain to let the deadline approach and slip by. Yet, I decided to connect with the emotions this brought up and with a peaceful heart released it … knowing that if I was able to renew at a later date, I could, and if I didn’t, that all was happening perfectly as it should.

This morning at 11:07 I received this email. It’s legitimate and from someone whom has been a dear friend to me in the past. TVI is sold now. I will connect with these sad feelings I’m having for fully releasing what I created and know that once I’ve connected with them and let go, I’m gonna be wowed with what’s up for me next. Now. With a grateful heart, I shall take Team TLC out to dinner to celebrate. Life loves me … and life loves you. xoxo

Here’s to creating and letting go of those creations. Making way for new creations. Nothing ever really ends. It just changes form. xoxo

Celebratory walk around the lake after the celebration dinner. So beautiful … xoxo

Throwback Post: I Am That Girl Book Review


September 22 2014:

Just finished a book review on my blog. Another book I really enjoyed reading .. My eyes did some sweating writing this one; cause, no, everything is not okay and this is exhausting. Yet, I have faith and I KNOW the rainbow IS there. Even if I can’t see it all the time.

Here’s a bit of the review .. Most Inspiring Lines: (Way too many to list. Here are a few.) I know what it’s like to spend an entire lifetime trying to pretend that I’m okay, that I’m “fine.” I know what it’s like to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, convincing people that I have it all together. I know how exhausting it is and how many nights I cried alone in my bed, too tired to carry the burden anymore. What I do know is the freedom when I decided that I wasn’t going to pretend anymore. Go here to read more about this great book …

Book Review: I Am That Girl

Throwback Post: Warm and Beautiful Review for D iz for Different


October 5 2012:

My eyes were a sweating this morning when I read this warm and beautiful Amazon review from Giuliana LaRocca Ragas … Warms my heart and adds fuel to the fires of my passion.

“This book was given to me by very good friend of mine who knows Camilla through their group. I have a two year old son with Down Syndrome so she knew that I would benefit from reading it. Within minutes of opening the book I was not able to put it down. Camilla is right on the nose with so many things. Her book gave me so much hope for my son and his future and let me know that it was okay to be sad and angry. Not all days are going to be easy, but it is okay because we can all get through them with the strength we have within. She gives so much hope for the special needs world and her book gives our children a voice. There is nothing wrong with them just the people that think that there is. I have read it again and highlighted some amazing things that she has said. Regardless of the fact if you a new parent with a child with a disability or someone that has an older child this book is a must read. No one is alone in this, we are all in it together 🙂

Thank you Becky Gaylor Hobby for making sure Giuliana got one of my books!!

Throwback Post: Yogurt Cake With Books and Art While Hugging


October 5 2014:

Wahoo Thomas! He made gateau au yaourt (yogurt cake) this afternoon … all by himself! So good! Topped with a spoonful of creme fraiche. Yum!


October 5 2013:

That’s right … Library adventures! Wahoooo!

Stepping out of my warm, fuzzy cocoon tonight … Going to Sierra Arts and gonna hang out with some adult people at 7:30. Perhaps I won’t turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 8:30. We shall see! If you see me there and I don’t see you please get my attention and say “Hey”!

Wonderful job Sharon!! Loved it!!!! Such awesomeness!


October 5 2012:

She said, “Thank you! I needed that!” … Yesterday I had coffee with a local Reno facebook friend. We had never met in person and she is also the mom of a special needs child (teenager). I do what I always do when greeting someone … I gave her one of my hugs … Anyone who has received one of my hugs knows they are filled with love, caring, and warmth … I lavishly share my hugs with anyone I can.

This one was extra special because many of us moms don’t get these types of hugs from our special needs children. They just simply have sensory issues and warm hardy hugs don’t mix well with that. Why do I share this? Just simply to encourage YOU to share more hugs. We are human and we like to be touched, especially when it’s filled with love and caring. Go hug somebody today!! May I suggest that it’s a real hug, not one of those half leaned into hugs, where you pat the person on the back. Be still … Be quiet … And give a Hug full of caring for the person receiving it. They just may say, “Thank YOU! I needed that!”

Throwback Post: Movie Night: The Book Thief and Eloise’s Halloween


October 4 2015:

Team TLC movie night … Last night. Double feature! “The Book Thief” and “Eloise’s Rawther Unusual Halloween” … Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson were awesome in The Book Thief. Loved the snowball fight in the basement.

Thomas says, “Good, but expected it to be better.”

Lillian says, “Magnificent, good, awesome, great, and fantastic.”