Throwback Post: Living Room Floor Show


August 29 2014:

I just got treated to a great show right in my living room full of dancing and professional mirror writing! It began with a dedication to me … made my heart swell with love and my eyes pool with sweat! Complete with an intermission where I was served sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts and water. After the show I received a 16 minute back scratch/massage …. Ahhhh! I’m ready for bed now!

(Team TLC at the library – September 2014)

**Update – October 2021 – When coming across such wonderful memories, and photos, I must remind myself to smile, to feel joy because these beautiful moments happened, and not to be sad because they are no longer. xoxo

Movie Night: Double Feature: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Halloweentown

October 2 2021

Team TLC Movie Night – Double Feature – Lillian’s choice: “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Halloweentown” … Yearly tradition to watch both of these.

Lillian says, “Both are good, both good for October/Halloween, favorite character in Halloweentown is Marnie, favorite characters in Kiki’s Delivery Service are Kiki and Jiji, 100% recommend, and like the background music in both.”

Boosting the Joy With Great Clouds and Orange Memories

September 27 2021

Walks soothe whatever ails, walks boost the joy, the love.

September 28 2021

Great clouds last night.

September 28 2021

Memories of four years of walks, climbing trees, throwing rocks and sticks in the water, playing in the snow, and many inspired poems. That was the walk this morning.

October 2 2021

Forgot to post these orange beauties, from a walk last week.

A walk with Lillian earlier in the week. It’s difficult to get her out of the house these days. Success!!

Thomas and Camilla September 2021 Date Day

October 1 2021

September 2021 Date Day with Thomas Darnell (a bit behind due to the smoke last month)
Lunch at Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno.

Magical mushroom blend for Thomas. I sampled the choices of FOLK Kombucha on tap, choosing the berry flavor. 😋😋😋

Thomas had a vegan Reuben with their delicious coleslaw. I had a Veghead sandwich with quinoa. For dessert we shared a slice of raw, vegan, orange chocolate walnut cheesecake.

Part 2: Hitting tennis balls at a favorite park, followed by sitting on a bench, in the shade, and chatting.

Throwback Post – Movie Night: The World’s Fastest Indian


August 29 2015:

Team TLC movie night … “The World’s Fastest Indian” …. Had to watch this since we got to visit the Salt Flats last month.

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, historical, determination, and hopeful.

Thomas says, “Awesome, cool, epic, historical, hopeful, inspiring, and determination.”

I say, “Heck yes!”