Movie Night: It’s a Wonderful Life

November 26 2021

Annual viewing of “It’s A Wonderful Life” for Team TLC

Thomas says, “It was good.”

Lillian says, “My favorite character is Mary, favorite part is when George and Mary get married, and when they are singing at the end, like the moral, and highly recommend watching.”

As many times as I’ve seen this, I still cry at the end. “No man is a failure who has friends.” – Clarence

Sharecroppers Granddaughter and Making Mud Pies

November 23 2021

I’m still working my way through the mountain of old photos. Found this gem. High school graduation, with my paternal grandmother (mammaw, as we called her), Elnor Downs.

She didn’t make it past elementary school as her mom died, and she had to help the family. They were sharecroppers. She was an expert at growing vegetables, canning, cooking, and baking. (And yelling out the door at us not to use her good silverware to make mud pies!)

The last time I saw her while she was still living in her house, I spent the entire visit with her, talking and learning her history (and some about the early years of her marriage) that I’d never known. That was around the year 2000. I’m grateful that I made that visit.

Especially the part where she told me that when my dad and his siblings were very young, her husband (my grandpa) left her and ran off to Texas with another woman. She had to get a job cleaning the theater (picture show, as she called it). She took all the kids with her.

When my grandpa came back, he was sitting at the kitchen table, talking about how he had decided to go back to the woman in Texas. (I know you know what Southerners drink their tea out of.) She clocked him upside the head with her tea glass, and told him, “No the hell you aren’t.” She says it knocked him silly! …. And … I grew up knowing my grandpa. He stayed.

I never knew this, and would not have known had I not gone for that last visit.

I also would not have known that her family were sharecroppers. Never knew that before that conversation.

Team TLC and Romano Duo 2021 Thanksgiving

November 24 2021

Green bean casserole is ready! From beginning to finish. Thank you to my kitchen helper this year. Next up, cranberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce finished.

Mini cheese balls. From start to finish, with my kitchen helper.

November 25 2021

Team TLC and The Romano Duo 🧡🧡🧡

Some smiley photos and some ridiculous photos.

Throwback Post: Subbing at the Library with Poirot


August 21 2015:

Got to sub in Stillwater again this afternoon! Best part = getting a hug from one of the students before she left. xoxo


August 21 2010:

Lillian and Thomas LOVE the library.


August 21 2009:

Time for relaxing with Agatha Christie’s Poirot ~ “Taken at the Flood” movie, comfy clothes & glass of wine!

2021 Christmas Fayre – Books and Candles and Handmade Gifts

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, December 3rd, and running throughout the weekend. Join us for great gift ideas. Each day will hold different and beautiful gifts. With books, candles, and handmade gifts, there’ll be something for everyone! Have a browse and invite your friends too. The more the merrier! 🎄🎄🎄

Follow the link to join us:

Throwback Post: The Words Just Fly Out of One’s Fingers


August 21 2015:

Just emailed the article for the next issue of The Australian Institute of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ journal. Whew! 4,000 words in a week and a half. You know what that tells me? I can do it and I do have the time for that next book. YES! That felt great and I LOVED writing it! Completely and totally all from the heart … amazing how the words just fly out of one’s fingers when the mind is not allowed to give input! HA!

**December 2 2021 Update**

The article was published in November 2015. You can read it here …

My Journey With Intellectual Disability and Relationships – A Short Memoir

Throwback Post: Tips for the Journey – D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance


August 22 2012:

Thanks Momma for the review on Amazon … Yep, I’ve always been smiling …. from the beginning!!

“”D IZ FOR DIFFERENT” is a very inspiring and educational book. It will give you tips for your journey as you go through life raising your special needs child/children and will give you excellent resources for help and support from different organizations. What a very special person to share her family life to help others through a very difficult time. Thank you for writing this book!”

Me and Momma 9 months old

To learn more about D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance, go here …