Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla December 2010 Date Day


December 12 2010:

Date day with my favorite young man – Thomas – Out to lunch, visit the airport and who knows what trouble we’ll get into!! He says he wants to stay gone all day for our date day! Let the fun begin!

Garlic fries, sausage sampler & a Jackpot Porter for me!!! Come by and say “Hey” if you’re in the area!!

Next stop on our date!! – Barnes & Noble

Next stop on THE date!! – Reno-Tahoe Airport

Last stop on the Thomas date!! – U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla December 2012 Date Day


December 14 2012:

Yeeeehawwwww Y’all!!! Look at the handsome man I get to spend all weekend with … Get him all to myself! Lillian is spending the weekend with The Romano Duo so Team Member T & C can have a date weekend!!!

Camilla and Thomas 12.14.12

December 15 2012:

Mr. T and I are about to head out on our date. We’re making a a couple of HappY Messages to randomly leave somewhere. Thomas says, “The people who find these messages will make their own messages and spread to someone else and pretty soon the whole World will be sharing happY messages.” Right on Team Member T, Right on!!


First stop on our date day … Frozen yogurt for lunch!!! YUM!!!

Got stuff to make his sister and his Mama a Christmas gift … One excited young man!!

Next stop, book shopping!!! One of this Team’s most favorite things!! We love books!!

Last stop on the BIG date!! More books!!! Yep!

Movie Date Night with me and Team Member T …. Just LOVE this movie … Now Thomas is writing a song called “Peace with You and Me” which he says will change the future … He says he has so many ideas he might need a folder to hold all of them … I think you may be right Thomas …

Spreading HappYness Day #15 (Part 1) – Thomas and I had a date day while Lillian is spending time with The Romano Duo. Mr. T made a HappY message to deliver while we were out on our date. He left it on someone’s windshield. He asked, “What if someone throws it away?” I told him we can’t control what people do with kindness after we share it with them and we shouldn’t let that keep us from being kind. Frozen yogurt for lunch, craft store for some inexpensive gifts that he can make, used book store, library and a movie, Scrooge – A Christmas Story. Now Thomas is writing a song called “Peace with You and Me” which he says will change the future.

Lillian and Camilla March 2023 Date Day

March 25 2023

Camilla and Lillian March 2023 Date Day yesterday.

It’s been many months since we had a date day, with Thomas’s school schedule and Lillian’s anxiety and health issues.

We shopped at 3 different grocery stores for chocolate and candy. I think Lillian may have broken a record for the most candy purchased in one day. She’s now set for candy day for months!

She ordered fries from one of her favorite places, accompanied by a tangerine and brownie.

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla December 2012 Date Day


December 21 2012:

Lucky ME!! This weekend is date weekend with Lillian while Team Member T stays with The Romano Duo!! These two girls are ready for adventures!!! Wheeeeee!!!

December 22 2012:

Finally made it for our late lunch …. Now an early dinner. Nachos, garlic fries and a Mayan Maybe Stout!!! YUM!!! Here’s to Team Member L & C!

Movie date night with Lillian! It’s a perfect Christmas when we’re together!!

Thomas and Camilla February 2023 Date Day

February 21 2023

February 2023 Date Day with Thomas – Date day in two parts

We had plans to see Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania late Friday afternoon.

We had an early dinner at Noble Pie Parlor (me) and Burger Me! (Thomas).

Once in the theater, my QR code wouldn’t work. The ticket taker tried several times before noticing I bought the tickets for a different theater. 🫣😱🫣

So back home to buy a second round of tickets for Monday at the correct theater. 🤣 Date days with me keep getting more and more interesting. 😂

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla December 2010 Date Day


December 31 2010:

Date day with my most favorite fairy princess in the whole entire universe!! Lillian and I are off in just a bit to see what kind of trouble we can get into y’all! Happy Happy News Years Eve!!

First stop on the date!! Lillian’s fave restaurant! – Olive Garden

I’ve never had Tropical Sangria – Yummy & pretty too!!!

Cutest little desserts I’ve ever seen!!! One for me and one for Lillian!

Next stop on the date!! – Borders Books and Music