Throwback Post: Weed Rackets


September 29 2013:

Still email purging. Good Gosh! I’m embarrassed to say how many emails I had piled up. If you never heard back from me over the years, Oops! I was nearing 5,000 emails! Had emails all the way back to 2010! At least I’m finding some Good-to-Read-Again emails and some fun one’s from Lillian like this one from August 2011:

“Weed Rackets, You might ask what are Weed Rackets? So I will explain it. There is weeds, right? And (tennis) rackets,right?”

Throwback Post: Patty’s Love by Lillian


September 29 2013:

Cleaning my email inbox and found this email from Lillian from 2011. I asked her if I could share with y’all and she said “Yes”! So sweet! xoxo

“Patty’s Love and Lillian’s Style, Camilla’s fun, Thomas’s Coolness and Frank’s funniness
Once upon a time there was someone named Patty’s Love was sweet but one day she became sick and Romano’s could not be kind and gentle without her, plus 1 day the Romano’s chimed the butterfly chimes then came up with a idea so they made her lunch and Patty’s Love was better.”

Throwback Post: Halloween Poem


October 14 2011:

Just got this in my email inbox . . . Hope y’all enjoy it!

Halloween Poem

Black cats cross the street
Black bats fly across the street
White ghost scare the people
Striped candy corn gets eaten
People wear famous costumes
Happy jack-o-lanterns watch as they smile.
Happy Halloween

Lillian Darnell
Fairy Princess

Throwback Post: Halloween Party in Fairy Land


October 19 2013:

Lillian just got done telling me I’m a guest tonight at a Halloween party in Fairy Land! So gosh darn excited! Think I’ll go dressed as me with my red and black cowboy boots! Gotta get to bed and fall asleep because Lillian said she’d be looking for me! Can’t wait to see how Halloween is celebrated in Fairy Land! HA!

Throwback Post: Embrace Life With A Sense of Humor


December 25 2012:

Thank you, Thank you Team Member L for the face hurting belly laughs. Just had me and Grandma Patty laughing til it hurt trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to say about her fork and oranges.

Having a sense of humor = Embracing Life!!

(Lillian – May 2012)