Throwback Post: Halloween Party in Fairy Land


October 19 2013:

Lillian just got done telling me I’m a guest tonight at a Halloween party in Fairy Land! So gosh darn excited! Think I’ll go dressed as me with my red and black cowboy boots! Gotta get to bed and fall asleep because Lillian said she’d be looking for me! Can’t wait to see how Halloween is celebrated in Fairy Land! HA!

Throwback Post: Embrace Life With A Sense of Humor


December 25 2012:

Thank you, Thank you Team Member L for the face hurting belly laughs. Just had me and Grandma Patty laughing til it hurt trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to say about her fork and oranges.

Having a sense of humor = Embracing Life!!

(Lillian – May 2012)

Throwback Post: Enjoy Things


July 10 2013:

Great reminder from Lillian.

“Enjoy things.” -Lillian

Simple and powerful y’all!

“A picnic is a state of mind and can be made anywhere” -Susan Branch

Re-discovered this quote on Lillian’s dream/vision board. That young lady inspires me!!!!!! Time for a little adventure y’all!

Throwback Post: Last Night I Got a Tattoo


July 17 2013:

What I heard her say, “Last night I got a tattoo”.

What she really said, “Last night I had pineapple”.

Many of you know of Lillian’s speech impairment due to a Chromosome 18 deletion. Around here, we choose to make light of it and to lighten the mood we will repeat back what we thought we heard Lillian say.

It always brings laughter and then the serious business of figuring out what this beautiful young lady really said! Onward with the laughing y’all! I’m in a bring-on-the-laughter-mood today … My soul is asking for laughter today!!

(Lillian July 2013)