Throwback Post: Movie Night: The Book Thief and Eloise’s Halloween


October 4 2015:

Team TLC movie night … Last night. Double feature! “The Book Thief” and “Eloise’s Rawther Unusual Halloween” … Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson were awesome in The Book Thief. Loved the snowball fight in the basement.

Thomas says, “Good, but expected it to be better.”

Lillian says, “Magnificent, good, awesome, great, and fantastic.”

Throwback Post: Movie Night: The Canterville Ghost


October 10 2015:

Team TLC movie night …. “The Canterville Ghost”.

Thomas says, “Good, funny, and awesome.”

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, fantastic, musical, funny, fabulous, unique, good for a Halloween movie, and loved the dancing.”

I say, “Great fun, silliness, a cowardly ghost, and a 17th century castle. Yep. I like!” We watched this last year too. Still good the 2nd time around.