Throwback Post: Movie Night: The Nutcracker


November 30 2013:

Pre movie …. A couple of silent shorts from A Christmas Past collection! A Winter Straw Ride was great!

Team TLC movie night feature film … 1965 version, narrated by Eddie Albert. So cool! It’s like we’re at a ballet performance right in my bedroom!

Throwback Post: Movie Night: It Happened on Fifth Avenue


November 28 2015:

Team TLC movie night … “It Happened on 5th Avenue” …

“A wonderful Christmas movie about the richness that lies within. ” -Me …

Thomas says, “happy go lucky, romantic, secretive, happy, exciting, funny, awesome, and one of my favorite movies.”

Lillian says, “Romantic, awesome, happy, mysterious, funny, adventurous, wintery, Christmasy, and one of my favorite movies.”

Quote from the movie, “A life without friends, is the worst form of poverty.”

Throwback Post: Movie Night: Cinderella


December 5 2015:

Team TLC movie night … “Cinderella” …

Not my typical movie choice, yet I LOVE the continually repeated theme of this one. “Have courage and BE kind” ….. And magical things will happen. KIND = LOVE.

Thomas says, “It was okay and the step-mother added suspense to it.”

Lillian says, “Good, romantic, liked the theme of have courage and be kind, great voices, loving, good costumes, good hairstyles, awesome, funny, and adventurous.”