Throwback Post: I Am That Girl Book Review


September 22 2014:

Just finished a book review on my blog. Another book I really enjoyed reading .. My eyes did some sweating writing this one; cause, no, everything is not okay and this is exhausting. Yet, I have faith and I KNOW the rainbow IS there. Even if I can’t see it all the time.

Here’s a bit of the review .. Most Inspiring Lines: (Way too many to list. Here are a few.) I know what it’s like to spend an entire lifetime trying to pretend that I’m okay, that I’m “fine.” I know what it’s like to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, convincing people that I have it all together. I know how exhausting it is and how many nights I cried alone in my bed, too tired to carry the burden anymore. What I do know is the freedom when I decided that I wasn’t going to pretend anymore. Go here to read more about this great book …

Book Review: I Am That Girl

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Out of My Mind


November 2 2014:

Thank you Kathy Fuetsch for recommending the book “Out of My Mind”. I hardly ever read fiction books, but just had to read this one. It’s about a young lady with CP (if I remember correctly) who cannot speak but is highly intelligent and has tons of things to say. I won’t spoil it for anyone. GREAT book. While reading it I was moved to recommend it to Lillian’s teacher for read aloud to the students. She started reading it to them about 2 days after that. YAY!!!

Throwback Post: Make Every Moment Count – D iz for Different Review


November 10 2012:

Thank you tons and tons Terry Torpet Vasenden for the beautiful review on Amazon … I appreciate it so dang much … Can’t wait to give you a big ole HUG!!!!!

“Camilla’s love for her children, her struggles and successes, and her insight of how to navigate the whole ride will inspire you to be a better parent, search for and find joy, and make every moment count. Camilla shares her story of how to enjoy the journey – even when it isn’t always the path we planned or even imagined. Lots of practical tips for all of us, and tons of great resources/action plans for those facing the challenges that come with being an advocate for a child.” – Terry V.

Throwback Post: Book Musings: The Miracle of Mindfulness


November 20 2015:

Great basic book about mindfulness. Lillian is writing a report about mindfulness so we checked this out for her, yet I secretly got it for me too. 🙂

“If you cannot find joy in peace in these very moments of sitting, then the future itself will only flow by as a river flows by, you will not be able to hold it back, you will be incapable of living the future when it has become the present. Joy and peace are the joy and peace possible in this very hour of sitting. If you cannot find it here, you won’t find it anywhere.”

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas


December 3 2015:

Another book that Team TLC really enjoyed … “Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas”!

Simple, enchanting tales that give a glimpse into Tibetan culture, sharing inspiring wisdom relating to peace, gratitude and seeing with the heart. I was only going to read one per night. Thomas and Lilian loved it so much they did not want me to stop! We read all three in one night!

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Visiting Feelings


November 28 2015:

Thanks Barbara Richmond Chastain for telling me about this book. Great and very basic book about emotional connection and mindfulness. Perfect for kids with a useful parent section too!

“If you listen to what your body can say, you’ll find that your feelings are really okay. With a bit of attention, a little more care, they might even tell you why they are there. Some feelings are tough, and some are more fun …. So whenever a feeling comes by to play, welcome it in, and let it stay for as long as it likes, …. Treat your feelings like friends, talking to you.”


Throwback Post: Book Musings: How to Sit


December 2015:

Another wonderful and simple book I read to Thomas and Lillian … We all really liked it!

“Peace is Contagious

The energy of mindfulness can help improve your whole being. Just pay attention to your in breath. Allow it to be the way it is and you will see that the quality of your breathing naturally becomes calmer, deeper, and more harmonious all by itself. This is the power of simple recognition. When your breath is deeper and more peaceful, it will have an influence right away on your body and your mind. Peace and calm are contagious.”

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Living Beautifully


Another great book! I always find such meaningful content in Pema Chodron’s books. – “Living Beautifully”

“Let the power of your emotions open you up … Take your seat in the middle of your home ground and rouse your confidence – your innate capacity to open to your experience.”

Throwback Post: Book Musings: Art from Her Heart


July 10 2016:

Art From Her Heart

I loved this book, story and the self-taught artist it is about, Clementine Hunter. I’ve been wanting to take a painting class for years. I’d been waiting for the money to do this, the right materials, and the time.

About a month before we read this book, I let all that go. I began using what we had; the acrylic paint we had, the brushes we had, and using cardboard from food packages as canvas. I’m having the time of my life painting and playing around with the brushes and colors. Thomas and Lillian loved it too!

from the jacket cover: Clementine Hunter was a self-taught artist who captured scenes of the backbreaking work and joyous celebrations in southern farm life. Her work preserves a part of American history we rarely see, and the story of how she came to paint proves that art can help keep the spirit alive.

Throwback Post: Book Musings: One Grain of Rice


July 30 2016:

One Grain of Rice

A mathematical folk tale about wisdom and fairness. A village girl in India teaches a raja what it truly means to be wise and fair. Reading this we learnt the surprising power of doubling one grain of rice every day for thirty days …. growing into more than one billion grains of rice.

We all LOVE books by DEMI. The illustrations are simply unmatched with content that’s bursting with wisdom!