A Different Walk With Wonderful Socks and Shoes

February 9 2021

From the walk this afternoon. I’ve been staying home for walks, while I built back to 30 minutes, and tested the new shoes (love them, by the way). I’m hoping to have a different walk by Friday, or some time next week. 💙🤍🤍🤍💙

February 13 2021

Wonderful walk yesterday. I’m loving my new socks and shoes, and deeply grateful my back has almost completely healed. 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

Throwback Post: Honeysuckle Intoxication


June 2 2013:

Just back from a beautiful and inspiring walk. I got to walk by 2 yards that have honeysuckle. I floated home on a cloud of intoxicating honeysuckle scent. There’s no tellin what I’ll do. If you see me floatin by, throw me a smile! Gosh, I LOVE the smell of honeysuckle!! Visions of my childhood flooded my mind and heart! Now … I’m gonna sit and write for a bit. Happy, Beautiful Friday Y’all!

Amazing Sky in a Winter Wonderland on a Bright Sunshiny Day

December 10 2020

The sky was amazing yesterday afternoon. 💙💛

December 14 2020

When you run out of patience for the snow, you make the 10 minute drive up Mt. Rose. Today’s walk was in Winter Wonderland, finding a couple of hills for Thomas to sled down. The quiet of a snow covered forest is pure bliss, calming, like a magical nature hug. ❄️💙💙💙❄️

December 19 2020

Had to put my sunglasses on …. Bright, bright, sun shiny day …. ☀️💛💛💛☀️

Amazing Gorgeous Clouds With a Walk Down Memory Lane

November 22 2020

Amazing clouds earlier this afternoon. 💙🤍💙

November 29 2020

Current gorgeousness from the balcony. 💛💛💛💙💙💙

December 4 2020

Wonderful walk this afternoon. Lots of memories at this park. I kept imagining a young Thomas and Lillian. We came here to play frisbee, football, soccer, tennis, and to just sit and read. Beautiful memories.

December 5 2020

The sky, clouds, and sun are at it again. 💙

December 5 2020

And then the sky did this …