Throwback Post: Wonderful and Beautiful and Inspiring Walk


October 10 2014:

Such a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring walk this afternoon with Thomas and Lillian .. Look at the amazing sky … I think it pairs well with this song which was in a movie we watched before our walk. Great song, great message, GREAT Life! “Don’t go with your song still inside you” -Song Inside


Throwback Post: Sunset Picnic by the Lake and Nature Art Show


October 8 2015:

Sunset picnic dinner by the lake.

As I was getting everything ready, I was thinking, “Geez. This is too much work.” Had more of those thoughts as I was pulling the cart to the other side of the lake. And even more of those thoughts as my food was being hovered over by a bee.

But then nature created an amazing, colorful, art show in the sky. The art show along with seeing Thomas sitting on a big rock reading his book, and Lillian’s excitement completely erased those feelings. Yep. It was worth it. xoxo

Master Storyteller

October 26 2023

The sky over the past few days.

Master Storyteller

Upon your endless expansive stage
With an ever changing set
The stories you tell
Mesmerize those who open their eyes to your theater
You charge us nothing
For the shows you create
I just can’t get enough of
The shows you produce.
Thank you beautiful sky. ❤️