Throwback Post: Library Day in Incline Village


August 6 2016:

The drive back home …. Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Words and pictures simply cannot capture the grace and peace.

It was library day for Team TLC. We have wanted to visit Incline Village library for years! Today was the day!

Thomas and Lillian had a great time and Thomas said he never wanted to leave. Beautiful drive up and back down Mt Rose.

“To open a book, is to discover another world. To read a book is to explore those worlds.” ~me

Cool Clouds With Walks and Strong Winds While Solo Dancing

April 13 2022

Very cool clouds today.

April 14 2022

Forgot to post these from a walk a few days ago.

April 19 2022

I didn’t get to have a walk this morning as it was raining, with very strong winds.

So I had a solo dance party instead. Love Train by The O’Jays played. This song always gives me goose bumps. Love it so.

I did step out for an errand, capturing more awesome clouds.


Beautiful and Refreshing With a Cool Vibe

March 25 2022

Beautiful sunset tonight.

April 4 2022

I went for a walk this morning. Spring is so refreshing.

After dinner I sat outside for a bit. The string lights turned on while I was sitting there. Cool vibe.

April 5 2022

A walk this morning.

April 7 2022

This morning’s walk. Such beauty.

April 8 2022

This morning’s walk. Gorgeous sun and clouds.

Beautiful With An Inspiring Message

February 10 2022

Beautiful walk this afternoon.

March 3 2022

Is it weird to be inspired by your younger self?

Spent time this morning getting a 2015 writing ready to email for inclusion in a blog. (The “Dear Meltdowns, Meet My Friend Mindfulness” writing.)

Then I went for a walk, reminiscing of the struggles and triumphs of years gone by. I felt inspired, uplifted.

Then I walked by this message, “You did good”. Love it when consecutive things line up like this.

March 4 2022

Gorgeous sky yesterday.

Gorgeous Scripts Wildlife Preserve With Random Soft Spots in Galena Forest

January 22 2022

Gorgeous sunrise this morning.

January 25 2022

Thomas and I went for an incredible walk in Script’s Wildlife Preserve this afternoon. It’s always beautiful! It was wonderful running into you, Barbara! And chatting for a bit with you and Bill.

January 31 2022

Thomas and I went for walk in Galena Forest. That was a workout. Hard, compacted snow with random soft, sinking spots, and slippery spots. Felt great, though. Came across a lovely, nearly flat snowman. 😂☃️😂 Got to try out my new snow boots. Vegan, barefoot/minimalist style. Love them! Wonderful walk.