Thomas and Camilla May 2022 Date Day

May 7 2022

Thomas and Camilla May 2022 date day was yesterday.

Lunch at Là Mint. Then watching the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We both enjoyed it. But we also both feel it wasn’t the best, or our favorite. It will make much more sense to those who’ve watched the Wanda series.

I like the older ones better. Thomas says that’s because they’re more down to earth.

Throwback Post: Half Price Wednesday – The Discovery Museum


August 5 2015:

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit! I have a lovely “Y” on my right hand. Left hand has an “H”. My veins prove it …. I’m HY on life and love!!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Throwback Post: Library Day in Incline Village


August 6 2016:

The drive back home …. Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Words and pictures simply cannot capture the grace and peace.

It was library day for Team TLC. We have wanted to visit Incline Village library for years! Today was the day!

Thomas and Lillian had a great time and Thomas said he never wanted to leave. Beautiful drive up and back down Mt Rose.

“To open a book, is to discover another world. To read a book is to explore those worlds.” ~me

Camilla Celebrates Her 52nd Birthday

April 3 2022

On February 26, 2022 I turned 52 years old. I seem to be behind in many non-urgent tasks these days. My body decided to get my attention once I hit 50, along with being extremely exhausted. I’ve had my hands full addressing some health issues, along with addressing urgent or deadline intense matters for Thomas and Lillian.

We had a low-key, mild celebration. The Romano Duo and my brother came to our place, with Frank kicking things off by making me a couple of virgin bloody marys. We had lunch together, opened gifts, and then enjoyed a vegan, strawberry rhubarb pie. Thomas chose a gorgeous flower bouquet for me. ❤️❤️❤️

We also celebrated a win for Lillian. She has pretty much conquered her fear of cats, so we lit a candle for her to blow out in celebration. There’s something to be said for exposure therapy. It absolutely worked magic when Thomas finally convinced me to allow him to adopt a cat. Chad Basil the First came into our lives in December 2021 for Thomas to care for and have as emotional support. Lillian has slowly warmed up to him, at about the same pace as Basil has taken to open up to us.

It’s been all I can do to keep …

Celebrating the 52nd Birthday – Camilla Downs

Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

March 22 2022

Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

A walk on a favorite trail, a place which holds many memories.

Ending with vegan sushi for dinner. The owner/sushi chef is incredibly kind, and knows her stuff. She made us a dish, not on the menu, just a make in the moment dish, according to what we had been ordering.

The Sweet Lover dessert roll was amazing, and I’m glad she suggested we split one, instead of ordering two rolls. She even made Thomas a complementary roll to go. I am incredibly full!

Camilla Joins The Family Navigation Network – A Project of NCED

March 5 2022

Exciting news to share!

I have been offered and accepted a very part-time position with the Family Navigation Network (FNN); which is a project of the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities (NCED). NCED is a part of the University of Nevada, Reno.

I’ll be working about 10 hours a week, with the opportunity to work 20 hours a week. I just don’t see the 20 hours happening any time soon, though. I finally hit 10 hours last week. Ha! I’ve been with them for about a month now, just have not had the time to make a proper announcement.

Family Navigators help connect families with resources that they may not have known about; while at the same time collecting resources and information that we can share with families. So far I’ve spent much of my time onboarding, attending webinars (to learn about more resources, and the like), and have stepped into researching what type of information and resources Nevada families need.

When I come across resources I feel would be of benefit to my Chromosome 18 family, I make sure to share them in the 18p- facebook group as part of my volunteer coordinator role.

Here’s a description from the NCED website:

News: Camilla Joins The Family Navigation Network – A Project of NCED

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla August 2014 Date Day


August 11 2014:

Date day with Lillian! First stop … Swimming … And spreading love!! I made the big one. The other two made themselves! xoxo

Next stop …. Lunch! Salmon and garlic fries. Then a quick walk around! Cool!

Second stops were a couple of thrift stores to window shop. However, we did get a few items. So fun!! Then, home for some homemade dessert. Chocolate chip almond cookies! YUM!! Dinner will be a wee bit late since we just ate our lunch dessert! HA! Here’s the recipe for the cookies ..

Throwback Post: A Big Chunk of My Heart


August 10 2014:

Just put a big chunk of my heart onto a plane headed to Seattle. Some opportunities for learning are so challenging (learning opportunity for me as Thomas is going to visit his Dad and his Dad’s family).

I choose to be grateful for this chance to learn that Thomas is a sovereign individual and he will be just fine amongst those who don’t share my philosophies, our style of living and who don’t think very highly of me.

I’ll be back to retrieve that chunk of my heart on Thursday. I’ve wrapped that entire plane with so much love and blessings, I know everyone on the plane will have a great flight! xoxo

His skill at not being easily influenced is being heavily tested as is my ability to let it be ….

As unpleasant as it is, I’d prefer him be exposed to some adverse circumstances now while he is still young and respects what I share and teach. This is a good lesson for him in opposing views, teasing, criticism and confusion. He’s getting a full meal deal! He told me last night he’s ready to come home. Hopefully, he and I will process all this in a healthy way and allow us to expand and grow! Hugs to all y’all!


Hung out all day with the girl in yellow … Read, ate dinner, played UNO and went for a walk. Got to Skype with Thomas and read our bedtime book via Skype too! Great day!

August 11 2014:

Spring 2014 …. Walk without Thomas … Miss that young man … and this life lesson can hurry up and be over. Is it Thursday yet? Connecting with some not so fun emotions. This calls for some heavy duty spreading of love tomorrow!