Lillian and Camilla June 2021 Date Day

July 2 2021

The Lillian and Camilla June 2021 Date Day happened last night at 9:00pm.

Drove to Inn n Out to get fries for Lillian. Then to the closed library to return books, and sit in their parking lot while Lillian ate her fries. 😳 Then home for a short walk.

The strangest date we’ve ever had, and …. Gurl!!! I don’t want to do that kind of date again. That’s too close to my bedtime!

Hallelujah – Camilla Gets Respite

June 22 2021

It has been 1 year and 8 months (October 2019) since I’ve had respite. I didn’t realize just how much I needed this until right this minute, typing this. I am in tears.

Hallelujah times infinity! Sweet, blessed relief. She is going to try and stay a full 7 days, as she needs respite, too!! 🤣😂

Hot dam*, let’s party! And by party I mean, do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Perhaps extra movie nights. Enjoy the quiet. Extra reading. Extra relaxing. MINUS being needed every 5 minutes. Ahhhhhh ….

And time for some kitchen dancing …

June 29 2021

Lillian came home today, arriving about 1:30 this afternoon. She hasn’t stopped talking since. 🤪 Did she not talk the entire time she was gone? 🤣😂🤣 We were outside taking in the wild sky. Earlier we had a freaky, huge dust cloud blow through and then purple, pink, yellow, and orange colors. Photos to follow.

A couple of “I’m too old for this shit!” messages from my mom, yet, they all made it the full 7 days! Wahooo!!

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day

June 18 2021

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day – Part 1

Thomas wanted to hike to the “D” like we did when he was younger, about 9 or 10 years ago. Still beautiful. Still a work out. 😥

It’s pretty sad as houses have been built nearly to the “D”, with more to come. The wild horses are losing their space. Also, I think we may have been trespassing. Oops!

Part 2 and 2.1

Lunch of sushi for Thomas with a Larabar for me as this restaurant does not serve vegan dishes. 🥲

Then to Maya’s for me. Sambar Vada and Plain Dosa. My stomach is happy and satisfied every time I eat here. The owners are so I incredibly friendly, too. I’m making my way through the menu. 😋😋😋 I absolutely loved what I had today. Uradh dhal fritters in sambar, and the thin rice and urad dhal lentil crepes are my spirit foods.

Throwback Post: The Amazing Romano Duo


September 7 2015:

Oceans of gratitude to and for The Amazing Romano Duo for spending 6 hours at our new place yesterday helping to rearrange, hang curtains, and install a ceiling fan … helping to create the 810 square foot Team TLC Love Shack! Only 9 days left before they set off on their own adventure.

(Photo from September 2015)

Thomas and Camilla April 2021 Date Day

April 23 2021

Thomas Darnell and Camilla April 2021 Date Day

First stop: Aladdin’s Market & Kitchen for lunch. Falafel plate for me, beef shawarma for Thomas, with tabouli and fries. We had fun walking the aisles looking through all the goodness. Decided on these Mastic Turkish Delights for dessert. Yum.

Second and last stop: A second dessert of a frozen hot chocolate for Thomas, vegan Granita for me. 😋😋😋

Then a walk in a favorite spot, our old stomping grounds. The white goose is still there, and we spotted cute goslings, and a few tadpoles.

Lillian and Camilla April 2021 Date Day

April 8 2021

Lillian and Camilla April 2021 Date Day – Part 1

Fries and garlic knots from Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Reno, salad by me. 🤣

Then to the library drive-thru to pick up holds. Followed by picking up dessert of a blueberry scone for me, sugar cookie for Lillian.

Part 2 – A walk in one of our favorite spots. Playing with shadows, listening to the birdsong, rock hunting, and enjoying the beautiful apple and cherry blossoms.

Lillian and Camilla March 2021 Date Day

March 18 2021

Lillian and Camilla March 2021 Date Day

Lunch from Noble Pie Parlor – Fries for Lillian (to go with her typical home lunch), Frachos for me. Followed by a lemon cheesecake cookie for Lillian, strawberries and dark chocolate for me. Then a few games of Uno in Lillian’s room. Ending the date day with watching a C18 Facebook live event announcing the venue for the 2021 conference. 🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

Throwback Post: Best and Bestest – Sayings from a Young Thomas and Lillian


April 24 2013:

(A drawing Thomas made for me in 2013)

“I like using my imagination. It makes games more fun.” -Thomas (11.17.11)

“Can I help you cook dinner?” -Thomas. …. to which I replied, “You can put the dishes in the dishwasher for me”  …. to which Thomas replied,  “I’d be happy to. Let me take my shirt off.” (11.8.11) (Sensory issues!! He still will take off his shirt if it gets water on it!)

“I like you even when you are getting on to me.” -Thomas Darnell (11.8.11)

“I wish to be you when I grow up.” -Lillian Darnell

“These are the best grits you have ever made!” -Thomas Darnell (10.23.11)

‎”I like you and your the bestest Mama I’ve ever had!” -Thomas (10.21.11)

“I used the potty on the wall for the first time today.” -Thomas (10.13.11)

“These are the bestest grits you have ever made” -Thomas (10.2.11)

Throwback Post: Doing it Differently


August 21 2013:

Lillian just recently asked me why I do things differently than other Moms. Her questions were about how I make coffee … using a French Press and that I hand wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher. Thomas then adds, “I like that you are different. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary.” These two so bless me and can snap me back out of a funk instantly. They have a knack for sharing my own advice with me when I need it most!

(Camilla in 2013 during a hike with Thomas)

(Thomas and Lillian 2013)

I try to remind Thomas, Lillian and myself is that no one is more special or better than we are and we are not better or more special than anyone else. We all just ARE. Every one of us is doing the best we can with where we are in our life. We are all different and we all have a gift that is uniquely ours. I just am crazy enough to have thrown caution out the window, along with anyone else’s reality in my quest to create my own reality, discover and love this person known as Camilla, live a simple, natural, inspired life and be ME!

**March 7 2021 Update** 

When we moved into our new place just over a year ago, I began using the dishwasher again. I had a double sink and a dishwasher that was very old and useless at actually cleaning dishes. I decided to hand wash to conserve energy, and to use as a time for practicing mindfulness.

With our new place, came a brand new dishwasher, that actually cleans the dishes!! We no longer have a double sink and the sink is actually quite small. After about 7 years of hand washing the dishes, it was time! (Although, I still do not use the microwave. I discontinued using it in 2010, I think. I do use the timer on it, quite handy. 

I continue to like my coffee made in a simple way. My french press broke near the end of 2019. I switched to a pour over style, and I’m loving it!