Throwback Post: Best and Bestest – Sayings from a Young Thomas and Lillian


April 24 2013:

(A drawing Thomas made for me in 2013)

“I like using my imagination. It makes games more fun.” -Thomas (11.17.11)

“Can I help you cook dinner?” -Thomas. …. to which I replied, “You can put the dishes in the dishwasher for me”  …. to which Thomas replied,  “I’d be happy to. Let me take my shirt off.” (11.8.11) (Sensory issues!! He still will take off his shirt if it gets water on it!)

“I like you even when you are getting on to me.” -Thomas Darnell (11.8.11)

“I wish to be you when I grow up.” -Lillian Darnell

“These are the best grits you have ever made!” -Thomas Darnell (10.23.11)

‎”I like you and your the bestest Mama I’ve ever had!” -Thomas (10.21.11)

“I used the potty on the wall for the first time today.” -Thomas (10.13.11)

“These are the bestest grits you have ever made” -Thomas (10.2.11)

Throwback Post: Doing it Differently


August 21 2013:

Lillian just recently asked me why I do things differently than other Moms. Her questions were about how I make coffee … using a French Press and that I hand wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher. Thomas then adds, “I like that you are different. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary.” These two so bless me and can snap me back out of a funk instantly. They have a knack for sharing my own advice with me when I need it most!

(Camilla in 2013 during a hike with Thomas)

(Thomas and Lillian 2013)

I try to remind Thomas, Lillian and myself is that no one is more special or better than we are and we are not better or more special than anyone else. We all just ARE. Every one of us is doing the best we can with where we are in our life. We are all different and we all have a gift that is uniquely ours. I just am crazy enough to have thrown caution out the window, along with anyone else’s reality in my quest to create my own reality, discover and love this person known as Camilla, live a simple, natural, inspired life and be ME!

**March 7 2021 Update** 

When we moved into our new place just over a year ago, I began using the dishwasher again. I had a double sink and a dishwasher that was very old and useless at actually cleaning dishes. I decided to hand wash to conserve energy, and to use as a time for practicing mindfulness.

With our new place, came a brand new dishwasher, that actually cleans the dishes!! We no longer have a double sink and the sink is actually quite small. After about 7 years of hand washing the dishes, it was time! (Although, I still do not use the microwave. I discontinued using it in 2010, I think. I do use the timer on it, quite handy. 

I continue to like my coffee made in a simple way. My french press broke near the end of 2019. I switched to a pour over style, and I’m loving it! 

One Year Homeversary for Team TLC

January 2 2021

It’s our one year Homeversary!

The clouds and sky made a pretty show for us yesterday at sunset. Getting into this place one year ago, coupled with becoming a host home provider for Lillian in February 2020, meant the world to my emotional and physical health.

November 2019 was the tipping point for me, and I’m deeply blessed and grateful to everyone who helped us along the way the previous ten years. Because of these two events I was able to take 2020 as a year of rest and reset.

My body, mind, and heart were wasted after about 13 years of focusing on healing, with struggling financially. I am feeling so much better! Hallelujah!!!! I’m ready to rejoin society! 🤣😂 … As soon as society is able to reopen! 😂🤣 … Oceans of love to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Team TLC Welcomes 2021

December 31 2020

“I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor …. Love!!! One of my favorite songs! 🎶🖤🎶

A beautiful 2020 sparkling pink lemonade with vegan “cheesecake” topped with homemade cherry sauce. We celebrated on New York time so I’m off to bed. Last dreams of 2020 and first dreams of 2021. See y’all next year! 🖤🎉🖤

Thomas and Camilla December 2020 Date Day

December 29 2020

Thomas and Camilla December 2020 Date Day

First was lunch. Miso Ramen noodles with fried tofu for me and Korean BBQ for Thomas.

Then we headed for snow as Thomas really wants it to snow. It’s nearly reached us, only about 10 minutes up Mt Rose Highway. 💙🤍🤍🤍❄️🤍🤍🤍💙

Reiki Master Teacher With a Wee Bit of Love in a Warm Spa Robe While Not Falling With the Help of Unicorns and Mermaids

December 6 2020

An aspect of my personality is that I like to finish what I start, even if it takes me years. 🤣😂

Today I took the first step in finishing something I began 7 years ago. I haven’t had an active practice in about 5 years, with no current plans to change that.

I simply wanted to complete the journey, and I know it will serve whatever path I take in 2021. First half of class was today. Last half, next Saturday. Thank you, Tania. Love you much.

December 13 2020

Just getting in bed to read a bit before going to sleep. A wee bit of love jumped in bed with me. ❤️❤️❤️

December 16 2020

Finally got the spa robe, heavy and thick! This is the coldest so far! The robe and the slippers work perfectly, keeping me warm on the walk to and from the pool.

I would not have thought swimming (outdoors) in this cold weather would work for me. Wow! It feels amazing, calming, relaxing, and invigorating once finished. The pool is at about 83 degrees. Over the moon blessed and grateful for this opportunity. 🙏💙💙💙🙏

December 17 2020

Looks like some sort of torture device. 😂🤣 I will not be slipping and falling this year while out in the snow and ice. These are crampons for ones shoes ….. to prevent falls. Yay!!! ❄️❄️❄️

December 19 2020

It’s official! So happy to have completion with this journey that began in 2013, and an additional tool for use in this wild n crazy life adventure. After getting certified level I and II in 2013, I never had the finances to get the final level. I no longer have a Reiki practice, but I just don’t like leaving things undone. There. Fixed it. Deeply grateful …. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

December 19 2020

Received today! A lovely book I won from author friends. One who lives in Italy, one who lives in the UK. Can’t wait to read it! Letting Lillian read it first. Thank you Helen and Sarah!!! 💙💙💙 (Photo taken with Lillian’s bag made by Veronica of Black Tag Bag.)

Lillian and Camilla December 2020 Date Day

December 18 2020

Lillian and Camilla December 2020 Date Day

Got some yummy food to go from Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Reno. Took a couple of photos of the inside as it’s got a good vibe. One day soon hopefully we’ll actually eat inside the joint!!
French fries for both of us. Fried polenta with “meatballs”, and marina sauce for me. This is now my new favorite dish (plus the fries – the best fries!!!) from Noble Pie!! All vegan, too!! Yes!! 🎉🎉🎉

For dessert, Lillian had a dark chocolate Christmas pretzel, with a Cocomel dark chocolate sea salt caramel for me.

Ending with a sunset walk in one of our favorite places. ❤️❤️❤️

Throwback Post: Sunset Walk With Cormorants and a Beaver Followed By Respite


June 26 2017:

Sunset walk with Lillian yesterday. Incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Nature is a blessing. She does her best to fill us up when we’re feeling empty. She also adds to our joy and peace when we’re joyful and peaceful. Mother Nature is the Best!!

June 26 2016:

We had company for tonight’s walk! They got to see the ducklings, goslings, cormorants, a huge frog, and the beaver! YAY!

June 26 2016:

We went over to The Romano Duo’s temporary home for the next 4 days. Had some fun at the pool. They get to have a sleepover Monday night!! First night of respite for me since last August. xoxo

Happy 15th Birthday to Thomas Darnell

November 13 2020

Happy 15th Birthday, Thomas Darnell!!

Thank you ….

for making me laugh
for intelligent, spirited conversation
for running errands with me
for helping me
for sharing your love of history with me
for sharing your passion for politics, our world, and humanity with me
for the hugs you share with me
for sharing your spirit with me
for helping me to learn about true love
for choosing me.

You are my heart. I am so very proud of you. I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

We had an intimate, masked, socially distanced celebration with The Romano Duo and Robert, graced with absolutely divine vegan cupcakes from Batch Cupcakery. I took my selfie after everyone left! Ha!
Thomas received some great gifts!

A basketball, volleyball (so we can use the great courts here), a shirt, a hoodie, a desk chair, a homemade card from Lillian, a turntable, an album, and a photo book of our date days over the past year. I still need to make a homemade card or poem for him.


Throwback Post: Marketing Panel with Camilla, Glenna, and Cheri

December 6 2010:

Cheri Hill of Sage International, Glenna Smith with The Referral Institute of Nevada and Camilla Downs of Turning Views presented a panel discussion on Marketing Your Business.

Camilla Downs, a social media guru and owner of Turning Views shared important tips for leveraging social media to create brand awareness and make connections.