Throwback Post: Chalkboard Message While Swimming and Winning an Award


September 28 2015:

I get to sub in Sierra today. Found a cool book on display and I left my mark on the column that’s painted with chalkboard paint.


September 28 2012:

This was the end of our 2nd month of swim lessons … May 23 2012 …. Thanks Grandpa Frank!! Last night, 9.27.12 was the last swim lesson til next summer!!! On to Different Adventures for Team Member T & L!

Me and Ms Kimberly at the Plum100 Event!!! What FUN!!

I won!!!! Thank you tons all y’all for all the love and support and encouragement!!!

I won … Most Influential in the Extraordinary Neighbor category!!!! Thank you tons all y’all for all the love and support and encouragement!!!

Throwback Post: You by Camilla Downs


September 28 2012:

You make me HAPPY …

You make me smile …

You make me laugh …

You make me cry with joy and pride because you have realized your worth …

You make me wanna dance …

You make me inspired …

You make me proud with your strength and courage …

You give me goosebumps over the wisdom you share with Thomas and Lillian …

Go here to read the rest …

You …


Throwback Post: D iz for Different Review: Invaluable Information


October 9 2012:

Thank you Mark Sogard for the GREAT Amazon review … appreciate it tons and tons!!

“While it is a breath of fresh air to see a book written for parents of special needs children,do not think that if you don’t have any special needs children you won’t get anything from this book. Not only does it contain invaluable information for special needs parents, it contains inspiring uplifting tips for the journey at the end of every chapter-and who doesn’t need that type of help in this fast paced society that we live in? Very well written and inspiring.”

Throwback Post: You Make Things Better


October 18 2012:

“Thank you for last night. You make things better.” -Lillian Darnell …..

That’s the way to bring a girl right back into the present moment, I tell ya!! Love that girl! Lillian has a nasty cold. I pulled the rocking chair into her room last night so she could sit in it and watch Barbie movies and then I sat in the chair and held her. That’s what a Mama is for right? Mama = Comfort


The Marinating Period is Over

May 18 2023

After about 8 years of marinating in my own lil bubble, I’m ready to be social again. 🎉🎉🎉

I picked up some new clothes this week, a gorgeous multicolored fiesta skirt, cool metallic sandals, and a white dress. I’m ready to step out! 🎶🎶🎶

What’s going on this weekend, this month, this summer in the Reno/Tahoe area? 💋💋💋

Throwback Post: D iz for Different Book Trailer – Nearly 500 Views


July 24 2012:

Big shout out to everyone who has watched and shared the “D iz for Different” Book Trailer … it’s nearly at 500 views!! YAY!!! Grateful times a million!

Here’s a picture of my helper, Lillian, getting books ready to mail … and here’s a link to the trailer … it’s just a little over a minute long …

Conquering Fears and Treating Yourself – Lillian Darnell

June 29 2022

Lillian stepped into a fear this afternoon, being incredibly brave. Go Lillian!! She treated herself to fries, and a visit to a huge furniture/electronics/appliance store for inspiration and reminiscing.

Reminiscing in a furniture store? Sure. During those years I didn’t have the money to spend on our date days, we would come here, spending an hour or two enjoying the nice designs and arrangements, taking lots of photos.

Lillian really likes this lamp in the photo. Very sparkly and shiny!

Thomas and Camilla May 2022 Date Day

May 7 2022

Thomas and Camilla May 2022 date day was yesterday.

Lunch at Là Mint. Then watching the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We both enjoyed it. But we also both feel it wasn’t the best, or our favorite. It will make much more sense to those who’ve watched the Wanda series.

I like the older ones better. Thomas says that’s because they’re more down to earth.