Throwback Post: Mindful Substitute Teaching with Homemade Salsa


August 17 2015:

I get to sub in Stillwater again today. Love that I can throw my little book of mindfulness exercises in my bag on the way out this morning and get to use them during circle this morning!


August 17 2012:

Yummilicious home made salsa with lunch!!! Thanks for the fresh tomatoes Kimberly … And doesn’t everyone have rocks on their kitchen table?

Throwback Post: Creative Writing While Walking with a Plum and Crawfish


August 20 2015:

Finished!!!! 3,504 words. Plus, I’m off to sub for the creative writing class this afternoon. Guess what they get to do? They get to read and critique the article AND help me with a title! Wahooo!!

What FUN subbing for the creative writing class this afternoon. Got some amazing feedback from them for the article I’m about to submit. I xoxoxo this school!


August 20 2012:

Out for a refreshing walk all by myself … Cause I CAN!!!!


Just booked my photo shoot for Plum100 … This is gonna be fun y’all! Thanks again to whoever nominated me for the EXTRAordinary category!!

Via Ashley Graham: “On September 6th, Plum Influence Magazine will release the photos of the Plum100 yet the most influential person within each 10 categories won’t be announced until the evening of the 29th. The Plum100 is an event powered by a movement to re-brand Reno both internally and externally in a way that brings out the true nature of this region. The Plum100 celebration theme is an Eve of a New Era. A new era of how people perceive the area and by bringing our best and brightest (you) together in one great celebration.”…/…/june_pluminfluence_magazine


August 20 2011:

I found me a crawfish boil!!! Crawfish boil adventures!!!

Throwback Post: Just for Today With a Sleepover and Chutney While Celebrating With a Book and Picking a Winner


August 24 2015:

Got to sub in Stillwater today. After reading the virtue card affirmation this morning, I had them repeat this with me 3 times. Usually there’s lots of chatter to accompany morning work period. However, this time it was interestingly completely quiet for almost the entire morning. WOW!


August 24 2013:

Team Member T and L got to have a sleep over at The Romano Casa tonight! They are getting ready to watch a movie now! Gonna miss my other team members tonight. Been a long time since we were apart on a Saturday night. However, I plan to thoroughly enjoy my time alone! And we will have our movie night tomorrow night! YAY!


August 24 2012:

Straight from the garden cucumbers, tomatoes and onions … Fresh peaches, nectarines, cherries and homemade fruit leather and even a special spicy fruit leather for Team Member C … Spicy Peach Chutney!! AND homemade raw tomato and herb juice (that will be so darn yummy in an adult beverage later this afternoon!!) You bless my heart to pieces Kimberly Phipps-Nichol!!! I’m so grateful to have you as a friend and in my life!!!


Celebrating a successful first week of school with tots, fries and ice cream … Here’s to LIFE y’all!!!


It’s a GREAT day to mail a ‘D iz for Different’ book and a Different iz Good t shirt to a celebrity!!


August 24 2011:

Extended Studies open house!!!! Thomas and Lillian drew the winners of the raffle!!

Throwback Post: It Shows Unity


September 4 2015:

The end of a full week of moving, unpacking, and subbing every day. More wall wisdom from the classrooms. Best part: a middle school student asked if I liked the school. I told him that we liked it. He caught that I said “we”. I explained that I’m in the habit of saying that in referring to Team TLC. He said, “I like that. I like that a lot. It shows unity.” Seriously! I love these kids!

Throwback Post: Compliments with Tomatoes and Why She Does Not Talk Like Us


September 18 2015:

Subbing in Nightingale today (1st – 3rd). Sweet Katherine gave me a compliment note! I have so much respect for teachers. There’s no way I’d want to do this every day, yet I love and enjoy being here for the teachers as they need me!


September 18 2013:

Thank you Kymberlee Simantel!!!!! I just had one of the most amazing mater sandwiches ever! These tomatoes are so divinely sweet Kymberlee! You must have put a ton of love into these beauties! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


September 18 2009:

Just back from giving my “Why She Doesn’t Talk Like Us” Presentation to Lillian’s 3rd grade class. Added some new material this year since this is the 3rd year in a row most of her classmates have heard this. Lillian was my assistant this year ~ hope to hand this torch over to her next year or the next!