Throwback Post: Subbing With Dishes While Going Back to School and Playing in the Water


August 27 2015:

Got to sub for the Creative Writing class again yesterday. We talked a little about judgments and then wrote about something beautiful and something ugly and what makes it so. Melt my heart to pieces with some of what they shared. One in particular, “Beauty in people is something you feel when around another person and not how a person looks.” I left a love note for Ms. Robin in her zen garden.


August 27 2014:

My favorite part of “Back to School” night for Lower El (Thomas) was the mini nutrition education to the parents from another parent who is a nutrition/fitness expert! I listed that I wanted to come in and share with students how to read labels and ingredients on food items. What to avoid and what is okay, etc .. Favorite quotes from her, “Natural doesn’t mean anything. There is no 3rd party agency regulating the word natural on packaging.” And “It’s not do as I say not as I do. We have to show the kids by example when it comes to eating good nutrient dense foods.” I LOVE that lady!! YAY!! YAY!!! YAY!!!


August 27 2013:

Remember the dishes I unpacked during my purging this summer? One of the coffee cups decided this morning that it was done being a coffee cup. Jumped right out of my hand onto the tile floor! Decorated the stove, floor, my dress and dishwasher with pretty brown coffee …. and broke into many pieces! I’m still so HappY I unpacked them and use them every day …. think of my Mammaw Downs every time I hold one of the dishes. She gave me this set when I was about 17 years old.

Eye sweating moment for Team Member C … I stayed in the car while Thomas went inside Lillian’s therapy center to use the restroom. A beautiful young lady using a walker was headed in behind him. He stopped and held the door for her! YAY Thomas! He inspires me so much! Now he’s outside picking up trash off the street and sidewalk!


August 27 2012:

“Doing fractions” … This was Thomas’ answer last week when I asked him Thursday what his favorite part of the day at school was … Hmmmm … Okay Mr. T … Rock ON!!


One batch of almond raisin cookies DONE … Now Team TLC is going for a walk … Yum and it feels so good outside!!! (gluten free if anyone wants the recipe)


August 27 2011:

Fun event for Lillian’s new school – Nevada Connections Academy – just met the Principal!

Thomas is enjoying the food! Bowling next!! National Bowling Stadium


August 27 2010:

WooHoo!!!! Thomas loves playin in the water plus there’s shade for ME! YeeHaw!

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