Orientation for New Beginnings With a Deep Dive

April 27 2022

Orientation was tonight. Registration is tomorrow. Thomas is excited about the next 2 years, this dual credit program, and graduating in 2024 from high school, and with an AA degree.

May 7 2022

Thomas and I had the first session of the Digipen Deep Dive series this morning, learning more about one of the colleges he’s considering. I’m so excited for him!!

Full of Joy and Sadness As We Say Goodbye to Friends

May 6 2022

Thomas and I spent a few hours on Monday visiting with our sweet friends, Barbara and Bill. They moved out of the area today. My heart is full of joy for their new journey. Yet, full of sadness for the loss of future visits, and the comfort of knowing they were just 15 minutes away.

We’ve known Barbara for about 9 or 10 years. @barbchas, I still remember the first time we met. When you ran Center for Adaptive Riding, I came for a visit to see if it would be a good fit for Thomas. We quickly became friends. ❤️ Those are beautiful, precious memories. I know they are for Thomas, too. You and your horses are what he needed at that time in his life. Love you dearly sweet friend, and I hope we make it your way soon for a visit. ❤️❤️❤️ Here’s to new beginnings!

Throwback Post: Half Price Wednesday – The Discovery Museum


August 5 2015:

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit! I have a lovely “Y” on my right hand. Left hand has an “H”. My veins prove it …. I’m HY on life and love!!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Sweet Kitty Climbing the Shower Curtain While Adoring Thomas – Basil Update

April 27 2022

Basil lets us pick him up now, and we can sit beside him without him leaving. He’s still not liking sitting in Thomas’s lap, but I’m sure that will come with time.

For anyone new to the Chad Basil the First updates: Basil is my 16 year old son’s rescue cat, adopted in December as emotional support. Basil spent the first month under Thomas’s bed, not allowing us near him. We’ve come a long way. 🎉🖤🎉

Yesterday afternoon, during my 3rd Zoom session of the day, I heard an odd noise coming from Thomas’s bathroom. When I checked into it, I found a sweet kitty climbing the shower curtain.

April 30 2022

Basil adores his Thomas. When Thomas enters the room, Basil stops what he’s doing, and goes to Thomas. It’s the sweetest to watch them together.

How Not to Boil Water With Strolling Peacocks at the Chocolate Shop

April 9 2022

I’m unclear how my water is going to boil this way.

April 17 2022

The peacocks were out for a stroll yesterday.

April 17 2022

Last Sunday Thomas helped with a Sibshop at Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company. He led a game of Jeopardy for the kids, and they had some delicious chocolate. This is such an amazing program.