Lion in a Cat Body Followed by The Colony

September 9 2021

Just back from volunteering at the Humane Society. Check out the face of the first cat. I just could not stop looking at her, and thinking that is a freakin’ lion in a cats body! It felt like she wanted to rip our heads off! 😂🤣😂 To be fair, she has reason to look stern, as she is just there temporarily as part of the fire evacuations. (Editing to add: She is NOT available for adoption. She is just there temporarily due to fire evacuations.)

Thomas and I both wanted to bring home the cat in the last three photos. He was a sweetheart, just having arrived yesterday. He won’t be there long.

September 9 2021

Thomas loves this little theater, and was excited to see a play after not having been for well over a year.

First Day of School for Thomas With a Mindful Book

September 7 2021

Thomas’s first day of school photo. 🤣🤣😂 He started on September 1st. He’s also still taking piano lessons, and making great progress. Go Thomas!! xoxo (He’s about halfway through 10th grade).

September 9 2021

Checking the library accounts to see what’s due, and saw that Thomas has this book on hold. I don’t know why this brought the tears flowing. I just kept thinking after 10+ years of me deep diving into mindfulness and meditation, openly sharing with Thomas and Lillian (and with Thomas mocking/arguing with me about some of it), he’s researching it on his own. My heart is overflowing.

Harder Than It Looks With Shang-Chi and Vegan Pizza

September 1 2021

Finally got the corn hole bags. Definitely harder than it looks!

September 2 2021

New Marvel Movie = Dinner and a movie with Thomas. Vegan, gluten-free pizza from Noble Pie Parlor and then Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The smoke cleared enough to walk to dinner and the movie. Bonus: It was still clear when we got home; which meant I finally got to have a swim. Great night!

Throwback Post: A Little Adventure


August 31 2014:

‘Twas time for a little adventure so we went all the way to California this afternoon! Boca Reservoir. First time visiting there for all of us. Collected bunches of beautiful rocks for painting.

Got all wild n crazy and went across the state line! So much fun collecting rocks, taking pictures, throwing rocks in the water, and taking Rosey for a spin in the dirt! Plus, we got some cool rocks for painting now!

Japanese Bento Box at Moon Rabbit Cafe

August 28 2021

It’s been quite some time since Thomas Darnell and I had dinner from Moon Rabbit Cafe’s pay what you can cafe. This did not disappoint! Moon Rabbit Cafe is part of Reno Buddhist Center. Thank you to the Reno Buddhist Center. They are all such lovely humans!

Tonight it was a Japanese Bento Box dinner. The dinner featured soba noodles and Tsuyu sauce with choices of marinated chicken or tofu, a side of Great Basin Brewery’s famous cucumber salad, and tri-colored mochi for dessert.

It’s Gluten-free and vegan friendly (we had the tofu option).

More about Moon Rabbit Cafe from the website: What is Moon Rabbit Cafe? “This is our “pay what you can” community cafe. Guests can actually pay what you can afford or donate a little more to support others. Moon Rabbit Cafe features delicious and healthy specially prepared food in a relaxed community focused setting. Everyone is welcome to this unique and friendly dining experience.”

Throwback Post: Endless Rainbow of Love Outside of My Comfort Zone


September 4 2013:

Sending an endless rainbow of love to my friend Brenda Do … Thank you B … It’s time to let this life be a fun and great adventure … not a hard or disappointing adventure … or a rerun of the same old rough and tough adventure ….. a FUN adventure .. Let’s get it on! I LOVE ME … I LOVE BRENDA and I am grateful and blessed that she and I are here together at this time and this place! You are an awesome and amazing friend and human! No more BS! Rock on Y’all!! Hugs to anyone who needs or wants one!


Stepped out of my cocoon and went to an eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter Wine & Wisdom tonight … What a blessing to be able to smile at others and listen to them talk about their passions, share input when asked for and be updated on what’s up with those I already know …. and eat a chocolate chip cookie … YUM!! Plus, I was blessed right back with a copy of my book now on its way to being delivered to Lisa Nichols and her team by the wonderful Kim Heathman and meeting a local spa owner with the potential of having an off site Reiki Oasis Room to go along with my in home Reiki Oasis Room. It’s a wonderful feeling when we allow ourselves to be “in the zone”, going with the flow and letting things happen … aligning with our connectedness! Thanks Annie for facilitating a wonderful event and thanks Loretta for hosting it at the Bosma Business Center! xoxoxo

Throwback Post: Registering with Birthday Invitations and Margaritas


September 4 2014:

Registration Team!


September 4 2012:

Just finished presenting at Sierra Regional Center … Love an engaged group of people!!! Wahoo!!


September 4 2010:

Took kiddos 2 Great Basin Brewing Co for dinner. Yummy 4 me & them. Jackpot porter is da bomb!!


September 4 2010:

Lillian’s so proud of her Birthday Invitations, thought I’d share with y’all! Any of my local friends, please feel free to stop by and say “Hey”!


September 4 2009:

Just had the awesome Frank deliver a Yummy Margarita! We’re having taco’s tonight! Aaaaarrrrrriiiibbbbbaaa! Here’s to a great weekend for all my FB Friends!

Throwback Post: Welcome to the Messages


September 4 2014:

Team TLC goes for a daily walk and for the past 4 days or so “messages” keep blowing by us or we walk by them. I didn’t take pictures of the first two. The first message was “Welcome”. Next was “Enjoy”. Then, “Love”; which I kept and today it was “Triumph”. And then I found a quarter! HA! We’re having FUN with this y’all!

Throwback Post: Finding Treasures and Runners Up


May 31 2015:

Y’all know how much I like to purge!! Let the 2015 purge begin! Not only to get rid of not needed stuff; but finding treasures like this. Made my eyes sweat … xoxo

It was library day and Thomas and Lillian got their certificates for runners up in the bookmark contest! Wahoo!!

Runners Up May 31 2015