Throwback Post: LEGO Club With HappYness At A PTO Meeting


September 13 2013:

Adventures in HappYness … Thomas got his first Lego magazine …. Finally, he says!! Wahoos!!


HappYness Adventures for Camilla = The knowing that I facilitated a purely magical experience for one of my Reiki clients. Good Gosh!!! I LOVE doing this! xoxoxo


September 13 2012:

Home from my first EVER PTO meeting … I have NEVER attended a PTO meeting before …. those who know me, know I’m not a PTO type gal … So love this school I signed up to be the Parent Coordinator for Lillian’s class and Thomas’ class … Just means I’m kinda like the connector between the parents and teachers and parents and PTO. GO HDMS GO!!!!


Poolside Grab n Go Lunch

March 21 2021

Thank you Inova Apartments and Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Reno for a grab n go brunch this afternoon. Now I’ve had Noble Pie Parlor food 3 times in the last week! Look at the lovely huge salad they made for me. Looking forward to these events once a month now that things have lifted a bit. It’s great to meet and chat with neighbors. 🌟🌟🌟

Biggest Little Photographer – eBook

March 21 2021

Finally! The last step for getting Thomas’s book fully online, and available to all bookstores! Thank you to Kate for helping to make this happen! This has been on my “to do” list for years. The book is now on the big A, Ingram, and as an ebook. 🥳🥳🥳

Go here to learn more … 

Throwback Post: Board of Directors Meeting


September 18 2013:

The Board of Directors and I are getting ready for a meeting this morning. Thank you Thomas for arranging the meeting this morning! And y’all thought I was doing this all alone! HA!

The results of our Board Meeting this morning:

From Weasel: If you are expecting a weasel, You’ll get one!
From Bird: Surround yourself with others who fly like you.
From Rabbit: Eat more veggies!
From Frog: Use your tongue more!
From Fish: Go with the flow, let things happen, don’t MAKE them happen.
From Chipmunk: Eat more nuts!
From Mouse: Don’t worry so much about the details.
From Cat: Relax and play more.
From Porcupine: Do not compare yourself to others and/or others successes.
From Dog: Fill your heart with love for yourself and others.
From Turtle: Slow down. You do not always have to be going and doing.
From Lizard: Thank the Sun every single day for warming this wonderful place we get to call home!

And Time Continues – The 51st Birthday Celebrations – Camilla

February 26 2021

I’m incredibly late with posting this. I’ve had my hands so full with matters having to do with Thomas and Lillian. I did take the time to celebrate, though!

Step 1 for the 51st celebration of my birth. 💙🎉💙 … Follow the link to my personal blog to read further … 

The 51st Birthday Celebration – Camilla Downs

Thomas and Camilla With The Clone Wars

March 10 2021

Thomas and just finished something we began about a year ago … All 7 seasons of The Clone Wars. Every Wednesday after dinner we watched 3 episodes.

We enjoyed doing this together, so very much. And we were thrilled when The Mandalorian tied in with this.

Thank you to my Jr High School friend, Lillie Powell Salsberry, for suggesting that we watch. She and I were huge Star Wars fans, back in the day. We were official members of the Fan Club. That was back when everything was through the mail. We received posters, and official fan club goodies (which I still have!) Love you, Lillie! ❤️🎉❤️

Loving Human Touch Means the World

February 3 2021

A deeply, deeply needed craniosacral session = Happy, relieved face. Thank you Christine! See you in one month so we can do it again.

Something that needed help moving through, and was stuck in my lower back and pelvis …. I am overwhelmed at times with the enormity of being the sole parent and decision maker. And, I am kinda, sort of lonely, with it having been about 13 years since I’ve been in a relationship, not having another humans loving touch. My heart, mind, and body agree that this is okay to address.

Craniosacral is powerful medicine, people. That and acupressure are two powerful hands on healing modalities.

Ok. Bye for now. I’m going to make dinner. ❤️💐💐💐