Throwback Post: Warm and Beautiful Review for D iz for Different


October 5 2012:

My eyes were a sweating this morning when I read this warm and beautiful Amazon review from Giuliana LaRocca Ragas … Warms my heart and adds fuel to the fires of my passion.

“This book was given to me by very good friend of mine who knows Camilla through their group. I have a two year old son with Down Syndrome so she knew that I would benefit from reading it. Within minutes of opening the book I was not able to put it down. Camilla is right on the nose with so many things. Her book gave me so much hope for my son and his future and let me know that it was okay to be sad and angry. Not all days are going to be easy, but it is okay because we can all get through them with the strength we have within. She gives so much hope for the special needs world and her book gives our children a voice. There is nothing wrong with them just the people that think that there is. I have read it again and highlighted some amazing things that she has said. Regardless of the fact if you a new parent with a child with a disability or someone that has an older child this book is a must read. No one is alone in this, we are all in it together 🙂

Thank you Becky Gaylor Hobby for making sure Giuliana got one of my books!!

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