Throwback Post: Intestinal Fortitude and Perseverance


September 22 2012:

Thank you Luther for the touching and moving review on Amazon … totally made my eyes sweat …

“My wife and I read a chapter of D iz for Different each day after our lunch. We have a granddaughter, Irene McKay Moran, with the same Chromosome 18p- abnormality and Camilla’s daughter. Reading this book my wife and I were struck by the intestinal fortitude and perseverance of Camilla as she faced each differently-abled situation. During my years of military service I did not experience anyone with more determination to succeed, no matter the obstacle than that exhibited by Camilla. After retiring from the Air Force I worked for the Division of Social Services for the State of Missouri. Numerous of my clients had “differently-abled” children and were stuck in the “woe is me” rut. Resigned to accept whatever meager handout society would begrudgingly give them. I wish I has had Camilla’s book to give them. Maybe they would have seen what was possible for them and their family. Camilla, you have done a “bang-up job” with this book, and we are certainly glad our daughter Susan has made your acquaintance. Plus we’re glad to have met you at the conference in Indianapolis.”

Throwback Post: Warm and Beautiful Review for D iz for Different


October 5 2012:

My eyes were a sweating this morning when I read this warm and beautiful Amazon review from Giuliana LaRocca Ragas … Warms my heart and adds fuel to the fires of my passion.

“This book was given to me by very good friend of mine who knows Camilla through their group. I have a two year old son with Down Syndrome so she knew that I would benefit from reading it. Within minutes of opening the book I was not able to put it down. Camilla is right on the nose with so many things. Her book gave me so much hope for my son and his future and let me know that it was okay to be sad and angry. Not all days are going to be easy, but it is okay because we can all get through them with the strength we have within. She gives so much hope for the special needs world and her book gives our children a voice. There is nothing wrong with them just the people that think that there is. I have read it again and highlighted some amazing things that she has said. Regardless of the fact if you a new parent with a child with a disability or someone that has an older child this book is a must read. No one is alone in this, we are all in it together 🙂

Thank you Becky Gaylor Hobby for making sure Giuliana got one of my books!!

Throwback Post: D iz for Different Review: Invaluable Information


October 9 2012:

Thank you Mark Sogard for the GREAT Amazon review … appreciate it tons and tons!!

“While it is a breath of fresh air to see a book written for parents of special needs children,do not think that if you don’t have any special needs children you won’t get anything from this book. Not only does it contain invaluable information for special needs parents, it contains inspiring uplifting tips for the journey at the end of every chapter-and who doesn’t need that type of help in this fast paced society that we live in? Very well written and inspiring.”

Throwback Post: Gratitude Garden With D iz for Different While Cleaning and Serving


November 11 2014:

We’re planting a garden this month with seeds that live an infinity and flower over and over again! Grateful and blessed!


November 11 2013:

Team TLC cleaned house today, played some, read some, cooked some, played badminton, climbed the ladder twice to get the birdie off the roof, cleaned some windows, attempted to unclog my bathroom sink, mopped some floors, scrubbed some trim, washed dishes, washed some clothes AND sat down to plant our Gratitude Garden! We’ll each add to the tree every day until our tree is blooming full! Lillian drew the yellow flower and Thomas the purple flower. Thomas cut out most of the fruits and leaves for the tree too! Whew! I hear my bed calling me …. xoxo


November 11 2012:

Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I’m thankful to have a beautiful house and comfy slippers.


What a lovely group of people …. Nevada Diabetes Association luncheon!!!

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

Having Lillian to do our pretend circus with today and Mommy to hug and kiss.


I’ve had a busy and tiring weekend … went to read and rest on my bed earlier … Heard these two whispering as they closed my door. When I came out they had cleaned the house and were still cleaning …


November 11 2011:

Today I am thankful for the men and women who serve our country and their families . .


Thank you to my daddy, Robert Downs, for your service to our country . .

Dropping off food for Thanks-Giving food drive!!

Much appreciation to “Team TLC” for stopping by with donations for the Thanks-giving Food Drive! Thanks, Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


November 11 2010:

Just had to take a break to watch Lillian put on a “Blanket Fashion Show”. Have to say it was quit interesting and THE BEST Blanket Fashion Show I have ever attended! Rock on Ms. Lillian!


Throwback Post: Library Days With Horse Lessons and Wild Mushrooms While Swimming and Reading and Building


July 12 2014:


July 12 2013:

Lesson # 2 for Thomas … Horse Riding Adventures!!! Plus …. It’s so beautiful here!!


July 12 2012:

Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Fried Cheese Salad with wild mushrooms and champagne infused grapes and a Blue Sage to wash it down!!!!


Swim lesson adventures!!!!


Had to share with you… – Theresa Grant


July 12 2010:

On the bus headed to a dinner show with my Chromosome 18 family.


July 12 2009:

Weekend Fun

Grow & Build Project at Lowe’s with Thomas & Lillian

Throwback Post: Look Beyond Limitations – D iz for Different


July 18 2012:

Amazon Reviews:

Terri Barfield Craig says, “Camilla and Team TLC’s journey and life lessons, as shared in this book, will inspire you to look beyond limitations and gain new perspectives on what it means and how it feels to be “different”. It will change the way you see life in general. Not only is this book a phenomenal tool and resource for those with special needs children/adults in their lives, but it includes many nuggets of wisdom for the rest of us as well. I highly recommend it!” ….

Thank you tons Terri!!!

To learn more about the book, go here ..


Throwback Post: Stacks of Books Under Shade Trees with Good Food


July 30 2012:

Good morning y’all from San Antonio!! Monica Tello McDivitt saw Chad Templeton’s stack of books … said it brought a smile to her face ’cause she has a stack too!!! Thanks Monica for sharing ‘D iz for Different’ in your stack of books!! Hugs to you …. missing you at the C18 Conference!


July 30 2011:

Picnic in the park for Team TLC!! Nice big shade trees … YES!!


July 30 2010:

They even have rides at The Romano Casa!! The horsey tired out before I got my chance.


July 30 2009:

Just got home from a little eWn gals gathering to design & put together our special little boot badges we’re wearing at the conf in Dallas!! Reno eWn members ROCK!!! Wine, yummy food, fun & beautiful friends, laughter, being silly ~ what more could a girl ask for??

Throwback Post: Came Back with Seven Books


August 5 2012:

Took about 65 books with me to the Chromosome 18 Conference in San Antonio and came back with 7 books …. Thank you does not even convey the gratitude I feel for my C18 Family and the support, encouragement and love from y’all …. I LOVE Y’ALL TO PIECES!!!!!!!

Throwback Post: C is for Courage


August 11 2015:

I was moved to share this just now …

C is for Courage

“Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid. Having courage and showing courage means that we face our fears. We are able to say, “I have fallen, but I will get up!” – Maya Angelou … My addition to this: I have fallen, and it is okay. I choose not to be unkind to myself because I have fallen. I will use this to learn. ” The journey to acceptance takes courage; courage to face one’s fears; courage to make decisions that others frown upon or downright disagree with; and courage to do things differently. …. I have learned that courage is the golden, secret path to clarity …. ” excerpt from “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” …

May you feel the joy of the sun or peace of a tree today and know that all is well …..

If you’d like your own autographed copy of “D iz for Different” go here ….


(This is one of Lillian’s drawings from 2012).

Poetry Reading by Camilla With Quenching the Heart’s Thirst

April 6 2021

This has been great. Wrapping up soon. A poetry reading with others in the UK, Canada, and me in Reno. ❤️🎉❤️

April 24 2021

And then I received an email this morning with this message (referencing my 1st book, D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance) …

“Your decision to share your experiences and insights is truly a gift to the world. I have been having a synchronistic experience with your book. Sometimes, when I read it, I will move the bookmark to another spot in the book and then fail to replace it after I finish reading. The next time I go to read, the bookmark may be in a spot I have read before, but the words will be perfect for what is going on at that moment in time.” – Lisa

Lisa’s message landed on a thirsty heart. I’m thankful to those who quench the heart’s thirst just when it is needed most.

I don’t talk about this book much, as it’s about to receive a new cover, at which point I’ll re-launch with the new cover. Hopefully, in the next 1 – 3 months. (A very tired me, and a happy Lillian at a November 2019 book signing.)

To learn more about Words of Alchemy and D iz for Different, go here …