Throwback Post: 50 Days 500 Questions


October 4 2013:

Thomas’ observations last night during our before bed chat ritual where we talk about whatever he wants …. “I ask you at least 10 questions a day, probably more. In 50 days that’s 500 questions!”

Yes, Thomas, I agree. And he stumps me at least once a day with his questions! I also told him that sounds like a great book title, “50 Days, 500 Questions”!

Throwback Post: I Know What You Will Say


September 29 2015:

Driving home Thomas was being grumpy and said he’s so mad at himself. Then he says, “I know what you will say.” Then he says to himself what I would normally say to him in this situation. Then he says something else and he knows what I’ll say about that. And then he says to himself what I would normally say to him in this situation. I was trying not to laugh out loud as my heart was truly touched. Then, he asks, “Well, aren’t you going to say anything?”. Told him I wasn’t as he had just said it for me. He says, “Yes, but I like hearing it from you.” I had a conversation with him and didn’t even open my mouth! HA! LOVE …. xoxo

Throwback Post: Swiss Worms


October 24 2015:

Thank you to sweet Thomas for bringing laughter so hard that my face hurt. Haven’t laughed like that in a long time. It was nothing really hilarious but for some reason it just got me. We were listing different kinds of candy for something Lillian is doing.

He yells, “Swiss worms!” I said, “Do you mean Swedish fish?” Yep, that’s what he was talking about. Don’t know why, but that just set me off! Whew! Good stuff!


Throwback Post: Reminds Me of Things I Have Forgotten


October 27 2014:

He sure knows how to have fun! And, he writes comments like this in Lillian’s “love note” tonight: keep on working on brushing those teeth and I can understand you more every day. He is such a blessing and reminds me of things I have forgotten about this life.