Throwback Post: Choose One You Have Never Had Before


September 1 2014:

At the grocery store this afternoon I told Thomas to look at all the beautiful vegetables and fruits and to choose a fruit he’s never had before and a veggie he’s not had before. Told him he could look up different ways to serve/cook it later and not worry about that. He chose a radish bunch (yum) and a pomegranate. He had 1/2 a radish with dinner and loved it at first. When done he said I think my limit is 1/2 radish per serving. We’ll have the pomegranate later this week. So much fun for both of us! I’ll do this with Lillian next time!

(May 2014 Photo of Thomas on one of our walks)

Throwback Post: Best and Bestest – Sayings from a Young Thomas and Lillian


April 24 2013:

(A drawing Thomas made for me in 2013)

“I like using my imagination. It makes games more fun.” -Thomas (11.17.11)

“Can I help you cook dinner?” -Thomas. …. to which I replied, “You can put the dishes in the dishwasher for me”  …. to which Thomas replied,  “I’d be happy to. Let me take my shirt off.” (11.8.11) (Sensory issues!! He still will take off his shirt if it gets water on it!)

“I like you even when you are getting on to me.” -Thomas Darnell (11.8.11)

“I wish to be you when I grow up.” -Lillian Darnell

“These are the best grits you have ever made!” -Thomas Darnell (10.23.11)

‎”I like you and your the bestest Mama I’ve ever had!” -Thomas (10.21.11)

“I used the potty on the wall for the first time today.” -Thomas (10.13.11)

“These are the bestest grits you have ever made” -Thomas (10.2.11)

Throwback Post: A Day Full of Positive Consequences


March 9 2013:

I had to dish out a negative consequence to Mr. T last night due to a little incident.

After choosing to go to his room for some calming down and reflection and watching the “D iz for Different” video journey (he loves watching it every movie night), he had these things to say, “I love my life. Life is so happy it makes me cry. We have all we need and want. We have food. We have a house. We have a car and most of all we have each other.” Then he wrote a note to Lillian that she is very kind and he loves her and his eyes were sweating because he was so happy!

Dishing out negative consequences is no fun y’all. Yet, the rewards to the soul that receives it far outweigh the uncomfortable moments. Here’s to a day full of positive consequences!

Throwback Post: What Time Did You Go To Bed


October 3 2013:

Thomas asked me earlier what time I went to bed last night. I told him and we went about our business. A little bit later he came over and helped me wash the dishes and then cleaned the stove and told me he wanted to help so I could go to bed earlier …. I am blessed times 500 million and beyond that I get to be this little person’s Mama!! xoxo

I so much LOVE seeing him embrace all the GOOD that life has to offer and my wish is that he continues to do so and never loses sight of it.

(Thomas on a May 2013 Date Day at Virginia Foothills Park)

Throwback Post: You Look So Young


October 15 2013:

October 15 2013: Thomas says to me, “You look so young for your age” .. I tell him excitedly, “Thank you Thomas so much”. He asked me why I was thanking him and I told him that was a compliment. He said he didn’t know that …. He just wanted to tell me just because. Pure innocence and honesty … LOVE!

(Photo of Thomas from a 2013 walk)

Elephant in the Room With Inconvenient Hair While An Octopus Watches

April 21 2020:

Went to go to bed. Thomas. You crack me up with your randomness.

May 5 2020

He has sensory issues, first of all, and has really thick hair. And, does not like nails or hair … anything that requires maintenance! Why do we have to have hair and nails???? He’s serious, too!

May 7 2020

Thomas randomness. Found on the kitchen table: One red, squishy octopus. I’m so blessed by Thomas. He brings laughter every single day!