Throwback Post: In My Room for the Rest of My Life


June 22 2012:

“I want to keep my Report Card in my room for the rest of my life … as a kid … ’cause I don’t want to forget Mrs. O’Connor!” -Thomas Darnell

Thank you to Mrs. O’Connor for being such a fabulous teacher and role model, for being patient, and for texting almost daily with me to ensure we were working together to help Thomas be his best!!

(Thomas – July 2012)

Throwback Post: Thomas and His New Pets


July 21 2010:

Since Cinamon has left us, Thomas has been on the search for a new pet. He found an ant on the bathroom floor which he had for a pet for an entire 5 minutes until he lost it. Then, he found 2 roly poly bugs (can’t remember their “official” name). He was excited cause he had a whole family!! He had those for maybe a few hours and even played hide and seek with them. This kid cracks me up!

(Cinamon & Thomas 2010)

Throwback Post: Mesons and Atoms and The Neutrino and Galileo’s Infinite Instants


July 22 2016:

We’re reading Norman Cousin’s book, The Celebration of Life, out loud together. When I began reading the section about mesons, atoms, the neutrino, and Galileo’s infinite instants; Thomas was glued to the book and didn’t want me to stop.

We only read a few pages a night. He loves mesons (which I have never heard of or don’t remember learning about) and when I was describing infinite instants, he yelled, “I know what that is”, before I got to the section with the term in it. I am so incredibly blessed by this young man, his spirit, his heart, his light … xoxoxo