Poetry That Delves Into the Heart – Words of Alchemy Review

May 8 2020

A heart warming gift received this afternoon. Thank you, Marje of Kyrosmagica Publishing!!

“What a joy it is to read this gem of a poetry book. Full of beautiful free-verse, a memoir about friends, family, relationships and the love of the nature. This is for you if you enjoy the natural world, (as I do,) if you appreciate poetry that delves into the heart and doesn’t hold back. In many ways it is an intimate and brave expression of the author – Camilla Downs’s – thoughts and feelings.

I highly recommend.

5 stars.” … Go here to read the full review …

Book Review: Words of Alchemy by Camilla Downs #FreeVerse #Poetry #Nature #Family #Relationships #Love

Beautiful Surprise of a Framed Tree

May 16 2020

Look at this beautiful surprise I found in the mail! Someone commented that this photo I took would look great as a card, and another someone saw that comment.

She agreed, made it into a card, and mailed it to me. It looks amazing! I’m so blessed when others help me to see my creations through their eyes. Overflowing gratitude to and for those who reflect ME back to myself. xoxo

There has been interest since posting this of those who would like to be a box of cards. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Thomas and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

May 15 2020

Thomas and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

Part 1: Lunch for pick up from Bangkok Cuisine

This is exactly what I wanted, have been wanting for a few months. Great selection of vegan items, too.

I had Vegan Fresh Rolls with peanut sauce for an appetizer; which I split with Thomas, Penang Curry for the main course, followed by an amazing dessert of Sweet Rice with Coconut. 😋😋😋

Thomas had Chicken Penang Curry, Thai Omelet with Tomato & Onions, and Sweet Rice with Mangos fir dessert.

Part 2: A walk in a new-to-Thomas spot. He liked it!!

Mother’s Day Ponderings

May 12 2020

Thoughts about Mother’s Day …

I didn’t post anything on Mother’s Day. I was feeling down, and dealing with aching teeth.

Mother’s Day has never been about store bought gifts and flowers for me. I do not judge those who find these things meaningful. I have always loved and enjoyed the home made cards and gifts that Thomas and Lillian made me when they were younger.

I attempted to raise them not to feel compelled to give gifts just  …. Link to CD.com


I can’t stand being led around by the nose by the Whatever-Gift-Giving-Day/Season-It-Is BS! It’s stressful and can lead to people feeling obligated; which one can sense in the gift received.

Thomas is a double edged sword (in a good way). He can say the most beautiful things in one moment and the next moment be calling me on my own BS, when I’ve said something judgy or just downright mean! I have to tell him every once in a while that I’m a grown ass woman and I will live my life the way I want and he can live his the way he chooses, when he gets older, that is! HA!

I sometimes cringe at the things I share, after the fact. Yet, I know in the moment that I am to share. I no longer question this incredibly strong intuitive knowing. My mind says, “Don’t post that. Others will think you crazy and woo woo, etc … ” My Knowing says, “Thank you, mind. Your input is not needed right now.”

Also …. It’s definitely nice to be remembered and receive appreciation for being who we are.

First Two Teeth Fixed – Hallelujah

May 11 2020

First two teeth down = crooked smile, left side of face numb. I’ve never been more thrilled about dentist visits! In and out in less than an hour and I didn’t feel anything (pain, that is). Still can’t feel anything! Ha! Next two getting addressed next Monday.

After about 13 years of not being in a financial position to address my teeth; I am damn well pleased for myself too!! Hallelujah!!! Love got me through …

I know first hand why and how teeth get neglected. For those that have Medicaid, it only pays for teeth to be extracted. That’s it. Fu**ing ridiculous! If I had to choose between dental and health insurance, I’d choose dental. I’m extremely grateful that after about 13 years of discomfort, I found a dentist I like, and that I’m finally able to afford having the work done. Such a relief …

Glorious Shade With a Fabulous Rug Plus a Garage

May 5 2020

I did a thing. I put together the umbrella stand and attached the umbrella. Shade, glorious shade!!! When the wind is calm, that is. Birthday present from The Romano Duo!! (Yes. My birthday was in February. I guess we’re still celebrating, or just now celebrating??!!)

May 11 2020

The rug arrived. No more burning feet! Yay!

May 11 2020

More good happenings today! Finally got my garage. Been waiting since November. Wahooo!!!!

Throwback Post: Opportunism and Birds and Holidays


June 4 2013:

Thank you Wade A. Hodges for taking the “opportunity” to leave an Amazon review for “D iz for Different” … I deeply appreciate your friendship and the DIFFERENT perspective of your review!! “Opportunism is generally regarded as a derogatory term that refers to people who will do anything for themselves. They have no core values beyond promoting their own needs. They contribute nothing to society.

In fact, opportunism is a great art that has been studied and practiced by many. Opportunism is a belief system that is eminently positive and powerful. It is a philosophy that says every event occurs for a reason and that it is within your capacity to see this reason as positive. When you complain and rail against circumstances, you fall out of balance with the the natural state of things; you wish things were D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t. What Camilla has done is to embrace Different to the point that she sees it as an Opportunity to the point where it can be likened to a fire that consumes everything in its path – ALL cicrumstances become consumed in her mental heat and converted into O-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-i-e-s. Any man or woman who believes this cannot be hurt by anything or anyone. The age of the individual is NOT over – but needed now more than ever. Good Job Camilla and thanks for leaving a trail at a time when so many have come to rely on Hope as a Strategy for moving forward. Thanks for being You!”


There they were 3 Little Birds sitting on the fence all in a row … I tried to get a picture, yet, they decided I didn’t need one! Just back from my walk … It’s gettin warm out there y’all!!

Bob Marley’s Three little birds ….

… and Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy …


Lillian is making a list of holidays that she wants to create. One of the holidays will be Lillian Day …. Thomas adds that on Lillian Day we will all speak Lillian Language! Now! That’s what I’m talkin bout! What an awesome little brother!

Found Poetry Hidden Within Mailed Books

April 14 2020 a;lsdkfj;lasdkjf

It was a great day to mail books! Thank goodness for these drive through postal drops. And …. thank you to those who are buying books and sharing about books.

May 6 2020

Creating more Found Poetry to hide within Words of Alchemy. Preparing to mail a book to a lovely winner in Massachusetts. Some of these still need a word or two trimmed. Found within books that were destined for the trash.

May 9 2020

Ready to be hidden within outgoing books.

Words of Alchemy – A Celebration of Family and Adaption

April 22 2020:

“Words of Alchemy is warm and personal, like being invited to sit on the author’s couch and listen to her talk to family and friends. Intimate and loving, these poems are a celebration of family, of friends, of life, of nature, and of adaptation.”  – Amazon Customer