Throwback Post: Living Room Floor Show


August 29 2014:

I just got treated to a great show right in my living room full of dancing and professional mirror writing! It began with a dedication to me … made my heart swell with love and my eyes pool with sweat! Complete with an intermission where I was served sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts and water. After the show I received a 16 minute back scratch/massage …. Ahhhh! I’m ready for bed now!

(Team TLC at the library – September 2014)

**Update – October 2021 – When coming across such wonderful memories, and photos, I must remind myself to smile, to feel joy because these beautiful moments happened, and not to be sad because they are no longer. xoxo

Throwback Post: Endless Rainbow of Love Outside of My Comfort Zone


September 4 2013:

Sending an endless rainbow of love to my friend Brenda Do … Thank you B … It’s time to let this life be a fun and great adventure … not a hard or disappointing adventure … or a rerun of the same old rough and tough adventure ….. a FUN adventure .. Let’s get it on! I LOVE ME … I LOVE BRENDA and I am grateful and blessed that she and I are here together at this time and this place! You are an awesome and amazing friend and human! No more BS! Rock on Y’all!! Hugs to anyone who needs or wants one!


Stepped out of my cocoon and went to an eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter Wine & Wisdom tonight … What a blessing to be able to smile at others and listen to them talk about their passions, share input when asked for and be updated on what’s up with those I already know …. and eat a chocolate chip cookie … YUM!! Plus, I was blessed right back with a copy of my book now on its way to being delivered to Lisa Nichols and her team by the wonderful Kim Heathman and meeting a local spa owner with the potential of having an off site Reiki Oasis Room to go along with my in home Reiki Oasis Room. It’s a wonderful feeling when we allow ourselves to be “in the zone”, going with the flow and letting things happen … aligning with our connectedness! Thanks Annie for facilitating a wonderful event and thanks Loretta for hosting it at the Bosma Business Center! xoxoxo

Vivid and Heart-Felt, Like Magic Spells – Review of Words of Alchemy

Thank you Fi!!

“This collection of free-verse poetry is vivid and heart-felt. At times it seemed like a book of affirmations; at others a meditation on life. Even more poems reminded me of magic spells, sending love and good wishes out into the world. I enjoyed reading the explanations that many of the poems carried too. All in all, Words of Alchemy by Camilla Downs is a magical read.” – Fi Phillips

A Feeling Like No Other – Camilla at Nevada Beach, Lake Tahoe

July 16 2021

She’s been calling my name for over a year. Put some things together, stopped for a vegan donut and cappuccino, and here I am. Had a snack, a few swims, now eating lunch.

This is a feeling like no other. I am relaxed, at peace, soothed. I’m home. I love you Lake Tahoe. Thank you.

Fun synchronicity story of an introverted extrovert …

I was supposed to have a poolside chat with a friend and her son yesterday morning. My friend wasn’t feeling good so that got canceled. I decided to drive to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada Beach. I wish I could say I came to that decision in an instant, as I’ve been wanting to visit Lake Tahoe since last year. It’s always an internal struggle for me to leave the house, leave my comfort zone.

Conversation with myself:

Me: You have been wanting to go for a year now. Just go.
Me: But, maybe I should just do my regular routine, go for a walk, and then a swim?
Me: You’ve had a full year of staying at home, it’s time to start getting out and doing the things you daydream about doing.
Me: Maybe I’ll start doing that next week.
Me: When have you ever regretted leaving the house for a ride up to Lake Tahoe?
Me: If you want to do these things you daydream about, you have got to get out there and do them. You are not getting any younger. You have got to learn to step out of your comfort zone, and do things alone. You can’t sit at home waiting for whatever it is you’re waiting for.
Me: Okay then. I’m doing it!

This went on for a good hour before I finally put some things together and left. I invited Thomas but he wasn’t up for it.

Nevada Beach is nearly an hour’s drive from where I live in Reno. When I reached Nevada Beach it was nearly 10:00am. The spot I chose to park and to enter the beach laid the way for the synchronicity that followed. Instead of following the paved entrance to the beach, I veered off and followed a sort-of sand path. To my delight there were only a few people in this section. (Heaven for an introvert!!)

After about 2 and a half hours, I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and saw it was my birthday twin, Tania, who lives in the area. Not only that, she had friends from Arizona with her that I had only ever met through facebook. We had a lovely time catching up and chatting. They had planned on going for a hike most of the day, deciding instead for a relaxing beach day.

Many things had to line up for this to happen. It was such a great day.

Thank you “outgoing” me for not giving up on “stay in the comfort zone” me.

Although I am an introvert, when I am among friends, or when I become comfortable with others, it’s difficult to get me to stop talking! HA!

Camilla on the Bill Arnott Spotlight – Speaking Up

June 12 2021

Many months ago I had the pleasure of being a guest of author Bill Arnott on his Spotlight feature. Join us to find out how seeing situations from different angles, ping pong, role models, loving kindness, pressing the reset button, spaghetti, and a kayak come together for this fun spotlight …

Speak Up and Speak Out – Camilla on the Bill Arnott Spotlight

Lillian and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

May 25 2021

Lillian and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

It was a momentous date day. First time for Lillian to go inside of anyplace in just over a year. She was excited. Clothes shopping for our first stop.

Part 2 through I lost count, as we made so many stops, I’m delirious.

Fries and lemonade at Noble Pie Parlor. Then to pick up dessert. Watermelon macaroon for Lillian, ginger rose dark chocolate for me.

Barnes & Noble, Michaels, and stopping to gaze at the full moon on the way home. (Psst …. I do not like shopping. Drains every inch of energy out of me. I shall crawl into bed, and pass out shortly.)

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla August 2016 Date Day


September 6 2016:

Thomas and Camilla August 2016 date day …. (Our date day got postponed by a few days as Thomas was sick!)

Ended the date with enjoying cookies after dinner. And then a starlit walk.

Little Washoe Lake ….

“Would anyone believe that playing with sticks and walking and splashing in the water would be so fun?” -Thomas

This was an impromptu stop as we drove right by on our way home from Carson City. And it was Thomas’ idea …. Kinda. As I had just thought, we should stop by the lake. Hmmm.

Thomas told me he was having so much fun and was so happy we stopped. I sat in the sand and watched him a while and then he asked me to join him. And I did. Took off my shoes and walked and splashed with him.

Cost of this date = $0 / Value = Priceless xoxo ….