Throwback Post: Fun and Interesting and Inspiring – D iz for Different


July 27 2012:

“I really enjoyed your book Camilla. Fun, interesting, inspiring and heartwarming. Lillian and Thomas are very lucky to have you for their Mom. We are traveling to Lake Powell today, I started your book at 11:30. There were a few stops but finished it in 5 hours. Are you working on book 2? Haha. Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet you and your kids. Great job!!” – Beverly Romano Warford

Throwback Post: C is for Courage


August 11 2015:

I was moved to share this just now …

C is for Courage

“Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid. Having courage and showing courage means that we face our fears. We are able to say, “I have fallen, but I will get up!” – Maya Angelou … My addition to this: I have fallen, and it is okay. I choose not to be unkind to myself because I have fallen. I will use this to learn. ” The journey to acceptance takes courage; courage to face one’s fears; courage to make decisions that others frown upon or downright disagree with; and courage to do things differently. …. I have learned that courage is the golden, secret path to clarity …. ” excerpt from “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” …

May you feel the joy of the sun or peace of a tree today and know that all is well …..

If you’d like your own autographed copy of “D iz for Different” go here ….


(This is one of Lillian’s drawings from 2012).

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January 1 2022

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Throwback Post: The Words Just Fly Out of One’s Fingers


August 21 2015:

Just emailed the article for the next issue of The Australian Institute of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ journal. Whew! 4,000 words in a week and a half. You know what that tells me? I can do it and I do have the time for that next book. YES! That felt great and I LOVED writing it! Completely and totally all from the heart … amazing how the words just fly out of one’s fingers when the mind is not allowed to give input! HA!

**December 2 2021 Update**

The article was published in November 2015. You can read it here …

My Journey With Intellectual Disability and Relationships – A Short Memoir

Throwback Post: Tips for the Journey – D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance


August 22 2012:

Thanks Momma for the review on Amazon … Yep, I’ve always been smiling …. from the beginning!!

“”D IZ FOR DIFFERENT” is a very inspiring and educational book. It will give you tips for your journey as you go through life raising your special needs child/children and will give you excellent resources for help and support from different organizations. What a very special person to share her family life to help others through a very difficult time. Thank you for writing this book!”

Me and Momma 9 months old

To learn more about D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance, go here …


Flashbacks to My Younger Days While Educating Myself

October 11 2021

Taking care of something that’s needed addressed for about 5 years. Having an old crown removed, addressing decay, and getting a new crown.

Thank goodness there is enough healthy tooth left for a new crown, as the alternatives would have been a ton of work and lots of money!! Pretty cool having it all done in one visit. The machine that’s making the new crown just finished!

Funny thing happened when I first sat into the dental chair. It felt like the back of the chair was moving. I thought, Oh my goodness. Is this chair moving, or am I tripping out? Had flashbacks to my younger days! 😂🤣😂

I stuck my hand back there twice to see if it was moving, and couldn’t feel anything. After the assistant explained everything, she asked if I had any questions. One question, Is this chair moving, or am I tripping? She laughed, and told me it was in vibration mode. She turned it off, as it was creeping me out! 😱 Told her for a minute there, I thought I took too much CBD oil before coming in.


I really know how to party on a Monday. Major dental work earlier today, and tonight, a zoom session about Interoception and Alexithymia. Names and useful information to put with so many “things” having to do with Lillian and Thomas.

October 13 2021

Just finished with another Zoom session. Thank you to the Chromosome 18 Registry for facilitating this one. I got many of my questions answered. Whew!

Throwback Post: Living Room Floor Show


August 29 2014:

I just got treated to a great show right in my living room full of dancing and professional mirror writing! It began with a dedication to me … made my heart swell with love and my eyes pool with sweat! Complete with an intermission where I was served sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts and water. After the show I received a 16 minute back scratch/massage …. Ahhhh! I’m ready for bed now!

(Team TLC at the library – September 2014)

**Update – October 2021 – When coming across such wonderful memories, and photos, I must remind myself to smile, to feel joy because these beautiful moments happened, and not to be sad because they are no longer. xoxo

Throwback Post: Endless Rainbow of Love Outside of My Comfort Zone


September 4 2013:

Sending an endless rainbow of love to my friend Brenda Do … Thank you B … It’s time to let this life be a fun and great adventure … not a hard or disappointing adventure … or a rerun of the same old rough and tough adventure ….. a FUN adventure .. Let’s get it on! I LOVE ME … I LOVE BRENDA and I am grateful and blessed that she and I are here together at this time and this place! You are an awesome and amazing friend and human! No more BS! Rock on Y’all!! Hugs to anyone who needs or wants one!


Stepped out of my cocoon and went to an eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter Wine & Wisdom tonight … What a blessing to be able to smile at others and listen to them talk about their passions, share input when asked for and be updated on what’s up with those I already know …. and eat a chocolate chip cookie … YUM!! Plus, I was blessed right back with a copy of my book now on its way to being delivered to Lisa Nichols and her team by the wonderful Kim Heathman and meeting a local spa owner with the potential of having an off site Reiki Oasis Room to go along with my in home Reiki Oasis Room. It’s a wonderful feeling when we allow ourselves to be “in the zone”, going with the flow and letting things happen … aligning with our connectedness! Thanks Annie for facilitating a wonderful event and thanks Loretta for hosting it at the Bosma Business Center! xoxoxo

Vivid and Heart-Felt, Like Magic Spells – Review of Words of Alchemy

Thank you Fi!!

“This collection of free-verse poetry is vivid and heart-felt. At times it seemed like a book of affirmations; at others a meditation on life. Even more poems reminded me of magic spells, sending love and good wishes out into the world. I enjoyed reading the explanations that many of the poems carried too. All in all, Words of Alchemy by Camilla Downs is a magical read.” – Fi Phillips