Top 10 Blogs Posts for 2021 – Camilla Downs

January 1 2022

(November 2021 – Galena Forest)

Top Ten 2021 Blog Posts With the Most Views (Culled only from 2021 blog posts)

1. Pride Month 2021 – I Support You and I Am With You
2. Asking for Help is the Hardest Part
3. Get to Know Me: What Weird or Useless Talent Do You Have?
4. Why Writing is Important to Me – An Interview with Clare Rhoden
5. Throwback Post: It Was A Crummy Day
6. Exciting News – Lillian’s Imaginarium is Open and Get to Know Me – How Handy Are You When It Comes to Fixing Things?
7. Get to Know Me: What is Your Favorite Season and Why
8. Dear Anyone Who Feels Like They Don’t Matter
9. The 51st Birthday Celebration – Camilla Downs and Throwback Post: Compassion Has Replaced Judgments
10. Get to Know Me: What Do You Do On the Weekends? and Get to Know Me: Choose Anything for a Day

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