Flashbacks to My Younger Days While Educating Myself

October 11 2021

Taking care of something that’s needed addressed for about 5 years. Having an old crown removed, addressing decay, and getting a new crown.

Thank goodness there is enough healthy tooth left for a new crown, as the alternatives would have been a ton of work and lots of money!! Pretty cool having it all done in one visit. The machine that’s making the new crown just finished!

Funny thing happened when I first sat into the dental chair. It felt like the back of the chair was moving. I thought, Oh my goodness. Is this chair moving, or am I tripping out? Had flashbacks to my younger days! 😂🤣😂

I stuck my hand back there twice to see if it was moving, and couldn’t feel anything. After the assistant explained everything, she asked if I had any questions. One question, Is this chair moving, or am I tripping? She laughed, and told me it was in vibration mode. She turned it off, as it was creeping me out! 😱 Told her for a minute there, I thought I took too much CBD oil before coming in.


I really know how to party on a Monday. Major dental work earlier today, and tonight, a zoom session about Interoception and Alexithymia. Names and useful information to put with so many “things” having to do with Lillian and Thomas.

October 13 2021

Just finished with another Zoom session. Thank you to the Chromosome 18 Registry for facilitating this one. I got many of my questions answered. Whew!

Movie Night: Selma

June 19 2020

Extra movie night for me: “Selma” (Free right now, anywhere it is available.)

“It is unacceptable that they use their power to keep us voiceless …. What happens when a man stands up and says, Enough is Enough” – Martin Luther King, Jr

These people had more courage than I will ever know.