Throwback Post: Fortune Under the Moon with Mirror Writing and UNO


August 28 2015:

“Something special is coming your way.” The culinary teacher just walked by and gave me a fortune cookie. I thanked her and told her that I was waiting for my fortune to be told! Then, I opened it!! Thanks universe!! I knew it!! xoxo

Such a great walk tonight and then we caught the big giant moon playing hide n seek with a tree. Played a game of UNO on the front porch while the moon got brighter and higher. xoxo


August 28 2014:

Lillian says she has a talent and asks if she can tell others about it … Of course, Lillian! So Mama’s gonna share with y’all for her. Quite a while ago, she read a book about Leonardo da Vinci which talked about his mirror writing. Last night she told me that stuck with her and she’d been wanting to try it. Yesterday, during the brief time the teacher was reading to the class, she mirror wrote the alphabet and her name. She is so proud of herself. Here I am helping her tell others about her talent … Here’s a couple of websites about mirror writing … Any other left handers or C18’ers out there who can do this so easily? and

I’m ready to spread some happiness! It’s a go! Just got off the phone with Seema from Project Happiness! It’s exciting to come across an organization whose mission and vision are so closely aligned with my own. They’ve got a 9 lesson curriculum for kindergarden through high school that teaches social, emotional and leadership skills. Now! Who here in Reno/Sparks/Tahoe wants this brought to your child’s school? … And, we’ll blog about it too! Here’s more: Project Happiness is working to help create a world where:

School bullying will no longer be a socially accepted behavior
Young adults will be taught to know and value their passions and personal strengths, and become more compassionate to themselves and others
Building one’s character will be as important as building one’s resume
Success will be measured by the degree to which we experience meaningful, fulfilling lives (not just by our job titles and credentials)


August 28 2013:

Lillian has been home sick today … poor fairy angel! Thomas and I are playing UNO together on the floor and providing her some entertainment! Now, shoo shoo, whatever has her tummy upset and giving her fever! SHOO! We want our Lillian back!


August 28 2012:

Thomas wants to know …. How do high winds turn over tall vehicles and trucks? I’m gonna start asking y’all some of his questions!!! (We passed the high wind warning sign for Washoe Valley and that’s what prompted this question)


Just had to share this update from one of my Houma, Louisiana friends …. “With a hurricane bearing down on us nearly all the stores in town are closed, but the Daiquiri Shop and fried chicken place are open. Yep, I live in Louisiana.” Thank you Darrell ‘n Lois Solet for making me laugh!!! People cannot believe it when I tell them there are drive thru Daiquiri Shops …. Hey, they leave the straw out of the cup and in the paper y’all!!


… and Lillian’s choice for falling asleep music … Zydeco …. Yep, that’s my girl!! I  my Mississippi & Louisiana roots y’all


August 28 2009:

BFF of mine (Lillie) just helped to bring back some awesome, innocent, happy, peaceful thoughts of childhood. Thought I’d share with y’all ~ seemed like a great way to start the weekend! Anyone else remember making home made ice cream with parents, grandparents, cousins? Fun of putting in the ingredients, excitement of waiting for it to get ready and then savoring every yummy scrumptious bite with family & friends


Thank you Kathy LaCroix Buchanan for the awesome review of “D iz for Different” over on Amazon … Appreciate it times a million and appreciate having you in my life!! “An uplifting and honest book about facing life’s challenges. Teaches you that how you respond to adversity is within your control and that you can still be happy even when circumstances are less than perfect. As the mother of a child with special needs, I really connected with the author. A great read!”

Throwback Post: Warm Blanket of Love and Memories


November 27 2014:

This morning I woke to a strong, warm blanket of love and memories.

Thoughts and visions of childhood Thanksgivings. The love, laughter, silliness, and craziness. Love shared with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. And then came a wave of memories of old friendships and special moments; including moments where I’ve not been at my best and asking for forgiveness. It was so very special and filled my heart with love.

I am thankful for this. May your hearts be open to give and receive unconditional, compassionate love today … xoxo

(Camilla – 2014 – Washoe Lake)

Throwback Post: Pretty Young Thing


July 17 2012:

Just heard a song that brought back warm and fuzzy memories of my Mammaw & Arthur Mann.

After my step-grandpa, Arthur, retired from construction work in Nigeria, they weren’t ready to settle down and still wanted to travel. So they took on the task of motel management … they were at a different location about every 6 months. It was such fun to visit them while they were doing this.

One of their front desk employees when they were in Helena, Montana was also a DJ. Guess hearing this song by Michael Jackson that he dedicated to me on one of his DJ’ing shifts brought these fun memories to the surface!!

Miss talking and visiting with y’all and love the memories we created!

Throwback Post: Honeysuckle Memories


July 24 2012:

I walk by Honeysuckle every time we are on a walk on the trail by our house … I LOVE the smell of Honeysuckle … it reminds me of my Mammaw Downs … Loved being at my Mammaw’s house and hanging out with my cousins. Always felt like HOME!

She had honeysuckle and blackberries in the backyard (and a big ole garden!!) I so enjoyed picking the blackberries (only half of them made it into the house) so she could make all kinds of yummy stuff with them and pulling the middle out of the honeysuckle flower to get that itty bitty bit of nectar inside of each one! Hope this brings a wave of warm precious memories to your day too!!

Did Someone Say Big Hair

November 27 2021

Did someone say BIG hair and black eyeliner?

Found these wild gems while going through the piles of old photos, taken 1992. I’m thankful I finally laid the black eye liner to rest. RIP black eyeliner! 😂🤣😂

After seeing these, Thomas commented that I sure wear my hair boring now. I guess you could say that I’m all around quite boring these days compared to back then. Wild hair = Wild child … I guess??!! 😁😁😁

Leaves and Love and Beauty and Beautiful Memories and Fairy Houses and Quiet

October 2 2018:

An after dinner walk with Lillian on Sunday and these beautiful leaves were just hanging around. 🍁🍁🍁

October 3 2018:

Wonderful five mile walk Tuesday morning. The trees, leaves, and sky whispered of love and beauty. 💚💚💚💙💙💙

October 4 2018:

Lillian and I spent a few minutes in the library garden yesterday after doing our volunteer work. Team TLC used to visit the garden after every library visit. Beautiful memories! 💚💚💚

This beautiful creation of nature brings to mind that it’s a wee little fairy house. I just love these cute wispy beauties!! xoxo

October 5 2018:

Beautiful and quiet afternoon walk. Sigh …. Deeply grateful …. 🙏💚💙🌲🌏

A Heart Opening Memory by Camilla Downs

October 5 2018:

A Piece of Myself Back – A Heart Opening Memory

*THROWBACK TO DECEMBER 14 2013 with Memories of 1989**

(I’m doing housecleaning of my blog and came across this post that got buried before I had the chance to go back to it. Seemed like the right time to share it now.) …..

A Piece of Myself Back – A Heart Opening Memory

A Haunting Memory by Camilla Downs

June 10 2018:

A Haunting Memory

Why does this memory haunt her? Why does it keep returning? She does not remember the exact age of when this happened. She would have been 5, 6 or 7 years old. The past couple of years when this memory surfaced she has taken the time to feel emotions she buried from that time …. sadness and anger. Even though she remembers not who was involved, she has forgiven whoever it was.

She used to ignore it. Telling herself either she imagined it or if it happened …

Alchemy: A Haunting Memory Reveals the Truth