Throwback Post: Watch a Lightning Show


August 22 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night … Beautiful sunset and seeing the rain and lightening in the distance just added to the magic. xoxo

We talked about how the breeze feels against our skin and my skirt. We saw a nutria or muskrat. Still trying to figure out which it is.

Then, we had a ball trying to catch leaves as they blew from the trees. And last, we got to see much lightening off in the distance.

Yes. Thank you. And I’ll have more please. xoxo

And here’s Lillian’s post about our walk … “Hey, everyone! I keep seeing lightning. It is an amazing show to watch. I suggest those those of you who like watching TV, try watching a lightning show from nature. I also got to experience leaves falling all at once.” xoxoxo

Sunset With Lovely Clouds While Decompressing

November 7 2021


November 9 2021

More lovely clouds today. The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit just concluded. Three days of tons of information, resources, feeling seen, and validated. I am literally wiped out. I need three days to recover.

November 10 2021

Operation decompress. A swim, followed by a soak. Ahhhhh ….

November 11 2021

Operation decompress continued. How can the view on this short drive not help to brighten one’s mood? I really love where I live.

I highly recommend forest walking. Thank you trees! 💚💙🌲🌲🌲💙💚 And I got to hear Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Prince during the drive home!

Throwback Post: Beautiful Twilight Walk


August 23 2016:

Sunset walk at the Wilbur May Arboretum tonight. Beautiful flowers, waterfalls, a rabbit (who stayed still and sat with us for a while), heart shaped tree trunk, dinosaurs, ducks, trees, and a frog. And ended the adventure with a twilight walk around the labyrinth while the crickets sang. Yes. Thank you and bring me more please. xoxo

Cool Clouds at Sunrise With a Walk in the Forest Amongst Dramatic Clouds

November 1 2021

Cool clouds this afternoon.

November 4 2021

This morning.

November 4 2021

The forest was calling this morning. Such amazing beauty. 💙💚💚💚💙

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.” – Hermann Hesse

November 6 2021

More dramatic skies this morning.

Throwback Post: Crazy and Fun With a Sprinkle of Inspiring


August 24 2014:

These are some of the craziest, fun, inspiring people I know!! Turning what could have been a 15 minute walk into an hour, playing with shadow pictures, looking at the sky, rolling down a hill, smelling roses, and being silly! I love us! xoxo

Bright and Beautiful with Sunset Reflections and Sultry Clouds of Sunrise

October 26 2021

Wonderful walk this morning. The day after the atmospheric river event. Bright and beautiful.

October 27 2021

Beautiful sunset last night. I thought it looked pretty cool reflecting in the window.

October 29 2021

Spectacular, sultry clouds this afternoon.

October 30 2021

Sunrise this morning.

Dreamy Clouds With Color Sticky With Sap

October 19 2021

Yesterday’s walk. Clouds and color.

October 20 2021

Such a magical walk yesterday. I touched the tree trunks, the leaves, the fluffy bushes along the way. My hands sticky with sap by the time I was done. It was one of those walks where the body, heart, mind, and soul hum with bliss. I may be reaching, yet I think some of you may feel it shining from the photos. ❤️🍁🍁🍁❤️

I accidentally caught a leaf in action, drifting from the tree. I zoomed the photo and took a screenshot so you could see.

October 23 2021

Dreamy, creamy clouds from a few days ago.

Boosting the Joy With Great Clouds and Orange Memories

September 27 2021

Walks soothe whatever ails, walks boost the joy, the love.

September 28 2021

Great clouds last night.

September 28 2021

Memories of four years of walks, climbing trees, throwing rocks and sticks in the water, playing in the snow, and many inspired poems. That was the walk this morning.

October 2 2021

Forgot to post these orange beauties, from a walk last week.

A walk with Lillian earlier in the week. It’s difficult to get her out of the house these days. Success!!