Windy Wild Flowers with a Feeling Good Orange Sunset and Warm Wild Clouds

June 17 2022

Very windy, cool walk this morning.

June 21 2022

Last night. 🧡

The walk this morning felt good. Beautiful day!

June 23 2022

Morning to evening. Yesterday was a good day. Looking forward to another. ☀️

June 25 2022

Warm, sunny walk yesterday morning.

June 25 2022

Beautiful sunset tonight.

Magical Sky with Body Aches and Howling Wind

January 1 2020

Sunrise this morning and cool clouds this afternoon. Magical sky … 💙

I’ve been busy all day moving small items to the new place. Movers come tomorrow for the boxes and big/heavy items. This is the last night in the temporary place. We get to unpack this weekend, with the new couch being delivered on Friday! Thanks to the Romano Duo for the new couch! 💜💜💜

January 3 2020

Beautiful sunrise this morning. We moved pretty much all day yesterday. Extremely tired, my body aches like mad, and I’m relieved and happy to finally be here. About a full year from that first phone call I received asking me if I was still interested in living here. What a wild ride.

January 3 2020

And the moon tonight … Looks full in this photo … interesting …. magical. Especially with how the wind is howling.