Throwback Post: Beautiful and Amazing and Love Sweet Love


December 20 2015:

Beautiful start to the day with an amazing sunrise. Beautiful end to the day with a young man cleaning and doing laundry from 5:00 til 8:30. He’s been a grumpy bottom for a couple of days and made a choice I didn’t agree with. After I shared my thoughts, he decided to clean. Now we’re gonna sing Christmas songs and have a short dance party. Love, sweet love … xoxo

The Romano Duo are Back and Celebration

September 20 2018:

After 3 years, The Romano Duo are back! Right back where they lived when first moving to the area in 2004! Dayton!

We are thrilled to have them back in the same state and so close! (Picture from when they left 3 years ago … September 2015) xoxo

September 21 2018:

Lil celebration toast after dinner tonight! The last of Lillian’s birthday cake and goodies that Yvon brought to us from Deventer. Here’s to good news! Here’s to us!!

The Romano Duo Return to the Reno Area

September 8 2018:

Exciting News: After THREE YEARS The Romano Duo are finally moving back to Reno (well, sort of, as they are moving to Dayton). We just knew they would make their way back here eventually! September 15th is moving day!! What a GREAT Birthday present for Lillian as that’s one day after her 17th birthday!

Photo from June 11 2018: Team TLC sunset walk tonight with The Romano Duo and Robert. Beautiful night. And fun being silly with pictures. They head back to Surprise, Arizona tomorrow morning. xoxo

Fear Alchemized by Camilla Downs

April 2 2018:

Fear Alchemized – Who Will Love Them Unconditionally?

As she took in the message that family means much more than those whom she was born amongst, she felt deep sadness within for having not a close relationship with those whom, by blood, she is connected. A deep sadness also for having not friends or community that are like family.

A sadness that sank and spread to include sadness that her kids know not a close knit relationship with those whom one traditionally calls family …. Go below to read further …

Fear Alchemized – Who Will Love Them Unconditionally?

January 8, 2012

Volcano eruptions, Tinkertoys, playing at the park and family reading night . . .

This was GREAT fun! Thomas received this, Star Wars Science – Mustafar Volcano Lab, (amazon affiliate link) as a birthday gift back in November and we just now had all the “ingredients” to conduct our volcano eruption experiments!

Team member T and L both got a set of Tinkertoys from Santa. Lillian got the Tinkertoy Classic Construction:Girls Pink 200 Pc Tinker Toy (amazon affiliate link) and Thomas got the Classic set to avoid getting them mixed up. They are absolutely loving them. Literally hours are spent building and creating with these great toys that encourage use of the imagination.

Went to the park for about an hour and played, played, played. Then home for dinner and reading night!

Love, Love, Love our Family Reading Night! An hour of quiet and all of us reading . . . pure bliss! I was reading a book titled You…, (amazon affiliate link) Thomas was reading, Scientific Progress Goes “”Boink”” (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Calvin and Hobbes (Pb)) (amazon affiliate link) and Lillian was reading My Pants Are Haunted! (Dear Dumb Diary, No. 2) (amazon affiliate link). Thomas says “Scientific Progress” is funny and Lillian says “My Pants are Haunted!” is funny and good! I highly recommend “You…”. Very thin book, a quick read and useful content!