Throwback Post: Word of the Day With Fairy Spells and a Pirate Wench With Good Music and Books


October 27 2015:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain for making me aware of this website! And, thank you Abbi Holtom Whitaker for sharing the idea of a word of the day to live by. Last week, I thought, “I want a word of the day suggested to me everyday so Team TLC can start incorporating this.” Not too long after I had this thought, Barbara sent me a card from this website. I LOVE LOVE!! And I love this quote and photo! xoxo

“Love is not a feeling; it is a great power, an Intelligence to which we are all heir and have been forever called.” -ANNE HILLMAN


October 27 2013:

Reading to Thomas and Lillian before bed, One game of UNO, one dance party, one Sweet Dream Fairy Spell … and I end this day grateful that I GET to do all of this! Gosh Darn, this stuff rocks! Celebrate Good Times, Come on … Let’s Celebrate … xoxo


October 27 2012:

Halloween Party 2012 ~ Camilla was a very sexy Pirate Wench! – Tele Raack

Happy. Grateful. Blessed. Peaceful. Joyful …. My play list this morning y’all! Happy Gosh Darn Saturday .. May you have a Goose Bumpy Heck of a Day!! Enjoy Yourself!!!

Books = Adventures & Happiness ….


October 27 2011:

We’re ready for the tooth fairy! Plus the other one is about to come out too!!

Don’t know why . . . I just LOVE this song . . .


Throwback Post: Book Shelf: A Course of Love


August 6 2016:

A Course of Love

This is my third time “reading” this book. It takes a LONG time as I only read a section or two every day …. in order to BE with what I’m reading.

Sort of a continuation of “The Course in Miracles” … The contents of this book are simply LOVE, JOY, and FREEDOM.

I would describe it as a guide book for the internal journey of coming to know oneself, freeing oneself from false walls one has built, and finally sharing the gifts and treasures within oneself with humanity …. with joy, peace, and love.

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January 28 2012: Ancient Wonders and Machines and Adventures

Thomas spent much of the morning reading Ancient Wonders (amazon affiliate link). He said it is a GREAT book. When I saw it at the library, I knew he would like it!

Then he spent the rest of his morning watching Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link). He watches this one over and over. He asked if he could write to the library and tell them how much he likes the show. I suggested he send an email to the company that created the video. After we looked it up online he sent the company an email and then wrote a blog post about it also.

It was time to get out of the house so we went on a little adventure. Thomas and Lillian had been online looking for an adventure and Thomas wanted to go to The Circus {Circus Circus} or The Grand Sierra. He was very sad and upset when I told him we were not going to either of those places. I asked him to trust me and that I knew he would like what I had in mind! He finally said “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

I’ve lived here since December 2006 and have never explored Washoe Lake State Park. That’s where we headed and oh, my goodness! Nature did not disappoint. It was an up and down emotion filled adventure as we drove through the areas touched and destroyed by the Washoe Valley brush fire a couple of weeks ago. Washoe Lake was absolutely amazing and beautiful and Thomas and Lillian loved it too! You will definitely hear more about Team TLC adventures to this gorgeous place! Thomas was thrilled and oh so happy with what I had chosen for our adventure!! 🙂 🙂

My silly attempt to get all three of us in the picture. I took three pictures and all three were of only ME! Ha!

Lillian was a bit unsure and off balance as we were on a deck built over the wetland area. If my gas tank had been full we would have drove around the Lake and explored more. A definite for next time!!

Headed home for dinner and Team TLC MOVIE NIGHT!


January 27 2012: Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and Pallet Night

Had a busy day working on getting my book ready to submit for printing in a few weeks! Began the evening with a yummy dark chocolate almond milk and banana shake with a secret ingredient! Oh, this was so good!

Thomas read Deputy Dorkface: How Sugaropolis Got Dessert Back (amazon affiliate link). He said it was so good he was going to read it every day. I don’t agree 100% that it’s that good. Moral of the story is awesome. I just don’t care for what led up to the moral! I think he likes how colorful the illustrations are in the book and it’s all about sweets and desserts!

Friday night is what we call pallet night around the Team TLC house. I make a nice cozy “bed” on the living room floor and they get to camp out there for the weekend! Lillian and Thomas look forward to this all week!


January 24 2012: Green Card and Library and Celebrating

Thomas lost his green card in the last few minutes of class today. Poor guy was devastated! Each child gets a green card at the end of class for staying on the green light during class. After they’ve collected 30 green cards they get to choose an item from the treasure box.

His teacher and I have an additional layer also. Each morning I text Mrs. O’Connor with what Thomas is earning for keeping his green card. Sometimes, it’s getting to stay after school and go to Kids Zone, sometimes an extra five minutes before bed, sometimes a special sucker. This method is working great; but he does still stumble. Usually on a Monday or after having been on break for an extended period of time.

His day got much better though! After we dropped Lillian off for her therapies we visited the Sparks Library. Discovered yesterday it’s only five minutes from the therapy center! I’ve been sitting in my car all this time working and I could have been at the library! YAY!

We collected Team Member L at 4:00 and headed straight to his first acting class at Take 2 Performers Studio! This child was so excited, he could hardly stand it! The kids got to be spies on the way to the classroom. Took a quick picture before I left!

I was informed by Thomas when picking him up from acting class that we had to celebrate his first night of acting class. I hadn’t been prepared for that, was ready to get home and only had six dollars. I was hoping the bakery on the way to our house was still open, but it wasn’t. Only other places were McDonald’s and Subway. So we stopped at Subway, got a footlong BMT and a double chocolate chunk cookie and he was one happy kid! Here’s to you kid! I LOVE YOU!


January 21 2012: Library and Movie Night

Lillian having lunch! Little light reading about Albert Einstein (Famous People) (amazon affiliate link) while munching away. Then she read a great little book titled, Smart About Money: A Rich History (Smart About History) (amazon affiliate link). These two crack me up! Yes, I do purposely get them these kinds of books; but I don’t make them read ’em. They choose to read these awesome books! After she finished we headed to the library.

Team TLC is on our way to the library. Watch out, we’ve got THREE bags with us ready to load with books and movies!

One of Lillian’s favorite places. She loves going to the library. Thomas and I do too. Every 3rd Saturday, you’ll find us there!

Thomas found a nice little spot too!

South Valleys Library has a cool little path and garden area behind the library. A local Boy Scouts group built it as one of their projects years ago. I think we are just about the only people who use it. This is where you’ll find us after we’ve loaded up with books and movies!

Indulged tonight in a yummy hot dog with a side of Guinness! This was so very good!

Then it was Team TLC movie time!



January 15, 2012

A Team TLC Stay at Home Day! We had some strong winds . . . thought some wind pictures would be FUN!

Thomas did some origami and made a cup all by himself! This little book is great . . . Paper Magic The Art Of Origami (amazon affiliate link). We’ve also made the pinwheel and Lillian and I made a fortune teller. It’s a great little book PLUS it comes with the paper.

Then it was Family Reading Night!! One of my favorite Team TLC adventures! Movie night is my other favorite.

And before bed Thomas wrote a post titled “Things I Like Best” in which he mentioned his little stuffed animal puppy. Go Thomas Go!

January 8, 2012

Volcano eruptions, Tinkertoys, playing at the park and family reading night . . .

This was GREAT fun! Thomas received this, Star Wars Science – Mustafar Volcano Lab, (amazon affiliate link) as a birthday gift back in November and we just now had all the “ingredients” to conduct our volcano eruption experiments!

Team member T and L both got a set of Tinkertoys from Santa. Lillian got the Tinkertoy Classic Construction:Girls Pink 200 Pc Tinker Toy (amazon affiliate link) and Thomas got the Classic set to avoid getting them mixed up. They are absolutely loving them. Literally hours are spent building and creating with these great toys that encourage use of the imagination.

Went to the park for about an hour and played, played, played. Then home for dinner and reading night!

Love, Love, Love our Family Reading Night! An hour of quiet and all of us reading . . . pure bliss! I was reading a book titled You…, (amazon affiliate link) Thomas was reading, Scientific Progress Goes “”Boink”” (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Calvin and Hobbes (Pb)) (amazon affiliate link) and Lillian was reading My Pants Are Haunted! (Dear Dumb Diary, No. 2) (amazon affiliate link). Thomas says “Scientific Progress” is funny and Lillian says “My Pants are Haunted!” is funny and good! I highly recommend “You…”. Very thin book, a quick read and useful content!