Thomas and Camilla June 2019 Date Day

July 2 2019

Thomas and Camilla June 2019 Date Day ….

First – Car picnic at Audrey Harris Park – low budget style … burger and fries for Thomas and for dessert, a few salt water taffy pieces for Thomas and ginger spice drops for me. Pictures of the view at Audrey Harris Park – Beautiful!

Last stop – Little Washoe Lake for some digging in the sand! We dug a huge hole. Check out the canal we dug! And, look! I’m made of bubbles! Knew it!! 🏝💚💙

Smithsonian Magazine Free Museum Day – Bowers Mansion

September 22 2018:

Free museum day!!! After all these years, Thomas and I finally toured the inside of Bowers Mansion.

(Not Lillian’s thang! She loves the grounds but no interest in seeing the inside.)

Lots and lots of photos to follow as I love the grounds and trees!!

This is a group of accidental photos Thomas took after taking my picture. I think the blurr from the movement looks wonderful!

Thomas Spring Break 2014 Vaulting


April 18 2014:

Thomas had vaulting lessons again this afternoon. I got to do a photo shoot of the trail to add with the clubhouse photos from last week. This is only half of them Barbara Chastain! I’ll post the other half later. Will create an album for them. Thank you for such an amazing space … Center for Adaptive Riding!!

Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #13 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #12 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #11 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #10 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #9 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #8 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #7 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #6 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #5 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #4 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #3 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #2 Thomas Vaulting Lessons 4.18.14 #1

January 28 2012: Ancient Wonders and Machines and Adventures

Thomas spent much of the morning reading Ancient Wonders (amazon affiliate link). He said it is a GREAT book. When I saw it at the library, I knew he would like it!

Then he spent the rest of his morning watching Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link). He watches this one over and over. He asked if he could write to the library and tell them how much he likes the show. I suggested he send an email to the company that created the video. After we looked it up online he sent the company an email and then wrote a blog post about it also.

It was time to get out of the house so we went on a little adventure. Thomas and Lillian had been online looking for an adventure and Thomas wanted to go to The Circus {Circus Circus} or The Grand Sierra. He was very sad and upset when I told him we were not going to either of those places. I asked him to trust me and that I knew he would like what I had in mind! He finally said “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

I’ve lived here since December 2006 and have never explored Washoe Lake State Park. That’s where we headed and oh, my goodness! Nature did not disappoint. It was an up and down emotion filled adventure as we drove through the areas touched and destroyed by the Washoe Valley brush fire a couple of weeks ago. Washoe Lake was absolutely amazing and beautiful and Thomas and Lillian loved it too! You will definitely hear more about Team TLC adventures to this gorgeous place! Thomas was thrilled and oh so happy with what I had chosen for our adventure!! 🙂 🙂

My silly attempt to get all three of us in the picture. I took three pictures and all three were of only ME! Ha!

Lillian was a bit unsure and off balance as we were on a deck built over the wetland area. If my gas tank had been full we would have drove around the Lake and explored more. A definite for next time!!

Headed home for dinner and Team TLC MOVIE NIGHT!


January 19 2012 – Washoe Valley Brush Fire

Finished the final edits of my book, “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” and sent out to some test readers today! Shooting for having it in hand by my birthday on February 26th!

A wildfire in Washoe Valley took up the rest of our afternoon and early evening. It moved quickly up 395 North headed our direction. Seems to have stopped just short of our area. Both Thomas and Lillian were pretty freaked out. They happen to be looking out the sliding glass door right before we were headed out to run an errand. They both kept saying there was a fire and I kept telling them it was just dust from the wind blowing so hard. I finally realized it was a fire when I smelled the smoke.

We left to run our errand and passed police vehicles and buses that were headed to Damonte Ranch High School. The emergency alert announcements were playing on the radio and this heightened Thomas and Lillian’s worries. The upside and downside of having technology savvy kids; they were both on their devices looking up information about it and getting more freaked out! At least I know they’ll know what to do in an emergency.

I had the news on for a while on the one news channel we get as I don’t pay for any cable or satellite services. Had to turn it off as Thomas was glued to it. Little dude had his coat on, his favorite toy and had already looked online and found us a place to stay for $29! And it didn’t help when we could see the flames nearing Mt Rose Hwy!

They had both finally calmed down by bedtime. Thank Goodness! Before bed I read The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida (Twelve Days of Christmas, State By State) (amazon affilate link) with Thomas. Fun book. Thomas read the book and he actually sang the book to the traditional “12 Days” tune. Then I read Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear? (amazon affiliate link) with Lillian. Warm and cozy book. Just right for a bedtime book.