Thomas and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

October 8 2021

Thomas Darnell and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

We began with lunch. Huge vegan burrito for Thomas. Veggie sushi with miso soup for me.
Next was a window shopping trio. First, electronics store where to my absolute delight I found a Pac-Man game. That was fun! The entire store disappeared and I was back in the 80’s at the mall, in the arcade with my best friend, Lillie, in Houma, Louisiana. Cool!

Second, the pet store. Chameleons are my absolute favorite. They seem to have so much personality! Last, the book store. Always a joy being surrounded by books!

We ended the date with a wonderful walk, sharing lots of memories.

Silly Crayons With an AARP Magazine

September 18 2021

Took time out today, drawing a box of silly crayons. Something different for a change.

October 3 2021

When I say he reads anything and everything, I’m serious. Ten year old Thomas reading The Romano Duo’s AARP magazine in 2014.

I went through old photos earlier today for a project, and this one made me laugh. He used to read the car manual every time he was in the car! 🤓😛🤓 … I love him so much! xoxo

The Hard Part – Asking for Help

This was hard for me to do. But, here it is. xoxo

Thomas has a severe overbite, and needs orthodontic treatment to help correct it.

The overbite not only effects his inability to have lip closure, it affects how he chews food, and contributes to his negative body image. This is a huge investment, but necessary for Thomas’s overall dental, medical, and psychological well being.

Thomas’s treatment involves installing a herbst appliance to his lower jaw; which will remain for about a year. Three months after the herbst appliance is installed, upper braces are affixed. When the herbst appliance is removed, lower braces are affixed. After about a year, the braces will be removed, and he’ll wear a retainer for a while, finishing with wearing a retainer while sleeping. The entire process will be about two years.

The total cost of the treatment is about $7,900.00. The down payment for the treatment is nearly $2,000, with monthly payments thereafter for 32 months. The down payment is the reason for this fundraiser. On the optimistic side, I think I can handle the monthly payments. It may be a struggle at times, but absolutely worth it for Thomas.

More about us: We are a family of three, and we call ourselves Team TLC. T for Thomas, L for Lillian (Thomas’s older sibling), and C for Camilla. I’ve single parented Thomas and Lillian since Thomas was 1 year old. Lillian has a disability by way of a chromosome deletion, called 18p-.

Thomas has just recently been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and autism; along with having a high IQ. We have already been addressing one of these issues, and will make our way through getting Thomas the help he needs. He currently attends an online school, and has a 4.0 average.

If you would like to support us by purchasing any of our books, they are all on Amazon.

And if you would like to learn more about our family you can go here,, or have a look around my website and blog.

You can donate through Gofundme (below) or PayPal at or Venmo @CamillaDowns …

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla August 2013 Date Day


August 31 2013:

Date day with Thomas!!! First stop … FOOD … YUM!

Second stop on the Camilla n Thomas date day! Was just going to return books but Mr. T wanted this to be stop number 2! Okay with me! I love this place!

Next stop on the Camilla n Thomas date day … Window shopping. He loves looking at Legos! He asks, “What’s this?” …. That’s a pay phone honey. “What’s it for?”

Throwback Post: A Little Adventure


August 31 2014:

‘Twas time for a little adventure so we went all the way to California this afternoon! Boca Reservoir. First time visiting there for all of us. Collected bunches of beautiful rocks for painting.

Got all wild n crazy and went across the state line! So much fun collecting rocks, taking pictures, throwing rocks in the water, and taking Rosey for a spin in the dirt! Plus, we got some cool rocks for painting now!

Throwback Post: Choose One You Have Never Had Before


September 1 2014:

At the grocery store this afternoon I told Thomas to look at all the beautiful vegetables and fruits and to choose a fruit he’s never had before and a veggie he’s not had before. Told him he could look up different ways to serve/cook it later and not worry about that. He chose a radish bunch (yum) and a pomegranate. He had 1/2 a radish with dinner and loved it at first. When done he said I think my limit is 1/2 radish per serving. We’ll have the pomegranate later this week. So much fun for both of us! I’ll do this with Lillian next time!

(May 2014 Photo of Thomas on one of our walks)

Throwback Post: Finding Treasures and Runners Up


May 31 2015:

Y’all know how much I like to purge!! Let the 2015 purge begin! Not only to get rid of not needed stuff; but finding treasures like this. Made my eyes sweat … xoxo

It was library day and Thomas and Lillian got their certificates for runners up in the bookmark contest! Wahoo!!

Runners Up May 31 2015

Throwback Post: I Can Do It


September 5 2011:

You think you’re kids aren’t really listening to anything that you say and then . . .

Watching a kid’s show yesterday one of the characters says, “I can’t” about something he was trying to do. Thomas turns to Lillian and says, “He’ll never be able to do it if he thinks that. He should say, “I can do it”.

WOW! Now I’ve really gotta watch what I say around this little dude . . . he’s really listening! Happy Labor Day y’all . . . Enjoy your day. You can do it!

(Thomas and Lillian – November 2011)