Beautiful Cats and Basketball With a Nighttime Swim

July 9 2021

Thomas and I volunteered this afternoon. My gosh. There are some beautiful, sweet cats at the shelter currently.

The cat below was Thomas’s favorite. An old dude, 10 years old. My heart melts at how he is fond of the older cats. xoxo

July 15 2021

Tonight it was basketball for me and Thomas, and then a nighttime swim for me. It’s rare that the pool is empty in the evening. I just had to take advantage of it. Felt so good!

Nevada Humane Society – Volunteering with the Cats

June 22 2021

We volunteered at The Humane Society yesterday. First time in nearly two years. This volunteer gig is driven solely by Thomas Darnell. I’m just his assistant as he’s not of the required age to be there on his own.

He was 12 when we went through the training (for cats). He’s 15 now, and has wanted a cat since about 10 years old. He’s very fond of the older cats, not caring much for the kittens.

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day

June 18 2021

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day – Part 1

Thomas wanted to hike to the “D” like we did when he was younger, about 9 or 10 years ago. Still beautiful. Still a work out. 😥

It’s pretty sad as houses have been built nearly to the “D”, with more to come. The wild horses are losing their space. Also, I think we may have been trespassing. Oops!

Part 2 and 2.1

Lunch of sushi for Thomas with a Larabar for me as this restaurant does not serve vegan dishes. 🥲

Then to Maya’s for me. Sambar Vada and Plain Dosa. My stomach is happy and satisfied every time I eat here. The owners are so I incredibly friendly, too. I’m making my way through the menu. 😋😋😋 I absolutely loved what I had today. Uradh dhal fritters in sambar, and the thin rice and urad dhal lentil crepes are my spirit foods.

The One-Sock Club with Game Night and Clean Teeth

June 7 2021

Let’s talk about this one-sock-club. I looked outside, and there’s Thomas reading. Just kills me every time I see this!

Definitely universal! We’ve got folks from Canada, UK, US, and Spain who are members of the one-sock-club! I wonder if there’s a one-sock gene floating around in our DNA!

Yep. Clothes are pretty annoying. The only thing I like about them is that they keep me warm when it’s cold, and pockets. Pockets are pretty cool. Thomas feels that hair is an annoyance. He can’t wait to be bald! 😂🤣 I think he will have to make himself bald as that’s not something that runs in our family.

June 8 2021

It was game night for me and Thomas last night. Bocce ball, followed by foosball, with a gorgeous sunset.

June 10 2021

Thank you to Schall for referring me to a wonderful dentist. Thomas had a cleaning today to prepare for braces. The appointment was smooth and quiet, with Thomas’s questions being answered, and with everything explained to him. Finding a dentist who is a good fit is so tough.

Building a Computer – Assistant to Thomas Darnell

May 18 2021

For the past 5 months I’ve been buying parts from a list that Thomas created, 2-3 every month. Finally bought the remaining components last week, with the monitor arriving yesterday.

For the past day and a half I’ve been “Assistant to Thomas Darnell” as he built it. It is all finished now! Didn’t have “helping build a computer” on my 2021 Bingo card. 🤣😂 “It’s like a LEGO set with tiny, delicate parts.” – he says as he’s putting it together …

I’m so happy for Thomas. His computer has barely been limping along for the past 6 months.

June 26 2021 Update – Everything is working perfectly. Thomas did decided to return the monitor for another brand as this one had issues trailing white light, or something like that.

Throwback Post: The Amazing Romano Duo


September 7 2015:

Oceans of gratitude to and for The Amazing Romano Duo for spending 6 hours at our new place yesterday helping to rearrange, hang curtains, and install a ceiling fan … helping to create the 810 square foot Team TLC Love Shack! Only 9 days left before they set off on their own adventure.

(Photo from September 2015)

The Bad Batch – Star Wars

May 15 2021

Thomas Darnell and I started watching The Bad Batch last night! Sooooooooo good!!! We’re also watching Rebels (we’re in Season 2), and love how this ties in with that and The Clone Wars.

Thomas and I were picking up my “meatballs” and garlic knots when we saw that they had opened the lil game room. Pinball machines!! How do you get the ball going, Thomas asks. 😂🤣 I only had enough quarters for one game. And he did better than me! I’m rusty!

Oh, the hours spent playing pinball and other games when I was his age. In those days the game rooms were huge! Like the size of this entire restaurant.