Thomas and Camilla May 2022 Date Day

May 7 2022

Thomas and Camilla May 2022 date day was yesterday.

Lunch at Là Mint. Then watching the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We both enjoyed it. But we also both feel it wasn’t the best, or our favorite. It will make much more sense to those who’ve watched the Wanda series.

I like the older ones better. Thomas says that’s because they’re more down to earth.

Throwback Post: Half Price Wednesday – The Discovery Museum


August 5 2015:

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit! I have a lovely “Y” on my right hand. Left hand has an “H”. My veins prove it …. I’m HY on life and love!!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Throwback Post: Library Day in Incline Village


August 6 2016:

The drive back home …. Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Words and pictures simply cannot capture the grace and peace.

It was library day for Team TLC. We have wanted to visit Incline Village library for years! Today was the day!

Thomas and Lillian had a great time and Thomas said he never wanted to leave. Beautiful drive up and back down Mt Rose.

“To open a book, is to discover another world. To read a book is to explore those worlds.” ~me

Throwback Post: Summer 2010 – Lake Tahoe and The Automobile Museum While Jogging at a Party on Geiger Grade Listening to Cowboy Poetry While Visiting Grandpa Robert


Camilla, Thomas & Lillian out and about!

August 2010 Date Day with Thomas at The Automobile Museum

Jog-a-thon at Lillian’s School! Thomas did it with her!

Pull off on the way to Virginia City, Nevada!


Lillian and photos she took.

Birthday Party for one of Lillian’s friends ~ Grand Sierra ~

Thomas & Lillian

Hallway Bowling

Cowboy Poetry at Sparks Heritage Museum

Lillian and Thomas

King’s Beach ~ Lake Tahoe

Graduation Party at Kristy Crabtree’s House

Thomas & Lillian

My daddy’s visit (Robert Downs)

The Romano Casa

Lillian’s painted toe nails and Lillian and Thomas out and about

Chromosome 18 Conference in Tulsa! July 2010


The Path for Thomas – Dual Credits at TMCC High School and TMCC

March 9 2022

Great news received this afternoon! First step complete and accepted for Thomas to graduate with his high school diploma and an AA degree in 2024! 👏👏👏 There are several ways to achieve this, and this option appealed to Thomas the most.

This particular path is to attend TMCC Magnet High School, while also taking college classes at TMCC. The high school is located on the same campus as the college. Thomas has to complete one more step (testing), and then he’ll be set. And if this doesn’t work out, we’ll fall back to his second option.

Bonus: The college courses are paid for by TMCC High School!

March 29 2022

Spent the morning at TMCC’s Dandini campus while Thomas took the accuplacer test. The highest score possible is 300. Go Thomas!! He definitely surpassed the required scoring for final approval of the TMCC High school dual credit program.

It’s such a beautiful campus, and they had a vegan chick’n burger at the cafe. I’m so proud and happy for Thomas.

Throwback Post: Clouds with a Bicycle at the Dentist With Books


August 8 2014:

Great cumulonimbus clouds in Reno this past February 2014 … So cool!! ♡


August 8 2013:

Mr. T has decided to pass on his 1st bicycle y’all! It’s an Avigo One Eight 18 inch boys BMX bike with training wheels. Easter Bunny says she paid $60 for it. Message me if you are in the Reno area and would like make an offer and give it a new home.


August 8 2012:

Dentist adventures for Thomas …. Such a brave little dude!!!


August 8 2011:

End of 1st day of VBS for Team member T and L!!


Thomas and I met his kindergarten teacher today and as she and I were talking, Thomas says to her, “You are beautiful”. Don’t think she was expecting that one!! Hahahaha!


Lillian’s books arrived for the 2011-2012 5th Grade School Year! Pretty excited unpacking all of them! Go Team Member L Go!!

Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

March 22 2022

Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

A walk on a favorite trail, a place which holds many memories.

Ending with vegan sushi for dinner. The owner/sushi chef is incredibly kind, and knows her stuff. She made us a dish, not on the menu, just a make in the moment dish, according to what we had been ordering.

The Sweet Lover dessert roll was amazing, and I’m glad she suggested we split one, instead of ordering two rolls. She even made Thomas a complementary roll to go. I am incredibly full!