The Victrola Arrived – Birthday Gift for Thomas

November 16 2020

Thomas’s turntable arrived today. He chose to use birthday money from my dad to get this. Thomas told me I could pick out the style, and he chose the color. What fun that was! It’s also an FM radio. 🖤🎶 🎼 🎵🖤

The one problem with being a minimalist, having gotten rid of many possessions …. I got rid of all my albums, except for one lone 45, “Hang on Sloopy” by The McCoys. 🤣😂🤣 Now I must go dig it out of the closet so Thomas can give it a whirl.

Happy 15th Birthday to Thomas Darnell

November 13 2020

Happy 15th Birthday, Thomas Darnell!!

Thank you ….

for making me laugh
for intelligent, spirited conversation
for running errands with me
for helping me
for sharing your love of history with me
for sharing your passion for politics, our world, and humanity with me
for the hugs you share with me
for sharing your spirit with me
for helping me to learn about true love
for choosing me.

You are my heart. I am so very proud of you. I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

We had an intimate, masked, socially distanced celebration with The Romano Duo and Robert, graced with absolutely divine vegan cupcakes from Batch Cupcakery. I took my selfie after everyone left! Ha!
Thomas received some great gifts!

A basketball, volleyball (so we can use the great courts here), a shirt, a hoodie, a desk chair, a homemade card from Lillian, a turntable, an album, and a photo book of our date days over the past year. I still need to make a homemade card or poem for him.


Throwback Post: What Time Did You Go To Bed


October 3 2013:

Thomas asked me earlier what time I went to bed last night. I told him and we went about our business. A little bit later he came over and helped me wash the dishes and then cleaned the stove and told me he wanted to help so I could go to bed earlier …. I am blessed times 500 million and beyond that I get to be this little person’s Mama!! xoxo

I so much LOVE seeing him embrace all the GOOD that life has to offer and my wish is that he continues to do so and never loses sight of it.

(Thomas on a May 2013 Date Day at Virginia Foothills Park)

Thomas and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

November 6 2020

Thomas and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

Lunch from Ike’s Love & Sandwiches: “Meatball” sandwich for me, Jaymee Sirewich for Thomas, with fries for both of us. Followed by a Cocomel Sea Salt caramel for dessert. 😋😋😋

After lunch we drove to where Scripts Wildlife Preserve and Washoe Lake meet for a brutal wind whipped walk. Our wind does not mess around! After our crazy walk, we drove around the lake, always so peaceful. 💨💨💨

Throwback Post: You Look So Young


October 15 2013:

October 15 2013: Thomas says to me, “You look so young for your age” .. I tell him excitedly, “Thank you Thomas so much”. He asked me why I was thanking him and I told him that was a compliment. He said he didn’t know that …. He just wanted to tell me just because. Pure innocence and honesty … LOVE!

(Photo of Thomas from a 2013 walk)

Throwback Post: Brisk Thoughts of Gratitude for Love


November 3 2013:

Brisk and cloudy sunset walk with Thomas ….. Just feels GOOD …. LOVE …


November 3 2012:

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol …. Today I am grateful that you and I met in 2007 and became friends. I am thankful for you and our beautiful friendship. As we count down the one week left before you make your move to Houston, please know I feel so awesomely blessed for our closeness. I will miss you dearly …. Yet, I know this will be an amazing part of your journey and an exciting adventure!!! I TREASURE the connection we have my sweet friend … See you in a few hours for your going away party!!! (Picture from December 2011)


November 3 2011:

Today I am thankful for the love that Thomas and Lillian have for one another . . .

Thomas and Camilla October 2020 Date Day

October 20 2020

Thomas and Camilla October 2020 Date Day

First: House of Mexica for lunch. I absolutely love this place!! They are an all vegan restaurant and have a huge menu.

I had 3 Hibiscus tacos with a side of asada fries that we both shared. Washed down with Jaimaca. Everything was perfection!!! Who knew dried hibiscus flowers mimicked shredded meat when sautéed? 😋😋😋

Thomas had the bacon lord burger, washed down with Horchata.

Second stop: A walk around Bartley Ranch

From No Bed to Plush Bed – New Bed for Thomas

October 15 2020

This is what I will attempt tomorrow. Thomas has not had a bed since 2015. By choice to begin with, as he wanted to try Japanese floor bed style. Then later, I simply was not financially able to get one.

Since moving into our new place (November 2019), he’s been sleeping on an air bed. If all goes well tomorrow, he will sleep in a brand new cushy bed tomorrow night, plush style with a new platform frame, new mattress, new sheets, and a new pillow. My patience evades me when putting things like this together. Pray for me …

October 16 2020

I did it! The new pillow hasn’t arrived yet so that’s the last piece, along with a new comforter as it gets cooler. Tomorrow we’ll get the nightstand moved next to the bed and move the books to another spot. 🎉🎉🎉

I’m excited for Thomas. He deserves this! Having gone 5 years without a bed, never having a brand new one. I went all out. Organic and vegan … everything, plus eco-friendly and non-toxic. None of us can handle toxic fumes.

Throwback Post: The V8 Cafe – Biggest Little Photographer


November 3 2016:

Thank you Kat McLain for contributing to the success of Thomas’s book. Although she was looking as beautiful as ever, Kat didn’t feel her best and opted out of a picture.

However! We took a picture of the V8 Cafe which Mr. Minifigure captured a photo of and it’s on page 4 for those that already have a book.

Kat: We are truly blessed to have known you over these past 8 or so years. Thank you, thank you!! xoxo

Sunrise With Wild Wind Bloopers at Sunset

September 22 2020

Sunrise this morning. Fingers crossed that we’re past the worst of the smoke.

September 24 2020

Thomas and I went for a hike on the Tamarack Lake Trail earlier this afternoon. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Thomas had fun hitting rocks into the lake. I included some blooper photos of trying to take selfies with the wild wind that was blowing, and a blooper of what happens when Thomas takes my photo … He keeps taking the photo until I take my phone away! Crazy kid!

September 26 2020

Gorgeous sunset tonight.