Thomas and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

October 8 2021

Thomas Darnell and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

We began with lunch. Huge vegan burrito for Thomas. Veggie sushi with miso soup for me.
Next was a window shopping trio. First, electronics store where to my absolute delight I found a Pac-Man game. That was fun! The entire store disappeared and I was back in the 80’s at the mall, in the arcade with my best friend, Lillie, in Houma, Louisiana. Cool!

Second, the pet store. Chameleons are my absolute favorite. They seem to have so much personality! Last, the book store. Always a joy being surrounded by books!

We ended the date with a wonderful walk, sharing lots of memories.

Thomas and Camilla September 2021 Date Day

October 1 2021

September 2021 Date Day with Thomas Darnell (a bit behind due to the smoke last month)
Lunch at Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno.

Magical mushroom blend for Thomas. I sampled the choices of FOLK Kombucha on tap, choosing the berry flavor. 😋😋😋

Thomas had a vegan Reuben with their delicious coleslaw. I had a Veghead sandwich with quinoa. For dessert we shared a slice of raw, vegan, orange chocolate walnut cheesecake.

Part 2: Hitting tennis balls at a favorite park, followed by sitting on a bench, in the shade, and chatting.

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla August 2013 Date Day


August 31 2013:

Date day with Thomas!!! First stop … FOOD … YUM!

Second stop on the Camilla n Thomas date day! Was just going to return books but Mr. T wanted this to be stop number 2! Okay with me! I love this place!

Next stop on the Camilla n Thomas date day … Window shopping. He loves looking at Legos! He asks, “What’s this?” …. That’s a pay phone honey. “What’s it for?”

Thomas and Camilla August 2021 Date Day

August 20 2021

Thomas and Camilla August 2021 Date Day

First: A walk before the smoke moves back over us. You can see it in the photos(looks hazy in the distance).

Next: Lunch at the all vegan, House of Mexica. For me: Nohpalli (prickly pear cactus) tacos with cilantro, grilled onions, and house salsa. For Thomas: Spicy Chick’n Sandwich. And we shared an order of Buffalo Fries. 😋😋😋 I don’t think I’ve ever had nohpalli. It was fabulous, tasting much like peppers.

Thomas and Camilla July 2021 Date Day

July 23 2021

Thomas and Camilla July 2021 Date Day

Wild Island. Thomas hasn’t been in about 3 or 4 years. I went down the Tortuga slide with him, we went two rounds in the Bahama Mama River, and two times in the wave pool. Thomas also went down the more adventures slides. It was fun, and Thomas had a great time! But I’m good for 4 or 5 years now. 😂🤣 Too peoply. 🤣😵‍💫😂 … Plus a heart shaped rock from a walk earlier this week.

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day

June 18 2021

Thomas and Camilla June 2021 Date Day – Part 1

Thomas wanted to hike to the “D” like we did when he was younger, about 9 or 10 years ago. Still beautiful. Still a work out. 😥

It’s pretty sad as houses have been built nearly to the “D”, with more to come. The wild horses are losing their space. Also, I think we may have been trespassing. Oops!

Part 2 and 2.1

Lunch of sushi for Thomas with a Larabar for me as this restaurant does not serve vegan dishes. 🥲

Then to Maya’s for me. Sambar Vada and Plain Dosa. My stomach is happy and satisfied every time I eat here. The owners are so I incredibly friendly, too. I’m making my way through the menu. 😋😋😋 I absolutely loved what I had today. Uradh dhal fritters in sambar, and the thin rice and urad dhal lentil crepes are my spirit foods.

Thomas and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

May 7 2021

Thomas and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

First: Lunch from Bangkok Cuisine – Vegan fresh roll for both of us, vegetable hot & sour soup and vegetable red curry for me. Chicken panang curry with a Thai omelette for Thomas.

Part 2: A walk around the little lake where we used to live.

Last stop: Golden mylk for me. Isn’t mine so pretty? Love the color!

One scoop of The Munchies, and one scoop of Chickn n Waffles for Thomas.

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla August 2016 Date Day


September 6 2016:

Thomas and Camilla August 2016 date day …. (Our date day got postponed by a few days as Thomas was sick!)

Ended the date with enjoying cookies after dinner. And then a starlit walk.

Little Washoe Lake ….

“Would anyone believe that playing with sticks and walking and splashing in the water would be so fun?” -Thomas

This was an impromptu stop as we drove right by on our way home from Carson City. And it was Thomas’ idea …. Kinda. As I had just thought, we should stop by the lake. Hmmm.

Thomas told me he was having so much fun and was so happy we stopped. I sat in the sand and watched him a while and then he asked me to join him. And I did. Took off my shoes and walked and splashed with him.

Cost of this date = $0 / Value = Priceless xoxo ….

Thomas and Camilla April 2021 Date Day

April 23 2021

Thomas Darnell and Camilla April 2021 Date Day

First stop: Aladdin’s Market & Kitchen for lunch. Falafel plate for me, beef shawarma for Thomas, with tabouli and fries. We had fun walking the aisles looking through all the goodness. Decided on these Mastic Turkish Delights for dessert. Yum.

Second and last stop: A second dessert of a frozen hot chocolate for Thomas, vegan Granita for me. 😋😋😋

Then a walk in a favorite spot, our old stomping grounds. The white goose is still there, and we spotted cute goslings, and a few tadpoles.

Thomas and Camilla February 2021 Date Day

February 25 2021

Thomas and Camilla February 2021 Date Day

Maya’s South Indian Cuisine – Avial for me, Chicken Chettinad for Thomas.

Next, picking up my cake for tomorrow – Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake 😋😛😋 Thomas secured the precious cargo in the backseat. 🤣🤪😂

Followed by Yogurt Beach for dessert. Mango sorbet for me, and I have no idea for Thomas, it was a mixture of 3 different flavors.

Ending with a walk we’ve not taken for quite a while. Lots of memories along this trail, too.