Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

March 22 2022

Thomas and Camilla March 2022 Date Day

A walk on a favorite trail, a place which holds many memories.

Ending with vegan sushi for dinner. The owner/sushi chef is incredibly kind, and knows her stuff. She made us a dish, not on the menu, just a make in the moment dish, according to what we had been ordering.

The Sweet Lover dessert roll was amazing, and I’m glad she suggested we split one, instead of ordering two rolls. She even made Thomas a complementary roll to go. I am incredibly full!

Thomas and Camilla February 2022 Date Day

February 11 2022

Thomas Darnell and Camilla February Date Day

First stop: Vegan sushi heaven. Over 30 different sushi rolls to choose from, with 3 or 4 vegan appetizers. Sushi menu included for those who are local. Thomas had all you can eat. I ordered individual items as I just can’t eat enough for all you can eat. We will definitely be going back many times. 🥰😋🥰

Second stop: A walk around Geiger Way Lookout. Gorgeous with many warm memories. 👏🥰👏  I asked Thomas to take a photo, and he makes me look like a giant.

Thomas and Camilla January 2022 Date Day

January 28 2022

Thomas and Camilla January 2022 Date Day, er, as Thomas wants me to call it: Father and son bonding time. 😂🤣😂

Part 1: Lunch at House of Mexica. I think this may be the only all vegan menu restaurant in Reno. Everything on the menu is vegan. We ate outside with this lovely view.

Cheese God Chimichanga for Thomas. Asada tacos for me. Buffalo fries for both of us. The asada tacos and Buffalo fries are my favorite menu items so far.

Part 2: Cat toy shopping for Basil.

Part 3: A lovely walk to end the date.

Thomas and Camilla December 2021 Date Day

December 17 2021

Thomas and Camilla December 2021 Date Day

Lunch at Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno.

Courageous Cappuccino, and veggie burrito with cashew cheese for me. Red Velvet Latte, and soup sampler for Thomas. Heirloom Caprese with house made cashew cheese for both of us.

We are ready for Spider-man now!!

Part 2: Spider-Man No Way Home

Thomas and Camilla November 2021 Date Day

November 15 2021

Thomas and Camilla November 2021 Date Day

Veggie sushi at Pisces Sushi

Miso soup for me with a Franklin roll. Thomas had Edamame with a Franklin, Kappa Maki, and Green Machine roll.

Followed by a great walk at Wilbur May Arboretum, and lots of reminiscing.

After veggie sushi, we went to the Wilbur May Arboretum for a great walk, with lots of reminiscing.

Thomas and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

October 8 2021

Thomas Darnell and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

We began with lunch. Huge vegan burrito for Thomas. Veggie sushi with miso soup for me.
Next was a window shopping trio. First, electronics store where to my absolute delight I found a Pac-Man game. That was fun! The entire store disappeared and I was back in the 80’s at the mall, in the arcade with my best friend, Lillie, in Houma, Louisiana. Cool!

Second, the pet store. Chameleons are my absolute favorite. They seem to have so much personality! Last, the book store. Always a joy being surrounded by books!

We ended the date with a wonderful walk, sharing lots of memories.

Thomas and Camilla September 2021 Date Day

October 1 2021

September 2021 Date Day with Thomas Darnell (a bit behind due to the smoke last month)
Lunch at Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno.

Magical mushroom blend for Thomas. I sampled the choices of FOLK Kombucha on tap, choosing the berry flavor. 😋😋😋

Thomas had a vegan Reuben with their delicious coleslaw. I had a Veghead sandwich with quinoa. For dessert we shared a slice of raw, vegan, orange chocolate walnut cheesecake.

Part 2: Hitting tennis balls at a favorite park, followed by sitting on a bench, in the shade, and chatting.