Throwback Post: Creating and Letting Go


September 22 2015

At 11:07 a.m. this morning I received a blessing via an email. An email that was all about life loving me. I created Turning Views Inc in 2008 and have done much through it. Last year I was not able to renew TVI due to lack of funds. At the time, it caused me great pain to let the deadline approach and slip by. Yet, I decided to connect with the emotions this brought up and with a peaceful heart released it … knowing that if I was able to renew at a later date, I could, and if I didn’t, that all was happening perfectly as it should.

This morning at 11:07 I received this email. It’s legitimate and from someone whom has been a dear friend to me in the past. TVI is sold now. I will connect with these sad feelings I’m having for fully releasing what I created and know that once I’ve connected with them and let go, I’m gonna be wowed with what’s up for me next. Now. With a grateful heart, I shall take Team TLC out to dinner to celebrate. Life loves me … and life loves you. xoxo

Here’s to creating and letting go of those creations. Making way for new creations. Nothing ever really ends. It just changes form. xoxo

Celebratory walk around the lake after the celebration dinner. So beautiful … xoxo

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