Throwback Post: I Am That Girl Book Review


September 22 2014:

Just finished a book review on my blog. Another book I really enjoyed reading .. My eyes did some sweating writing this one; cause, no, everything is not okay and this is exhausting. Yet, I have faith and I KNOW the rainbow IS there. Even if I can’t see it all the time.

Here’s a bit of the review .. Most Inspiring Lines: (Way too many to list. Here are a few.) I know what it’s like to spend an entire lifetime trying to pretend that I’m okay, that I’m “fine.” I know what it’s like to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, convincing people that I have it all together. I know how exhausting it is and how many nights I cried alone in my bed, too tired to carry the burden anymore. What I do know is the freedom when I decided that I wasn’t going to pretend anymore. Go here to read more about this great book …

Book Review: I Am That Girl

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