Throwback Post: Celebrating at the Beach and the Toy Store


September 25 2014:

Here I come Candeleria! Gonna sub with some awesome 1st-3rd graders today at HDMS. Please send Ms. Nicole some yummy healing thoughts as she is sick today.


September 25 2012:

I’m grateful to be 1 of the 100 Honorees this Friday night y’all! Who’s gonna be there? “Celebrate the courage and character of the Reno region with the 100 most influential people within the area.

We are recognizing Super Heroes, Business Owners & Industry Experts, Community Leaders, Foodies, Extraordinary neighbors, Charity Drivers, Artists and Icons, Scientists, Savvy Techs and our region’s Risk Takers and Visionaries who lead our economic engine.
There are ten people within the ten different categories which make up the full list of 100 and only one of them will be awarded as the top influencer within their category. This won’t be your average awards night!
See the Full Plum100 List:
RGJ Article: Campaign to Launch a New Perception of Reno,…/3082…/Campaign-launched-redo-Reno-image


September 25 2011:

Just another Saturday adventure for Team TLC! This was so much FUN!! Lake Tahoe – Sand Harbor adventures fer sure!


September 25 2010:

Date day with my favorite 4 yr old!! Toy store, tacos & the pet store. Love a cheap date!!


Lillian’s at a birthday party AND I was allowed to actually leave!!! WoooooHoooooooo, YeeeeeHaaaawwww and this calls for a toast! My Chromosome 18 Family know what I mean!!!!

Throwback Post: Creating and Letting Go


September 22 2015

At 11:07 a.m. this morning I received a blessing via an email. An email that was all about life loving me. I created Turning Views Inc in 2008 and have done much through it. Last year I was not able to renew TVI due to lack of funds. At the time, it caused me great pain to let the deadline approach and slip by. Yet, I decided to connect with the emotions this brought up and with a peaceful heart released it … knowing that if I was able to renew at a later date, I could, and if I didn’t, that all was happening perfectly as it should.

This morning at 11:07 I received this email. It’s legitimate and from someone whom has been a dear friend to me in the past. TVI is sold now. I will connect with these sad feelings I’m having for fully releasing what I created and know that once I’ve connected with them and let go, I’m gonna be wowed with what’s up for me next. Now. With a grateful heart, I shall take Team TLC out to dinner to celebrate. Life loves me … and life loves you. xoxo

Here’s to creating and letting go of those creations. Making way for new creations. Nothing ever really ends. It just changes form. xoxo

Celebratory walk around the lake after the celebration dinner. So beautiful … xoxo

Throwback Post: Dark Chocolate S’mores


October 11 2015:

After a full afternoon of fun at Big and Little Washoe Lake, we just made these and toasted to Team TLC. (Lillian does not like hers melted together. She eats all the pieces seperately!)

Dark chocolate on mine, lavender and currant dark chocolate for Thomas, and crispy rice dark chocolate for Lillian. Cheers!!!!

Throwback Post: Mailing Books While Celebrating With Homeschool PE


October 19 2012:

It’s a fabulous day to mail a book …. Gosh!! It’s a great day!!!

Here’s to ME!!! … And a new part of the Journey and my Purpose …. Contract work with the Human Behavior Institute working with special needs children … Open yourself up to receive and watch the magic that happens …. 🙂) Cheers with The Romano Duo!!


October 19 2011:

PE time!! Feels good out here!

Had the most amazing time tonight with my eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter friends. There are just no words to capture how blessed and grateful I am to have my eWn friends. Y’all help to nurture and bring out my GLOW! I sure hope I do the same for you! I ♥ y’all!

Throwback Post: Good Times With Harsh Wind and Red Rock Canyon


November 29 2013:

Good times and good food at The Romano Casa yesterday!


November 29 2012:

Just back from a walk in this harsh wind we’re getting … sat for about 30 minutes and pondered and soaked in the beauty and felt the wind … Thankful to get to enjoy walks in nature and soak it all in … Big hug and smile y’all!!

Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I am thankful for being in this house on a day like today. …. We’ve got some pretty harsh winds today y’all!


Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for Lillian and that she let’s me watch her on the computer.


November 29 2011:

Today I am thankful for these three gals and time spent together . . .

Team member C is headed home!!

Another favorite from Red Rock Canyon on Monday . . . what an awesome background for these fun pictures!

Throwback Post: Fundraising With Books While at the Park With Treats and Celebrating


June 1 2015:

Lillian has raised $33 so far for Demi’s Difference!! She is selling prints of The Egyptian Eye to raise money for attending the Chromosome 18 Conference this July and also donating 15% of money raised to this beautiful non-profit. She’s also decided to include her bookmark design in the fundraiser. Would anyone be interested in the bookmark? I can check into how to go about getting those made. Here’s her blog post about the conference and The Egyptian Eye.

Egyptian Eye Painting For A Special Cause


June 1 2013:

Got em all together and ready for our bi-weekly library visit … Team TLC loves to read!! Books are AWESOME!!!

Quick park stop after our library adventure and before dinner with The Romano Duo!!


June 1 2012:

Special treat time … Plus we found wheat-free licorice!!!! Wooohoooo!!! Lillian is set for movie night!

Thomas’ turn!!! Yum!!!


Just ordered 85 more books! 60 headed your way Darrell ‘n Lois Solet… Estimated delivery date of June 14th!!! 25 more headed to ME and should get the other 150 by this coming Tuesday!! Got my mailing supplies delivered yesterday … I’m ready to mail all y’alls books to YOU!! Who still needs one? Happy Weekend!!


Sunset walk adventures …. What an AWEsome and beautiful night!!!


June 1 2011:

Last day at South Reno United Methodist Church Preschool for Thomas! On to kindergarten adventures in August for this young man! Thomas and I have so much enjoyed being a part of the SRUMC Preschool family!! Thank you to everyone there for always being so welcoming, warm and kind!!

Last day for Thomas!!! Singin for us!!

He loved the “How” book. (Team Member C stocked up on books this passed Monday at Grassroots Books $5 bag sale!!)

Thomas with his graduation gifts from me! What a proud little dude!


June 1 2010:

Momma and Frank just got back from Mississippi and guess what I’m eating right now? Boiled peanuts ~ yummilicious!!! Y’all know you’re jealous! Thanks Aunt Debbie Burton!

Throwback Post: Celebrating With a Car Wash and a Cold Swim With Water Balloons and Roasted Marshallows


September 23 2015:

Rosey got to celebrate too! She got a great bubble bath!! Ahhhh!! She’s shiny now!! (I’m not sure what we were celebrating, but YAY for celebrating!


I agree with you Rachel Jane Flower … A cold swim is invigorating, refreshing, and gets the creative juices flowing. Had an amazing swim and then came home and created a yummy dinner! Rice pasta with butter sautéed chicken and shiitake mushrooms with leftover pumpkin soup drizzled on top. Yum!!


September 23 2012:

It’s a GREAT day for water balloon adventures!!!! Bring it on!!

It’s a fabulous night for some s’mores adventures …. Oooey and Goooey!!! YUM!!!

January 24 2012: Green Card and Library and Celebrating

Thomas lost his green card in the last few minutes of class today. Poor guy was devastated! Each child gets a green card at the end of class for staying on the green light during class. After they’ve collected 30 green cards they get to choose an item from the treasure box.

His teacher and I have an additional layer also. Each morning I text Mrs. O’Connor with what Thomas is earning for keeping his green card. Sometimes, it’s getting to stay after school and go to Kids Zone, sometimes an extra five minutes before bed, sometimes a special sucker. This method is working great; but he does still stumble. Usually on a Monday or after having been on break for an extended period of time.

His day got much better though! After we dropped Lillian off for her therapies we visited the Sparks Library. Discovered yesterday it’s only five minutes from the therapy center! I’ve been sitting in my car all this time working and I could have been at the library! YAY!

We collected Team Member L at 4:00 and headed straight to his first acting class at Take 2 Performers Studio! This child was so excited, he could hardly stand it! The kids got to be spies on the way to the classroom. Took a quick picture before I left!

I was informed by Thomas when picking him up from acting class that we had to celebrate his first night of acting class. I hadn’t been prepared for that, was ready to get home and only had six dollars. I was hoping the bakery on the way to our house was still open, but it wasn’t. Only other places were McDonald’s and Subway. So we stopped at Subway, got a footlong BMT and a double chocolate chunk cookie and he was one happy kid! Here’s to you kid! I LOVE YOU!