Meatonomics Talk – Meeting Face to Face with Tania Marie

April 14 2019:

Another finally!! Tania Marie (@taniamarieartist) and I finally met face to face! We’ve been Facebook friends for 3 or 4 years. We share the same birthday and have enjoyed
getting to know one another digitally.

What a sweet, beautiful, and kindred energy I felt between the two of us today. I thoroughly enjoyed your company and our chat today Tania!

Tania’s partner, attorney Dave Simon, and author of Meatonomics, delivered a wonderful, moving, and inspiring talk today during Reno Vegan Chef ChallengeMeatonomics – David Simon

I got one of Dave’s books for Thomas as it’s full of facts, figures, and studies. Thomas loves facts!!

2 thoughts on “Meatonomics Talk – Meeting Face to Face with Tania Marie

  1. it was so wonderful that it aligned for us to meet here!! big yay! thank you for coming out and for sharing your sweet spirit with us all. such a lovely reunion with you <3 i hope thomas will enjoy the book 🙂 wishing you a beautiful spring week faery sister <3

    • Yes, Yes!! It was so great spending time with you and getting to learn about Dave’s passion. I sure hope I can convince Thomas to read the book. Being a meat eater and wanting to be opposite of me during this hormone filled teenage time he is in the midst of …. it may be a while before he reads it. I did share with him that it has lots of facts and figures so maybe he’ll get to it sooner rather than later. Oceans of love to you!! 🙂 🙂

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