Blessings Abound


May 8 2015:

Oh my goodness!! What a blessed day! Set intention to be mindful and to know when I’m supposed to share with others. Ended up with a first client for a new business I have not even talked about because I shared specific information with her that I was moved to share. At that exact time she had just prayed for that specific information.

Met with a beautiful friend for coffee at Whole Foods. Shopped for a few items that I can only get there and Mike, a sweet employee stocking the shelves, gifted me a bag of spicy chips, the employees checking me out made a lovely fuss over making sure my items were bagged perfectly, one of Thomas’ friends gave us half dozen fresh eggs from his chickens, stopped to get the mail and someone mailed us 3 bottles of fish oil supplements, and I received two checks (one I knew about and the other was a surprise)!

Blessed, blessed, blessed day!!! Thank You! xoxo

Gifted Goodies 5.8.15

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