Massive Sky Art with Beautiful Wild Horses

February 1 2020

Sky Art from this morning. My eyes cannot even consume, digest, comprehend the beauty, the serenity, the grace. 🙏♥️

February 2 2020

Yesterday’s sky art showing …. This cloud was so massive that I couldn’t get it all in one frame. It stayed nearly in the same position all day long. 💙

February 4 2020

The afternoon walk. Gorgeous and quiet. Had to stop in the middle of the road on the drive home as a family of wild horses crossed. Most times they use the crosswalk. They getting all wild n crazy. Ha! My phone had gone dead so no photo.

February 6 2020

Afternoon walk with Thomas …. Went back to visit our old stomping grounds. Still beautiful. ♥️♥️♥️

Words of Alchemy Proof Arrived in a Cosmic Way

December 13 2019:

Got the proof book about 10 minutes ago! I open the package and see it for the first time with all of YOU! Never mind how tired I look, or that I nearly cried when I saw it. YAY!!! It’s here!!! It’s here!! Deeply grateful!

December 14 2019:

Carolyn R Smith! Look what I found on page 42! Love you! 💗💗💗

Thank you Thomas for taking photos of me with the proof book. Nearly done reading it and all is looking great! Plus, a blooper photo showing my favorite shoes … bare feet! HA! It’s looking like the launch of the book will be this coming week!


The Sparkly, Shiny, Mindful Christmas Tree of 2019

December 4 2019:

Spent late afternoon until just now getting decorations out. Tree is up, need more lights before we decorate it. Learned this morning that we will be in the temporary place until beginning of January. Huge thank you to Frank and my brother for driving from Dayton to help me unbury the Holiday decorations and find the tree.

December 7 2019:

Finally got the tree decorated last night, sans the topper as we need a new one. We were without internet from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until about 30 minutes ago. It was an opportunity to focus on other tasks and creativity for me, with a huge opportunity for Lillian as this was a disruption to her normal schedule. Minus a few rough patches, she handled it pretty good, even asking me to tell her a story last night. That hasn’t happened in years. Felt good, for all of us.

Fun decoration photos. Can’t help myself ….

December 12 2019:

Finally got the advent calendars up. Thomas and Lillian made these about 10 years ago. Each day has a quote of special meaning and a mindful activity from my Mindful Christmas Countdown. Plus, they get their choice of a yummy treat.

December 14 2019:

Figured out a topper for the tree! Our star broke last year. We already had the Santa hat, plus, it’s fun! Lillian and I had the idea about the same time so I knew it was to be.

Throwback Post: May 2013 Thomas and Camilla Date Day


May 25 2013:

First stop on the Thomas/Camilla May date day …. Picnic in the park, relaxing, badminton and playing!!

Second stop on the Thomas/Camilla May date day!!! Using our imaginations and having a ball … This place is the exact opposite of simplicity …. It’s a FUN place to play though!!!

Throwback Post – Thanks for the Company and Dinner With The Romano Duo


May 11 2015

Stopped by Great Basin Community Food Coop this afternoon to get a chunk of solid cocoa butter and had a great time chatting with the person who checked me out. As I was leaving, he said, “Thanks for the company.” … I like that. Have never heard that before. Yet, that’s what we were doing .. keeping each other company for a few minutes talking about eating good fats! Spreadin it!

May 24 2015:

Hey y’all! Had our first dinner with The Romano Duo last night … Homemade lasagne … YUM!! They always bring little gifts for us and this wall plaque was one of mine. Cool y’all!!

Hey Y'all May 24 2015

Throwback Post: Chess and a Great Day


May 24 2014:

Practicing his strategy this morning …. I’m reading Book I of Once A Pawn A Time so I can be a better opponent. xoxo

Thomas Playing Chess May 24 2014

May you be enjoying this kinda day … If not, press the reset button and start over. It’s your life, you get to do that! Have fun … Laugh and smile! ♡

Lillian May 24 2014