Throwback Post: Wonderful and Quiet


August 17 2016:

Wonderful sunset to darkness walk last night. It was nearly 8:45 pm when we got back to the car. So quiet and peaceful with stops several times to listen to the birds talking. It got too dark for more pictures. These walks are so incredibly blissful. … Then we went to the grocery store. 9:00 at night is the time to go grocery shopping! So quiet!! xoxo

Throwback Post: Beautiful Team TLC Walk


August 18 2014:

The Team TLC walk to end the 1st day of school adventure. So beautiful! Thomas was ready to do math and was a little disappointed they didn’t get right to work.

Lillian …. Well, that would take a full day to explain. She’s having some re-entry pains. New teacher, new this, new that, new pick up routine, and I’m still researching some aches and pains and vertigo she’s got going on. Whew. She should be settled into the new routine in a week or two and hopefully the other issues will be resolved soon. So grateful for nature!

Throwback Post: First Grade and Fourth Grade


August 20 2012:

Both Team Member T & L are settled in their classrooms … Both excited and nervous!! 1st grade for Thomas and 4th grade for Lillian …. New school, New Adventures for the whole team!! Wooooooohooooooo!!

Pickin up Team Member T & L from their first day … YAY!!!!

Happy Team TLC Family Sunset Walk Adventures ….

Sunset With Lovely Clouds While Decompressing

November 7 2021


November 9 2021

More lovely clouds today. The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit just concluded. Three days of tons of information, resources, feeling seen, and validated. I am literally wiped out. I need three days to recover.

November 10 2021

Operation decompress. A swim, followed by a soak. Ahhhhh ….

November 11 2021

Operation decompress continued. How can the view on this short drive not help to brighten one’s mood? I really love where I live.

I highly recommend forest walking. Thank you trees! 💚💙🌲🌲🌲💙💚 And I got to hear Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Prince during the drive home!

Throwback Post: Beautiful Twilight Walk


August 23 2016:

Sunset walk at the Wilbur May Arboretum tonight. Beautiful flowers, waterfalls, a rabbit (who stayed still and sat with us for a while), heart shaped tree trunk, dinosaurs, ducks, trees, and a frog. And ended the adventure with a twilight walk around the labyrinth while the crickets sang. Yes. Thank you and bring me more please. xoxo