Thomas and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

May 15 2020

Thomas and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

Part 1: Lunch for pick up from Bangkok Cuisine

This is exactly what I wanted, have been wanting for a few months. Great selection of vegan items, too.

I had Vegan Fresh Rolls with peanut sauce for an appetizer; which I split with Thomas, Penang Curry for the main course, followed by an amazing dessert of Sweet Rice with Coconut. 😋😋😋

Thomas had Chicken Penang Curry, Thai Omelet with Tomato & Onions, and Sweet Rice with Mangos fir dessert.

Part 2: A walk in a new-to-Thomas spot. He liked it!!

Warm Electrifying Beauty Makes Me Feel Like Dancing

April 27 2020

Afternoon walk for me, bike ride for Thomas. Getting too warm for afternoon walks. Time to switch to morning or early evening.

April 29 2020

New to me walk this afternoon – Scripts Wildlife Preserve –

The beauty is electrifying. I keep wanting to use the word, giddy. So, there you go. I’ve now used it. Every time I get home from one of these walks, I feel like dancing. I put on music and dance while making dinner.

The Walk of Health and Emotions

April 21 2020

Lovely walk this afternoon. What this does for my health, emotions, soul …. is nearly indescribable. The walk itself, the sounds, the smells, the sights, capturing it with photos. As I looked through the photos, I see I’ve captured a small heart. Do you see it? (Huge Hint: It’s the last photo!)

April 22 2020:

Short walk with Lillian, then a longer walk for me with Thomas riding his bike.

Lovely Relaxing Burst of Energy With Magical Clouds

April 13 2020

Lovely walk this afternoon, while Thomas rode his bike. Spring is shining!

April 14 2020

What an absolutely great walk this afternoon. An abundance of amazing trees, along with remnants of trees no longer standing. Going for these walks, taking these photos calms, soothes, and relaxes me; followed by a burst of energy and feel good feelings. Mmmmmm .. So good. 💙💚💙💚💙💚 Found love ❤️ along the way, too!

April 15 2020

Afternoon walk for me, bike ride for Thomas. The magical clouds have returned.

The Quiet Beauty of a Moon Dance At Nature’s Art Show

April 4 2020:

Now they’re just showing off! Anyone for a moon dance?

April 5 2020

Nature’s Art Show this morning.

April 6 2020

This morning. Quiet beauty.

April 8 2020

From an after dinner walk yesterday …

April 8 2020

Magical moon last night …

April 9 2020

Yesterday’s cloud show …

Clouds With the Invigorating Crunch of Gravel and Dirt While Aliens Watch

March 30 2020

This morning.

Cloud update … HA!

March 31 2020

That was invigorating! Went for a walk, in a new to me place. It’s as if each step was an infusion of nature’s energy. Along with the sound of the crunch of the rocks, gravel, and dirt, I feel rejuvenated. Plus, found some huge love along the way.

April 1 2020

Cloud update … Ha! First two photos taken an hour ago. Last two from this morning. The wind was blowing so hard, the camera wouldn’t focus.

April 4 2020

Cloud update …. We had a clear sky yesterday, until late afternoon. They’ve returned.

April 4 2020

They’re still at it. This from a couple of hours ago.

Amazing Cloud Show With a Lovely Evacuation Route and Here Comes the Sun

March 23 2020

Earlier today … We’ve had an amazing cloud show lately.

March 24 2020

Yesterday’s walk … A new-to-me spot, as I wanted a place without other walkers. 🤪 Drove around a bit until I found this fire evacuation route. Cool! And …… more lovely clouds.

March 27 2020

We were able to see the sun today. After days of layered clouds, with on and off rain and snow.


Poetic Clouds With New Discoveries While Hugging Trees and Nature Leads the Way

March 15 2020

Friday’s cloud
White cotton candy
Melts in your mouth
Melts before your eyes

March 16 2020

Today’s walk with Thomas. A new to us walk. Plus, we discovered this great looking sport called Disc Golf. Looks fun!

We’ve been inside since Saturday, and will only be going out for walks. Lillian’s immune system is weaker than mine and Thomas’s and I want to do our part to keep this from spreading. Will have to figure out what to do about groceries near the end of the week. Sending love to all ….

I had never heard of disc golf. There happened to be two men there playing it, and from across the ditch I asked him to tell me about it. It’s got the same sort of strategy as golf, yet, you use frisbee like disks of varying weights and sizes. Tossing them from a distance into standing “baskets”. It looked fun!

The guy I talked with just happened to be the one who founded this course and set it up three years ago. It’s near South Valleys Park and Library (Reno, NV), in what looks like a huge ditch. I had heard there was a walking trail there, so that’s why we were there. Now if you walk, you’ve got to mind the space above your head for flying discs!! He said I could get a beginner kit at a sporting goods store. Now you know what disc golf is … in my laymen description anyway …


March 18 2020

Maybe this afternoons walk wasn’t such a good idea. My legs and hands are still frozen. However, I hugged a tree and found some love along the way!! Trees are GREAT huggers!

March 22 2020

Clouds yesterday. Nature leads the Way …