The Dance of the Seasons While Living in a Snow Globe

February 21 2023

Beautiful clouds today. And then it snowed with white out conditions.

The way the seasons dance together between now and late spring can be wildly extreme.

February 28 2023

Current situation. Living inside a snow globe. ❄️❄️❄️ For days. Snow and wind blowing in the top of patio door. 😱 I’m a master improviser. Fixed with cotton balls. 🤣😂🤣

Seriously, driving and walking are dangerous right now. Falls in this result in fractured and broken bones. I won’t go out there without my spikes added to the snow boots. ⛓️⛓️⛓️ They’re like chains for boots. 😂

Between Storms While Championing the Storms at Sunset

January 11 2023

This morning. Sky beauty between storms.

January 16 2023

More photos I took but hadn’t posted. The first couple are between storms. The next photos are the storm before the current one?? I’ve lost track. Ending with a photo of Basil handling the storms like a champ. 😂

January 17 2023

Sunset. 💙💛💙

Changes by the Minute with a Breathtaking Rainbow Heart

December 24 2022

Yesterday’s sky, and then sunset. It was changing by the minute.

December 26 2022

The sunrise this morning was breathtaking. Emphasized with a sideways heart. Stunning. 💜

December 28 2022

Discovered on the walk this morning. ❤️

December 30 2022

This morning’s walk. A beautiful rainbow.

Gorgeous and Inspiring With a 24 Hour Sky Show

November 28 2022

This morning’s gorgeous sky.

November 29 2022

The walk this morning was inspiring.

December 1 2022

The sky’s progression yesterday of the cold windy storm that settled in over night.

Plus a couple of photos from inside our place, as folks have asked how I get so many wild sky photos. We’ve got a 24 hour sky show!

Interesting Sky Preparing for a Gorgeous Storm With Coffee

October 30 2022

It was an interesting sky yesterday as cooler weather moves in.

November 2 2022

Sunrise a couple of days ago, and then later in the day. Preparing for the storm that moved in yesterday.

November 4 2022

Absolutely gorgeous sky tonight!

November 5 2022

This morning. Colder weather blowing this way.

I finally got myself out of the house this morning to attend something for me.

A coffee meetup of moms who parent neurodivergent kids. Wow. I needed that. Yet, I’m wiped out now. In person events and gatherings wipe me out. What a strong, powerful group of women. ❤️❤️❤️ Deeply grateful.

Thank you to Cady Stanton (Thomas’s ND coach) for organizing this. 🙏🙏🙏

Next up, I’ll be joining a group of ND adults via a zoom gathering. I’m maxed out with in person appointments, between the three of us. 🤪🙃🤪

Delicious Clouds With Progression of Thunder and Lightning

July 31 2022

More of these delicious clouds this morning.

August 1 2022

Progression of the clouds yesterday afternoon before we got about 20 drops of rain! 😂Smelled and felt so good.

August 5 2022

After the downpour of rain last night. That was a wild storm! Lightning strikes very close to us, with the loudest booming, cracking thunder I’ve ever heard. One struck so close to a car in front of our place, that it caused the car alarm to go off. Lillian and I screamed, with Basil running to hide. Wild!

August 6 2022

I think this was Thursday, maybe Friday.

Thomas’s hiking/camping trip had to end a day early due to the wild storm moving through. I didn’t feel up to picking him up, so thank you times a million to Frank for doing it for me.