Between Storms While Championing the Storms at Sunset

January 11 2023

This morning. Sky beauty between storms.

January 16 2023

More photos I took but hadn’t posted. The first couple are between storms. The next photos are the storm before the current one?? I’ve lost track. Ending with a photo of Basil handling the storms like a champ. 😂

January 17 2023

Sunset. 💙💛💙

Amazing Clouds With a Bright Moon and Lovely Cherry Blossoms Alongside a Cloudy Sunset While Tree Shadows Linger

March 10 2020

More amazing clouds … from yesterday ..

March 10 2020

The moon was incredibly bright last night. Lillian woke me about 3:30 am due to a hurting stomach. We both had to take photos of the moon as it’s shine through the patio door caught our attention. 🖤

March 11 2020

Lovely hour long walk with Thomas yesterday. 💙💙💙

March 12 2020

Spotted yesterday as Lillian and I left the bank. Our second attempt to set up a new “Rep Payee” account. Perhaps the third time will be the charm. 💞

March 13 2020

Beautiful cloudy sunset a couple of days ago … 🧡🧡🧡

March 13 2020

Spotted yesterday. 🖤

Rainbow on a Cloud’s Edge with a Tree Inspired Heart as Beauty is Hot

June 30 2019:

Took a neighbors dog for a quick walk before our movie night. Cool rainbow on the edge of a cloud that reflected into the water! Beautiful!

July 1 2019:

Had a lil buddy with me for the walk yesterday. Isn’t Oliver cute? More beautiful sunshine and trees!!

July 10 2019:

Missed the Golden hour last night. Beautiful walk with Thomas. The breeze was perfect! And, the trees made a heart shape for me! Thank you Mother Nature.

July 12 2019:

After dinner walk with my lil buddy Oliver, neighbors doggie. Hot, hot, hot!!! Whew! Beautiful and peaceful too … Oliver and I were the only two out for a walk. Did I say it was hot?!

Grounding in the Beauty of Nature

May 28 2019:

It’s been too many days without a walk. Finally. And since it’s been several days, I stood in this spot, under this tree, with this view. I removed my shoes and let my bare feet touch, skin to earth. I bent down and touched the ground with my fingertips. Grounding. Natures cure for whatever ails. Thank you Mama Nature. 🙏💚💙💚💙💚💙🙏

May 28 2019:

Couldn’t help myself.

Went for another walk after visiting Jack & Mittens, the two cats I care for when their human is out of town.

It was incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Ahhhhh …

May 31 2019:

Deeply grateful to Mother Nature for the beauty during the long walk today.

And deeply grateful to the young man sitting in the shade with his guitar playing and singing The Beatles She Loves You.

I wanted to take a photo. I wanted to tell him thank you. I wanted to stand and listen (and dance). Yet, I didn’t want to interrupt the zone. It brought pools of liquid love and gratitude to my eyes as I continued walking and taking it in.

Keep doing what you’re doing young man. Keep doing it. And, I thank you! 🙏💞💞💞🙏

Sunset Walks While Appreciating Nature’s Art Show

May 19 2019:

Short sunset walk with Thomas. Incredibly beautiful. Incredibly cold. 💛💛💛

May 20 2019:

Today’s walk. Beautiful sun. Thank you Nature. 🙏💛💛💛🙏

May 22 2019:

Short walk yesterday at sunset. The clouds and sun created a beautiful art show! 💛💛