Sneezing Fit While it Snows And Snows More

March 4 2023

This morning during a sneezing fit, I choked on my saliva, causing me to try to cough and sneeze at the same time. Which then caused me to swallow air, causing me to try to burp while sneezing and couching. Which caused me to try to laugh hysterically at myself. While sneezing, couching, and burping.

You’re welcome. 🤣🤣🤣

Photos of the scene once it finally stopped snowing last week. It was hip deep in some spots behind our building. ❄️😱❄️

March 8 2023

This was Sunday. And again yesterday. And again today. I think we may be done now. Until next week. ❄️🫣❄️

Throwback Post: Multicultural Bugs on Two Roads With Swings and Snow


December 20 2013:

I thought I got away without getting the icky stomach bug Thomas had last weekend. I woke up this morning grateful for a toilet to hug and a warm bed to caress my aching body. Grateful for a son that made his sister’s and his breakfast and has been entertaining both of them while my body gets rid of this bug … This little bug has literally swept me off my feet!


December 20 2012:

The Road Not Taken … Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

Having a ball at Multi-cultural night at HDMS!!! Go Team Member T Go!!! I do so love this school and the variety of people who are a part of it!!


December 20 2011:

Picking up Lillian from her therapies. ST, OT and PT adventures!!! Doing better at swinging.


December 20 2009:

Just Fun!

The Quiet Beauty of a Moon Dance At Nature’s Art Show

April 4 2020:

Now they’re just showing off! Anyone for a moon dance?

April 5 2020

Nature’s Art Show this morning.

April 6 2020

This morning. Quiet beauty.

April 8 2020

From an after dinner walk yesterday …

April 8 2020

Magical moon last night …

April 9 2020

Yesterday’s cloud show …

Making Snowballs With a Freezing Face and Tree Shadows With Snow Blankets

February 17 2019:

Played in the snow for a few minutes this afternoon. What a delight!

It was a cold, cold walk earlier this afternoon. My face froze!

February 19 2019:

The tree shadows called for my attention. Eye-catching!

February 22 2019:

A walk this morning … Beautiful how there’s snow blanketing the frozen sections.