Throwback Post: Weed Rackets


September 29 2013:

Still email purging. Good Gosh! I’m embarrassed to say how many emails I had piled up. If you never heard back from me over the years, Oops! I was nearing 5,000 emails! Had emails all the way back to 2010! At least I’m finding some Good-to-Read-Again emails and some fun one’s from Lillian like this one from August 2011:

“Weed Rackets, You might ask what are Weed Rackets? So I will explain it. There is weeds, right? And (tennis) rackets,right?”

Throwback Post: Patty’s Love by Lillian


September 29 2013:

Cleaning my email inbox and found this email from Lillian from 2011. I asked her if I could share with y’all and she said “Yes”! So sweet! xoxo

“Patty’s Love and Lillian’s Style, Camilla’s fun, Thomas’s Coolness and Frank’s funniness
Once upon a time there was someone named Patty’s Love was sweet but one day she became sick and Romano’s could not be kind and gentle without her, plus 1 day the Romano’s chimed the butterfly chimes then came up with a idea so they made her lunch and Patty’s Love was better.”

Throwback Post: You Make Things Better


October 18 2012:

“Thank you for last night. You make things better.” -Lillian Darnell …..

That’s the way to bring a girl right back into the present moment, I tell ya!! Love that girl! Lillian has a nasty cold. I pulled the rocking chair into her room last night so she could sit in it and watch Barbie movies and then I sat in the chair and held her. That’s what a Mama is for right? Mama = Comfort


She Did It – Go Lillian

November 7 2023

She did it!!! After about 6 years, she finally had labs done! You on fire, gurl!

I found a place that does mobile draws, explained that Lillian has a needle phobia, a pediatric size body, hard to find veins, and a traumatic lab draw 6 years ago. They said they had the perfect person. And they do! Patrick Go is absolutely amazing, and he did a wonderful job! So relieved to have this done. There’ll be more after the GI visit in December. But at least we’ve begun!! Stomach ultrasound next week. 🎉🎉🎉

Throwback Post: Embrace Life With A Sense of Humor


December 25 2012:

Thank you, Thank you Team Member L for the face hurting belly laughs. Just had me and Grandma Patty laughing til it hurt trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to say about her fork and oranges.

Having a sense of humor = Embracing Life!!

(Lillian – May 2012)

Throwback Post: Enjoy Things


July 10 2013:

Great reminder from Lillian.

“Enjoy things.” -Lillian

Simple and powerful y’all!

“A picnic is a state of mind and can be made anywhere” -Susan Branch

Re-discovered this quote on Lillian’s dream/vision board. That young lady inspires me!!!!!! Time for a little adventure y’all!

Happy 21st Birthday to Lillian – We Made It!!

September 11 2022

The actual day isn’t until Wednesday, the 14th, but this deserves two celebrations.

Pizza party and donuts with The Romano Duo last night. Pool party, cake, and Facebook live on Wednesday.

Happy early 21st Birthday to you, Lillian! Gurl, we’ve come a long way. Whew!! Can’t wait to see what your 21st year holds in store for you.

Love you, Lillian!

September 14 2022

Happy 21st Birthday to Lillian!!! Facebook live at 4:00 PM PST today. Join us for a birthday chat with Lillian to celebrate this milestone day!

We were going to have a pool party also, but this wildfire smoke had other plans, with it being hazardous air quality.

Facebook Live Celebration: