Throwback Post: Weather Fairy Lillian


December 6 2010:

Just received my weather report for today from Weather Fairy Lillian …

Fog Alert … Complete with instructions on how to drive in the fog and to allow extra time when traveling …

Thank YOU Team Member L!!! Seriously y’all!! She has it set up so she receives weather alerts. I hear her darn phone going off at all hours with those alerts!!

**July 2020 Update** – Lillian is still obsessed with the weather. Still shares the weather report with me nearly every day, for the next month.

Lillian and Camilla June 2020 Date Day

June 9 2020

Lillian and Camilla June 2020 Date Day … Part 1

Fries from Ike’s and lemon cheesecake cookie from Whole Foods for Lillian. Fabulous French onion from GreatFull Gardens and Coconut Bliss chocolate walnut brownie “ice cream” for me.

Part 2

A walk in one of our favorite places.

Part 3

A beautiful drive to Audrey Harris Park, stop to take in the beauty, and a wonderful drive back home.

Can We Be Done Now

March 9 2020

Can we be done now? Just back from having the POA for health decisions notarized. Just two items remaining. New bank account for SSI and then an ABLE account. Yay!!! Done!!!

Next up, after a rest from paperwork, …. trust(s) and adjusting my life insurance. So much paperwork, so many details.

Team TLC + Romano Duo + Robert Christmas 2019

December 25 2019

Oh my goodness! Thank you Romano Duo!!

Homemade gift I made for Lillian. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Challenging! 💙💙💙

Beautiful gifts from Thomas and Lillian. 💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️

Homemade gift I made for Thomas. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Challenging! 💜💜💜

I am incredibly blessed.

A good time was had by all. Team TLC + The Romano Duo + Robert

These two stoke the embers of my heart, giving me strength when I wish to be weak. There is no greater gift.

My eyes nearly began sweating when I opened this gift. A magical bird made from recycled material. Beautiful!!

Christmas Eve dinner was a big scoop of the homemade green bean casserole I had just made. Followed by a piece of apple cranberry pie. Christmas dinner was nearly the same, adding a big scoop of my mom’s potato salad. Yum!!! 💚💚💚♥️♥️♥️

Christmas gift from my brother. My eyes got sweaty over this one. And, y’all, I have absolutely no recollection of this, nor of even being this person. I’m smiling though. Always smiling. 😁♥️

Homemade gift I made for Mom and Frank. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Challenging! 💙💙💙 🧡🧡🧡 For Robert’s gift I created a larger than life heart flower. 💚💚💚

December 31 2019:

Lillian thinks I made a masterpiece with the candy canes. Ha!! The vases are packed so I grabbed the French press container and added the candy canes. The inside of the French press fell apart, and I was wondering what I would do with the glass. Improvise!! ♥️💚



Sweaty Hands for Fingerprinting

November 8 2019:

Another marked off the list. Fingerprinting done. She was so anxious and worried, they had a heck of a time getting her prints because her hands were sweating like crazy. They were incredibly kind and understanding.

She must really like volunteering at the library as that’s the only way I could get her here, by reminding her it’s required once one is 18 years old. She’s heading into her third year volunteering. Hopefully, one day soon she’ll go without me as her sidekick. That’s the plan anyway!

**Update – January 20 2020: It turns out they were so sweaty, that the fingerprints weren’t acceptable. However, they did not request she re-do them, due to her situation and that she’s been volunteering at the library since age 16. She completed a few additional pieces of paperwork and we’re done with this one!

The 18th Birthday Week Celebrations

September 9 2019:

Today’s 18th Birthday Week Adventures … When one turns 18, one needs new fairy wings …. Rose Gold Fairy Wings. One also needs a new sparkling silver star wand.

We also shopped for a store bought cake to take with us to The Romano Duo’s on Wednesday for the birthday celebration there. As we were leaving, the lovely floral person gave Lillian a bright, beautiful, pink carnation. ♥️🌸🌸🌸♥️

September 10 2019:

Today’s 18th Birthday Week Adventure ….

An afternoon walk in her favorite place on her favorite walking trail. 💚🌺🌺🌺💚

September 11 2019:

Today’s 18th Birthday Week Adventure ….

After the usual Wednesday library volunteering, a quick stop in the library garden.

Followed by a birthday dinner at The Romano Duo Casa! Delicious food and birthday goodies! A vanilla confetti cake and a chocolate “cheesecake”.

September 12 2019:

Today’s 18th Birthday Week Adventures ….

A trip to Wilbur May Arboretum followed by a quick stop at Audrey Harris Park and then home for a swim. 🌺💚🌺 It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

If I look completely exhausted by the time we have Lillian’s live Facebook party on Saturday, you’ll know why! All for a good cause … You only turn 18 once!

Audrey Harris Park and then Swimming:

September 13 2019:

Today’s 18th Birthday Week Adventures ….

A beautiful and relaxing swim. Tomorrow’s the big day!! Last day as a 17 year old! 💚💦💦💦💚

Now. I must make the chocolate cake for tomorrow!!

September 14 2019:

Lillian’s 18th Birthday Celebration …. We had a lousy connection so had to keep starting again as our recording ended!! HA! Each one is pretty short!

September 14 2019:

We had another busy day as the 18th Birthday celebrations came to a conclusion. ♥️🌸🌸🌸🎉🎉🎉♥️

Eating cake and donuts and opening gifts. Followed by a quick September 2019 Date Day trip for fries and dessert.

Then back home for the live Facebook celebration. Which was hilarious as we had a lousy connection and had to keep restarting …. Five times!!! Hence, the 5 live videos on my timeline! Ha!

During the video Lillian shared 18 wishes for her 18th Birthday. Here they are ….

1. I wish Macy, Lauren, Kaitlin Baker, and Rebecca could come to Reno, NV.
2. I wish to be able to drink out of a cup/glass without a straw.
3. I wish to be fearless.
4. I wish for infinity art and crafts supplies.
5. I wish for infinity clothing.
6. I wish to be able to travel around the world with my friends and/or by myself.
7. I wish for the Earth to be healthy again.
8. I wish for the Earth not to die.
9. I wish to be less picky.
10. I wish to live with my friends.
11. I wish to be less vulnerable to spicy hot stuff.
12. I wish to have a dream home.
13. I wish to have a dream vehicle.
14. I wish to see Hawaii.
15. I wish to go to Florida.
16. I wish to have infinity photography supplies.
17. I wish to have more friends.
18. I wish to have two beds.

So Begins the Week Long 18th Birthday Celebration

September 7 2019:

I remember when I was a brand new single parent when Lillian was 5 years old, hiding in the garage and sobbing, thinking how am I going to do this? How will I do this alone? Well, here we are …

Photo from Lillian’s graduation photo shoot …

Tomorrow begins the week long celebration of her 18th Birthday happening on Saturday, the 14th. She has a mile long list of things she wants to do for her birthday so we are having a week long celebration to make it all happen.

This one has an incredibly tender heart. She was sad and disappointed that many at the C18 conference were not aware she had graduated as they were asking what grade she was in now. So, if you missed the millions of posts I posted around that time, here’s your chance to get caught up! HA! Lillian GRADUATED from high school on June 1 2019!! YAY!! And, she turns 18 on Saturday, the 14th. Be ready for a deluge of posts dedicated to her.

This was the perfect spot for the first set. The little garden behind the library. We’ve been coming here ever since she was 5 years old.

I’ve taken tons of photos of the three of us in this little garden throughout the past 12 years.