Throwback Post: Embrace Life With A Sense of Humor


December 25 2012:

Thank you, Thank you Team Member L for the face hurting belly laughs. Just had me and Grandma Patty laughing til it hurt trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to say about her fork and oranges.

Having a sense of humor = Embracing Life!!

(Lillian – May 2012)

Throwback Post: Enjoy Things


July 10 2013:

Great reminder from Lillian.

“Enjoy things.” -Lillian

Simple and powerful y’all!

“A picnic is a state of mind and can be made anywhere” -Susan Branch

Re-discovered this quote on Lillian’s dream/vision board. That young lady inspires me!!!!!! Time for a little adventure y’all!

Happy 21st Birthday to Lillian – We Made It!!

September 11 2022

The actual day isn’t until Wednesday, the 14th, but this deserves two celebrations.

Pizza party and donuts with The Romano Duo last night. Pool party, cake, and Facebook live on Wednesday.

Happy early 21st Birthday to you, Lillian! Gurl, we’ve come a long way. Whew!! Can’t wait to see what your 21st year holds in store for you.

Love you, Lillian!

September 14 2022

Happy 21st Birthday to Lillian!!! Facebook live at 4:00 PM PST today. Join us for a birthday chat with Lillian to celebrate this milestone day!

We were going to have a pool party also, but this wildfire smoke had other plans, with it being hazardous air quality.

Facebook Live Celebration:

Throwback Post: Breaking News – She Did It By Herself


July 27 2015:

Breaking, Fabulous, Wonderful News!! While I was in a session today, Lillian Left the Room All By Herself, Got On the Elevator, Went to the Lobby, Sat in a Chair and Waited for her Friend to Come Meet Her!!! Holy Heck!!!

If you are out and about tonight or having a night in, please share a toast, a hallelujah, and celebrate with me!!

Wahoooooo!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! Now! For ladies night! Time to celebrate with some very amazing and wonderful women!

(This was during the 2015 Chromosome 18 Conference. As you can tell, it was incredibly exciting!)

(Lillian – August 2015 – The Discovery Museum)


Conquering Fears and Treating Yourself – Lillian Darnell

June 29 2022

Lillian stepped into a fear this afternoon, being incredibly brave. Go Lillian!! She treated herself to fries, and a visit to a huge furniture/electronics/appliance store for inspiration and reminiscing.

Reminiscing in a furniture store? Sure. During those years I didn’t have the money to spend on our date days, we would come here, spending an hour or two enjoying the nice designs and arrangements, taking lots of photos.

Lillian really likes this lamp in the photo. Very sparkly and shiny!

Lillian and First Steps With Treating Herself

May 31 2022

Lillian decided to treat herself to quesadillas and churros to celebrate taking a first step in improving her quality of life.

She has a difficult time going to doctor appointments, and struggles with actually leaving the house. Lillian wants to learn and master independent living skills, but has been stuck and resistant due to mental health.

I’m happy for Lillian, and actually deeply relieved to have this step conquered. 😥😥😥 As we were leaving the appointment, she commented that I should get her a treat for having taken this step. I responded that perhaps she should treat herself. 🎉😍🎉 We should always take that step to treat ourselves, not waiting for others to do it.

Throwback Post: Half Price Wednesday – The Discovery Museum


August 5 2015:

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit! I have a lovely “Y” on my right hand. Left hand has an “H”. My veins prove it …. I’m HY on life and love!!

Half price Wednesday! It’s been at least a year if not two. Awesome new fun since our last visit!