Throwback Post: Embrace Life With A Sense of Humor


December 25 2012:

Thank you, Thank you Team Member L for the face hurting belly laughs. Just had me and Grandma Patty laughing til it hurt trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to say about her fork and oranges.

Having a sense of humor = Embracing Life!!

(Lillian – May 2012)

Throwback Post: Conversation Adventures at the Team TLC Casa


August 22 2013:

Conversation adventures at the Team TLC Casa …

Adventure #1: Lillian in the backseat after school excitedly (and sometimes grumpily) trying to tell me something. Very hard to understand her so I ask her to slow down, repeat the 1st word and many times I have to tell her I just don’t understand. She wants to sign to me in the rearview mirror .. not a good idea! Then the kicking of the seat begins and escalation of her voice. Poor Thomas still gets bewildered when she does this.

Adventure #2: Thomas simply does not want to listen to Lillian sometimes … She insists on telling him all of her aches and pains and other tidbits. She gets frustrated and asks me to tell Thomas whatever it is she’s trying to tell him. Tonight at the table, she asked me to tell Thomas something. I told her he’s at the table right next to you, I think you can tell him. So, she did. I think she gets used to asking me to tell him things. Many times he understands her better than ME!!

Both adventures sometimes end in the little lady lashing out at us. Do I complain about this or am I sad or angry about this? Absolutely NOT! I am grateful that Lillian continues to try and speak, actually does speak and has the tenacity to get da** mad when someone is not listening to her! Rockin the Conversation Adventures at the Team TLC Casa y’all! 

(July 2013)